question archive Need help with this science paper: essay that presents your position on this topic

Need help with this science paper: essay that presents your position on this topic

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Need help with this science paper:

essay that presents your position on this topic.

Background Information: 

In 2008, the United States of America created the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act. This act was created to help protect its citizens against discrimination based on genetics by health insurers and employers. Canada has just passed an act (as of March 2017) that is very similar to the American one, called Bill S-201. In addition to the law, the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association of Canada has released a statement that indicates the insurance companies will never ask for genetic testing to be done before insuring anyone. They have also stated that if the genetic testing has already been done, then they may use it. Canada also has privacy laws in place that could be used to protect against genetic discrimination if interpreted appropriately. 


Focus Questions: 

What is your opinion about genetic non-discrimination laws? For example, do you believe that the recently passed Bill S-201 is needed in Canada to protect our genetic information? Or do you believe that there were enough laws and expectations already in place to protect our genetic information in Canada? Perhaps, you feel that no such act or laws are needed as our genetic information should not be protected in Canada. These are just some examples of the many different opinions surroundng this topic. Please be sure to explain and support your opinions with online research that is properly sourced.  


Suggested Resources: 

An Overview of the Human Genome Project 


Genetic Information, the Life and Health Insurance Industry and the Protection of Personal Information: Framing the Debate 


Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 - American Act


Bill S-201 Genetic Non-discrimination Act - Canadian Act




one to two page paper outlining your answer to the focus question. Make sure to support your opinion with research. You may use the 3 resources provided or find resources of your own. Make sure that the resources you select are from reputable scholarly sources and are therefore appropriate to use. Include any resources used at the end of your essay. Your essay should include an introductory paragraph, at least one body paragraph and a conclusion paragraph.


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