question archive The initial post has several sections to it

The initial post has several sections to it

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The initial post has several sections to it. Make sure to complete all of them. You will be required to write your thoughts before and after doing the reading. Write those down in a separate document and paste into the forum when you are done. I will grade using the rubric for online posts outlined in the syllabus. 

1.      Before doing the reading or further research, briefly discuss what cultural competence means to you and whether there any benefits of developing cultural competence when working with children and families.

2.      The NEA policy brief outlines reasons to become culturally competent, which of these reasons resonated with you and why? Provide an example, ideally from your work with children, which would illustrate the importance of that point. (CulturalCompetence-VanRoekel-NEA attachment)

Complete the Cultural Competency Self-Assessment (available on Canvas). While you answer it, think of your work with children. If you haven't worked with children, think of your school growing up. 

3.      What did you learn through the CC Self-Assessment exercise?  In which do need to work on? 

4.      How do you think the self-assessment connects with or reflect some of the concepts described in Baird’s reading? Include page numbers and specific reflections that show you have read. ( attached Working with Diversity-Baird Ch6-)


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