question archive Last Name 1   Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Reign of Terror Demanding reparations holds more meaning in the history of the United States other than addressing issues on compensating slaves concerning the legacy of Jim Crow and slavery

Last Name 1   Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Reign of Terror Demanding reparations holds more meaning in the history of the United States other than addressing issues on compensating slaves concerning the legacy of Jim Crow and slavery

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Reign of Terror

Demanding reparations holds more meaning in the history of the United States other than addressing issues on compensating slaves concerning the legacy of Jim Crow and slavery. In this regard, David Gran in his narrative, Killers of the Flower Moon, explores the way the Whites in the local areas collaborated to kill Osage members. They aimed at stealing their richness and vast oil wealth that could be owned through inheritance. According to Grain, the nursing issue about these stealing was that it involved marrying into Osage families. It encompassed a calculated move that revolved around betraying the individuals they pretended to love. People would pretend to marry Osage members and kill them to feed their greed (Grann 11). For this reason, the United States should give reparations for the cruel death and murder of Indians by white Americans in the past because what happened to them was a systematic murder campaign that defied the statistics of natural death.

One reason why the United States should give reparations to Indians is because of broken treaties. It is saddening that American newspapers while reporting on Osage Killings termed the issues as the birth of the FBI (PROVIDE INTEXT CITATION). The reason is that it was the United States that held the threads of the Indian people living in Osage, and it is the white people that masterminded this criminal murders. Even worse is that the United States broke the promise that they had to offer protection to Indian people and nations. Yet, this issue is still prevalent in contemporary society. The conditions set by America that resulted in the Osage killings are still present in the modern-day Indian country (Grann16). The United States has ensured that law and order are broken, and annually, many children and women are victims of abuse and violent crime. Perhaps, when the United States was reporting, it ignored or omitted these issues in the reportage of this information.

The federal government played a crucial role in the Osage killings and the suffering of its people. Its encroachment of the Osage national's traditional homelands is one reason Osage people were forced to engage in several migrations that in the end led them to settle in Oklahoma (Grann 8). In other words, they established the conditions that permitted law enforcement and local businesses to conspire into killing several Osage people while simultaneously stealing from them for an extended period without facing any form of consequence (Grann 16). The federal government's limited response to such issues was far incomplete and in most instances, too late. As such, this entire predicament was born from the government's failure to own the promise they gave to Indians and to honor the federal-tribal trust. Thus, due to the failure to honor its legal obligation to Indians, the government should provide reparations to Indians.

Although the killings of Osage people appears a problem of the past and unlikely to happen in contemporary America, the rate of violent crimes against children and women in Indian country is worsening. For instance, currently, Indian women are sexually abused at an alarming rate relative to any other demographic group (PROVIDE INTEXT CITATION).. Furthermore, although the scope is not yet known, American Indian women are among the highest demographic involved in human trafficking (PROVIDE INTEXT CITATION). However, the federal government did little to protect them in the past, and it is still not doing enough in contemporary society.

The different programs and allotments in the United States have also played a crucial role towards the racial discrimination of Indians. Even though the Congress attempted to switch attention to Osage killings through the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010 and the VAWA 2013 which is concerned with the prosecution of non-Indians for violent behavior against Indian women, both statutes are not doing enough to rectify the situation. For Instance, based on the Alaska congressional delegation initially, Congress failed to include Alaska in states that could benefit from VAWA (Grann 8). Although it is a mistake they corrected later; it affected 229 federally known Indian nations in this state. For this reason, the United States should issue reparation to Indians for the cruel killings of Indians living in the United States (THE FLOW OF IDEAS IN THIS PAGRAPH IS POOR; YOU HAVE MIXED THE ISSUE OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND VIOLENCE AGAINST INDIAN WOMEN. CHOOSE ONE AND STICK TO IT IN THIS PARGRAPH).

The United States should also issue reparation to Indians because the quark in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act prevents them from benefiting from natural resource extraction. Besides, over 50% of the Indian nations in the United States are found in Alaska (Grann 8). They lack the economic power to deal with criminal and violence against women (WHY ARE YOU INTRODUCING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN HERE YET THE FIRST SENTENCE INDICATES THE PARARGRAPH IS SUPPOSED TO DISCUSS RESOURCE EXTRACTION?). Even worse, both VAWA and TLOA need Indian tribes to guarantee the procedural rights revolving around a criminal process beyond the ones required for any other defendant in the United States (IS THIS STATEMENT RELATED TO RESOURCE EXTRACTION? IF YES, THEN EXPLAIN HOW). For this reason, even if most Indian tribes may want to comply, they cannot afford it. The United States has established and continues to maintain the same political, economic and legal environment similar to the one that permitted the killings of Osage people (Grann 1). As a result, the United States should give repatriation to Indians because of the undermined reservation boundaries and Indian treaty rights with dispossession and allotment of Land (LIKEWISE THE FLOW OF IDEAS IN THIS PAGRAPH IS POOR; YOU HAVE MIXED ISSUES. CHOOSE ONE AND STICK TO IT THROUGH OUT THE PARGRAPH JUST LIKE YOU HAVE DONE IN THE PARAGRAPH BELOW ABOUT EDUCATION)..

The mandatory education of Indians is another reason why the United States should give Indians reparations for Indians that were killed in Osage Killings. Indian Residential schools emerged in the 19th and 20th century with the sole objective of assimilating Native American Youth and children. They also focused on providing fundamental Euro-American education. Through these schools, the native children were forced and immersed in a European-American culture that eliminated indigenous cultural signifiers. They were required to live by the American lifestyle including language, haircuts and to replace their real names with Euro-American ones. Another major issue that emerged from these schools is the growing complexity revolving around the historical legacy of Indians. The schools embodied the victimization of Indians and served as areas of cultural persistence and cultural loss. Perhaps, this enduring drive fueled the need for cultural and political determination among Indians in the 21st century.

In conclusion, the government has ignored the tribal governments since the Osage killings which is evidence that the United States has failed in honor its duty of protecting Indian nations (THIS IDEA IS REPETED BELOW). It has left a hole that has not yet filled with responsible leaders on too many reservations. Moreover, the United Supreme Court has also gutted the legal authority focusing on the prosecution of non-Indians by tribes for even those that possess the capacity and ability to enforce the Acts (SENTENCE STILL NOT CLEAR). Lastly, the federal government has also continuously refused to accept its responsibility of protecting Indians hence destroying the general trust which is one reason why the government should issue reparations to Indians because of its failure in honoring its duty of protection (SAME IDEA AS THE ONE IN THE SENTENCE ABOVE).






















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