question archive Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Culturally Diverse Family

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Culturally Diverse Family

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Culturally Diverse Family.

Additionally, the interviewee advocate for the welfare of both parties in the conflict, which arises. According to Finkelstein (2008), resolving conflicts aggressively is human nature. It is also true that humans have recognized that maintaining peace and harmony within their social networks is essential for mutual survival.America advocates for individualism while china advocates for communism. This implies that the culture of china is more accommodative than the culture of the United States.

According to Choi, the idea of a person pursuing what he perceives as right (34). This promotes individualism because of the thinking of a person. When the writer thinks and writes his or her thoughts, the approach often promotes individualism. The lack of social aid from peers when expressing an idea leads to individualism. She acknowledges the idea of a person expressing his or her idea when writing because it promotes self-belief. It enables a person to get all the credit without other interferences.

This enables an individual to work even harder than before in achieving targeted goals.According to Tsarouhas (2008), the people of China held the subjective feudal autocratic perspective that communism was naturally the only way people could be governed. The animosity between the nationalists and the communists compelled the nationalists to consolidate support from Taiwan and the US government, to defeat the communist group. In addition, the pre-cultural revolution of China was aimed at challenging male dominance in Chinese society.

Women had no option of deciding their position in society because it is the male who decided everything concerning the lifestyles of the women. In the process, justice and democracy were obtained. This notwithstanding communism has featured in the Chinese reconstruction history.


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