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Remember that Dr. Money was the leading pediatric physician who argued that gender is malleable. I know this film is very disturbing, but this is one example where the surgery happened later in life and Dr. Money became obsessed with his career and theory. Today, many people undergo self reassignment -- many feel their assigned sex does not match the sex they identify with. Back in the 1970s this was a new surgical process.

With that being said:

Answer 1 of my 2 questions below:

1. Dr. Money was a leading surgeon who specialized in gender reassignment surgery. Please watch the film and discuss how BOTH sex and gender are socially constructed. Be mindful that this is not a hack doctor -- this is THE leading expert in gender reassignment and that over 50,000 of these surgeries were conducted annually.

Dr. Money And The Boy With No Penis (Links to an external site.)

2. The Sexual Revolution began when women could control access to reproduction. Discuss how attitudes in the United States regarding sex has changed since the 1920s.

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