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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Probability?

Ans: Probability is the concept of chances. Probability is a branch of Mathematics which involves the happening of a random event. The value be expressed in 0 to 1. The concept was introduced in Maths to predict a possibility of events to happen. How likely is an event bound to happen is probability. The field of Probability Distribution also also uses such outcomes which help decipher the chances of a random event or case. When trying to find probability one should know the random number of events that might occur. So many events cannot be predicted with utmost certainty. The range of probability is defined within limits 0 and 1. Zero indicating the chances as none or impossible and one indicating a chance. Probability is an important topic for students and is extremely useful. The best example of probability would include if we toss a coin. The possible variations are Head and Tails. On tossing two coins the chances increase to three outcomes. There can be confusion when people get mixed with probable outcomes to desired outcomes. Let's say for example a certain situation arises in a particular way and the other Probability possible in a more number of ways. This tells us that an occurrence of an event depends on many factors. The likeliness of an event also determines the longevity of it. 

For example in stocks and trading Probability plays a huge role. The possibility of the price going up always depends on Probability. Once the determining factor is taken into consideration the way outcomes happen depend on certain factors.

2 What are the various and different types of Probability?

The person who came up with the Probability theory is J.Cardan during the sixties. J Cardan was an Italian Mathematician and Physician. Many highly skilled Mathematicians then came to notice this vast subject. There are many distinct ways of interpreting the concept which are within the framework of certain axioms and parameters. Such a hypothesis allows us to measure the values. The main three types of Probability are Theoretical Probability, Experimental Probability and Axiomatic Probability. 

Theoretical Probability deals with the theory of the subject. It involves learning the basic concepts of Probability and their applications and uses. 

Experimental probability is a branch of Probability which relies on observational analysis. Experimental probability is taken by the number of possible outcomes divided by the sum total of the trials. 

Axiom Probability is the probability made by following a certain set of rules. 

Conditional Probability is the possibility of an occurrence based on previous outcomes. Events having an equal chance of occurrence are often termed as equally likely events. 

Complementary event probability are events which occur and only have two outcomes. possible or not. The formula for probability is the chances of an event happening is a result of the ratio of outcomes with the number of times it happened. 

3How to Calculate Probability?

Probabilities are used along with other applications. Functions of Probability can be used to project growth in Sales and Businesses can use it to measure the possibility of expanding their customer base by inputting a creative marketing strategy. Probability is explored by calculating the different modes and possibility of single and multiple events for recurrence. The odds of event occurrence is the ratio in which the likelihood of an event happens. A simple formula can be used to decipher the random stimulation of events. Probability usage varies from forecasting sales growth and it is an extremely useful tool to develop accurate predictions for revenue growth, sales expectancy and Business costs involved in the day to day running of the Business. Probability calculation is done by simple formulas using division and multiplication to assess various outcomes of an event that might happen in the future. Determining the factors that result in the event is a step by step procedure. The best example would be that of a rolling dice which has six probable outcomes. When the chances of six occurrences is evaluated with the repetition of every value, deciding the event happening with the number of outcomes is determined. Thus the probability of a two on the first roll is one is to six. Calculating Probability is easy but it is a lengthy process. The way to formulate instances and convert them to multiple areas which can then be further broken down to accurate come to a consensus of which direction the event might tilt. The favourable conditions if more susceptible to change could be for the reason of target implementation. The likeliness of an event happening depends on plenty of factors which can and cannot be in our control. Being prepared for the outcome also means influencing the early effects of a likely or unlikely outcome. Thus calculating probability is like getting through a maze of chance, outcomes and result in greater chance of success. 

4 How to measure Probability with more than One Event?

Ans: Measure of probability with multiple random events is same as calculating probability with one event. The first step involves taking into consideration every event that needs to be calculated. Separating two different events on account of calculating the position of every event is best explained with the toss of two coins. The number of outcomes possible on the coin is two. In the event of a toss the chances of head landing or tail is fifty percent. If two coins are held and tossed multiplying two possibilities to figure the total probability is a valid procedure. Experiments have to be done while observing simultaneous behaviours, determining cards with multiple conditions. In the case of a multi colour spinner seven distinguished colour symbolise areas for occurrences. These probabilities depend on the speed at which the wheel is spun, the friction involved and the weight of the wheel. This is also known as dependent probability. Independent probability is the measure of chance when no external effects affect the result. A prime occurrence would be picking a card from a card pack. There are some events which cannot and never happen together. These include turning left and right at the same time. Distinguishing two events helps in knowing if the outcome is viable. When considering multiple events and outputs always take into account unforeseen circumstances even if they do not occur. For instance if there are four simultaneous events happening and the possibility of which instance would reoccur was to be calculated. It would be deciphered on the basis of an algorithm which would use Probably basics. The knowledge base can only be expanded using correct ways to process and gather information through various sources. The final count and results always depend on whether or not the timeline for the outcome is in which direction. The probable outcome of any occurrence is only sought once the higher probable value is determined. This is done using a number of formulas and methodologies combining various aspects of it. 

5 Is Probability a hard subject?

Ans: Probability is extremely un intuitive and hard. It's important to understand how probability plays an important role in today's world. Probability takes into account uncertainty and which can be analysed with critical data of belief. The language and vocabulary used in dealing with uncertainty is related to mathematics. When sufficient opportunities are presented even an unlikely or rare occurrence can take place. Lack of intuition and past statistics can give a rough idea of the future outcome. Some problems are difficult to explain. Drawing a probability tree diagram is a fun way of learning and achieving the desired outcome. 

In Probability there is an easy way and a hard way to solve any problem. Achieving ways to determine the complexity of result oriented data required years of experience. Any field of work is tough if you are not following the steps towards it. What is important is to keep on going and pursuing. All determining fators need to be taken into consideration when approaching a situation with Probability analysis.  Once initial grounding work has been laid and crucial steps are followed always reflect back on the past mistakes or flaws and and correct them. Jobs are extremely well paid and full of good remuneration. Probability and statistics go hand in hand and when the opportunity rises many young aspirants can opt for this field of interesting comparative study to get going. The fun thing about Probability is that it can be applied to a variety of sectors revolving around numbers and outcomes. Agreed the formulas can be complex and lengthy but what is the result is the possibility of results. Any target to be achieved is measured on the basis of its success rate. Success can be led to grow in a uniform and ascending way. The need for Probability result oriented work is always in the case of every aspect of life. 

6 Which jobs are available in the field of  Probability?

Ans: The finance industry is a world which uses many figures and charts to depict the Probability of an event. Various companies, financial institutions and finance advisors use Probability based software models to input cash flow, growth and percentage trends. Business decisions are supported with the way of Probability statistics. Data and trends are used by economists to predict economic forecasts. Decisions are based on economic trends, cyclical costs along with inflation. Many companies nowadays prefer employees with Ph,D degrees or Master's Degrees. The job roles are very well paid and in great demand. Special softwares are used to gather market data. This data is observed with the current market competitors and trends. Chunks of such data is then run through a filtration process providing budget analyst to transform them into readable charts, graphs and tabular investment tables. Looking and tracking people's spending habits providing predictions for anomalies, long term changes in regional climates and designing modular surveys to observe and assess. Company officials focus on the growth of a company's financial future. Estimators for analysing cost and labor data pave the way to meet thorough Probability studies. One can get  a proper learning in this field for the different sectors marked.  If you’re already qualified, one can find work in different institutions. So, definitely learning  Probability is a very good career and its a wonderful time for aspirants to learn and pursue this career.