question archive Assignment: Study the materials posted under Modules 5, 6, and 7

Assignment: Study the materials posted under Modules 5, 6, and 7

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Assignment: Study the materials posted under Modules 5, 6, and 7. Then, answer the following questions:

1) What makes a city Islamic? Write a comprehensive one-page discussion on the unique features of an Islamic city, and compare an Islamic city to any city that you are familiar with.

2) Write a one-page overview on the nature of Islamic arts and explain the elements and principles of Islamic art.

3) Then, select any TWO works of Islamic art/architecture to compare from Modules 5, 6, and 7. Write one paragraph situating the two selected works in a larger historical, dynastic, cultural, geographical, and/or aesthetic tradition. (Module 1 will be helpful in answering this question). Include images of both the selections. You can copy/paste or use control c and control v to copy and paste the image. Please do not try to attach or upload the image because I have disabled a separate attaching or uploading of the image; the images MUST BE pasted with in your text response. If you still have difficulty, please call the eCampus help desk so that they can help you.

4) Write a one-page compare and contrast essay on the Islamic garden and a garden from any one other culture. Students may also choose to do additional research by researching gardens from cultures not posted in this Module. Some examples of gardens from other cultures are: Mesopotamian garden, Persian, Greek, Roman, Chinese, etc. Include the symbolic and literal representation of gardens in both the traditions that you are comparing.

Answer each question directly and clearly, and then move onto the next question. Remain organized throughout the discussion board response.


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