question archive In your initial post, address the following: Identify three things that describe your personal brand

In your initial post, address the following: Identify three things that describe your personal brand

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In your initial post, address the following:

Identify three things that describe your personal brand.

Think about what makes you unique and sets you apart from others who may be on the same career path.

Describe one specific way you could promote your personal brand identity.

You have many options. For example, you could change your social media posts, join a professional organization that pertains to your chosen career, or create your own profile on a professional social networking platform such as LinkedIn.

Consider using the SNHU Career website for ideas.

In your replies to at least two peers, provide additional suggestions for how your peers can purposefully convey their personal brand.

Peer 1:

Hello class!

I reflected on this discussion post prompt over the weekend. I do not regularly take the time to reflect on how I put myself out to the world and how the people around me perceived me. After some self-reflection, I would say that three things that describe my personal brand are resiliency, determination, and open-mindedness. Everyone has a story about the struggles they have lived through and the various difficulties they have encountered through their walks of life. The people who are in my life have all see how I have a strong capacity to recover from anything thrown my way, how can I establish a goal I want to achieve I will do anything in my power to achieve it, and how I always am willing to consider new ideas and try new things without prejudice. I portray the most authentic version of myself online as well, so my digital footprint would closely reflect my personal brand.

My personal brand has been reflected throughout the entire T of my working career. I have obtained letters of recommendation from several managers and directors that could potentially be used as character references and set me apart from others in the same career path. I also have done some local networking with human resources professionals to gain a better perspective in the role and to hopefully assist with gaining employment after graduating period to continue promoting a personal brand and networking with possible employers, I can make a LinkedIn profile. This will allow for more people to get to know me to continue to expand and diversify my network.

Peer 2:

Three things that would describe my brand would be quality, integrity, and passion. 

What makes me different from those in the same career is my desire to do what is best for the client even if that means losing the ones who want me to plant a palm tree for them in the middle of Missouri. I have noticed that many in my industry are after the quick dollar and leave clients feeling taken advantage of. This is where I step in. 

One way that I have been promoting my brand as of late is by volunteering at community gardens here in Kansas City and using my expertise to help others learn more sustainable practices.  I also just passed the badge exam so I will be adding this to my resume soon.


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