question archive Please create Conceptual Data Model (may use Draw

Please create Conceptual Data Model (may use Draw

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Please create Conceptual Data Model (may use or any other similar software), containing entities and their relationships as they exist in the problem domain (including any M:M relationships) and a Physical (Logical) Data Model using MySQL Workbench® based on your conceptual mode

for this following situation? ( you can give me screenshot answer, or please explain step-by-step which components needed in those models)


ABC Inc is a package delivery company that has branches all over Canada. The Sender (person who is sending a package) can drop a package to any of the branches and pay the applicable fee and taxes. ABC staff members sort and forward the packages to an office close to the destination addressees. Each branch office has a manager along with other staff members. The manager creates a weekly schedule for the staff members for the hours they are supposed to work in that branch office. When a package arrives at the destination branch, the staff members hand over this package to one of their couriers (ABC employee who delivers the packages). Each courier is assigned to a delivery truck and given a route for delivering packages. The courier delivers the package to Receiver's address (person who receivers the package) and takes his or her signatures which completes the package delivery process.


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