question archive Write a 7 pages paper on a history of christianity

Write a 7 pages paper on a history of christianity

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Write a 7 pages paper on a history of christianity.

The Mass serves as the gathering of the Christian community at the church on Sunday morning, in memory of Holy Jesus (Baldovin 2003), in order to participate in all the rituals going to take place in the church according to the Christian belief system and traditions associated with this sacred gathering, aim to pray to God and demonstrate their loyalty and dedication to the Holy Christ. The Mass contains the beginning hymns (performed with musical instruments), sermon depicting the sacred life and noble teachings of Jesus Christ, recitation and interpretation of some verses from the Gospel, collective prayer in the light of Christian belief, presentation of gifts and prayers to the altar, the priest’s lecture at the altar, elucidating the noble cause behind the great and exemplary sacrifice made by Christ for humanity, blessing the bread and wine, according to the commands made by Christ at the eve of his Last Supper, followed by the collective Great Amen and receiving of Jesus in Holy Communion, and the final blessings at the end (Chadwick 106).

Consequently, the Mass is actually the completion of all the rites associated with the Eucharist from gathering to participation in the final blessings.The question aptly rises in the minds of the Christian community that since they could offer their prayers and can observe meditation and recitation while staying at their homes, then why should they proceed to church and spend time there as they are to perform almost the same in-home, which they are going to carry out by visiting the church. However, at the moment they forget the very reality that the prayer does not mean mere delivering of some words from the mouth or doing some specific acts at a room in the residence. on the contrary, worship stands for a comprehensive and organized activity, to be observed in the company of the fellow people of the same faith in order to join the prayer session collectively and to comprehend with the real message of Jesus Christ that the Christians are responsible for conveying his message to the entire humanity without any discrimination of class, caste, community, race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status (Latourette 295).


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