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C. Here's a link to What are the top I0 job skills for the future? | World Economic Forum lweforum.orgl article by Kate Whiting. Open the link and digest the information. Then, communicate with me by writing a letter. Your letter should be three major parts: I. Your appreciation of my time in reading your letter. 2. Your takeaway or lesson learned from the article. Connect that takeaway or lesson learned to essential information you have picked up from our discussion. 3. Your two critical questions about the message or main idea of the article that you would like to ask for clarity or curiosity and their relevance to you as a student and as a future practitioner. Below is your template. The items enclosed with asterisks C") should be changed as instructed. Type the ?rst major part after I"First,". (30 points) Dear g Sipacio, I am *insen'. your full name", a I"ilclsert your program' from the National University- Manila, Philippines. First, Sincerely,


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