question archive Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to two

Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to two

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Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to two. In each response, ask questions about the learner’s timeline or make suggestions for improvement.

Student post down below:

Grant writing can be a lengthy process depending on the chosen grant. Creating a timeline for the grant due date helps prevents being underprepared. Creating a timeline allows the organization to see what is needed at what time and from who. Teamwork makes the dream work, and the timeline can also serve as the delegation of duties. Starting with the total picture in mind offers the ability to create a more detailed plan. Grant writing is more than just words on paper, and it requires community insight, data collection, need identification, and detailed program design.


Month one will consist of gathering data from the community and gathering full eligibility requirements, and working towards program planning. Problems will be translated into needs, and needs assessments will be conducted. Research on current domestic violence cases will also be utilized. From there, month two will be used to start the grant writing process using the information found in month one. Month two will also be used to create community collaborations. Month 3 will be used to finalize the grant proposal, grant review, and finally submit a formal grant proposal. While the timeline is great, there is flexibility because things do change. It is important to stick to the timeline but also important to be flexible and adapt to changes. Yuen et al. (2013) lends that it is imperative to have a structured proposal. Like job applications, grants are processed in large numbers, making it necessary to submit a clean and concise proposal.

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