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There are so many scam sites that are targeting to take students' money without giving them the service they want. Do not fall into any trap! Do your research before availing of essay writing help in the UK.
StudyHelpMe has been helping students for a long time, and we have gained the trust and a good reputation amongst our clients. We have a customer-oriented philosophy, and we aim to provide the finest quality UK essay writing services at a reasonable rate. Along with that, we are capable of handling any urgent requirements, editing, proofreading and checking. Our UK essay writing services are deeply researched, guaranteeing the fairest and affordable prices.
Our website ensures that our clients will receive 100% original, plagiarism-free, error-free and scholarly content in a short span of time. Our clients' reviews very well cover everything you want to know about us. Check out our reviews which are entirely impartial. Our entire staff is made up of graduate and postgraduate degree holders from well-known Universities and are native speakers of the English language. We also provide countless revisions: a customer can request as many rewrites as possible till the work is satisfactory to him/her.  Hire the best essay writing services UK at our domain!

Essay Writing Services in London

Which is the best essay writing site in London? Any site which can give you the quality writing you want. No, of course not. Not just any site, instead it should be an authentic, reliable and reputed organisation that has gained the trust of numerous students by providing them with the finest quality writings. Ping us to hire our custom essay writing service UK right now!

Essay Writing Services in Birmingham

We provide an essay writing platform operated by reputable professionals from famous UK universities. The Inception of this platform is done to support and assist struggling students. You can trust our custom essay writing service UK as our team comprises qualified professionals who are experienced writers and fully educated, holding bachelor, masters or a PhD qualifications.

Essay Writing Services in Other UK Cities

Are you from Luton, Leeds, Manchester, Preston, Sheffield, Cambridge, Leicester or Swansea and looking for 100% plagiarism-free and error-free UK essay writing services with the best price guaranteed? We are proud to make our clients happy with the kind of academic assistance we provide. All right, Our top-notch essay writing services will undoubtedly help you get good grades!

Essay Writing Services in Liverpool

We are here to deliver the finest quality essays to those looking for academic help. All you have to do is register yourself, share your essay requirements or guidelines and wait till our experts do your work. We believe that some help can prove to be beneficial for students who are piled up with so much work. Get your essay written in just one click!

Essay Writing Services in Nottingham

We are your Alexa who will provide you with whatever you need. No need to panic; our team of PhD experts offers the finest essay writing help to students across the UK. The intention is to support and help struggling students achieve academic success through professional writing services. With us, you can beat any deadline!

Why Choose StudyHelpMe

Educated Experts

Our real assets are our writers who have passed stringent screening processes to guarantee they have the capabilities to help you churn out the best essays and assignments. We have an impressive team of qualified experts from diverse domains and reputed institutions willing and able to provide online academic essay writing services UK. Our experts are quite capable of providing you with in-depth research and knowledge on a specific essay topic. They have been serving students for a long time. They are updated, qualified, motivated, dedicated persons. We have the best experts like no other!

Finest Quality

Quality comes above all! We are well-known for delivering fast college essay writing service UK that meet all quality standards and academic guidelines. To gain your confidence in the quality of our services, we provide numerous guarantees. All of our papers are 100% unique and are tailored just for you. We even provide you with a complete list of references on every topic so that you can research it further. Finally, if you have any questions about your essay or want additional help, we offer a tutoring service with the writer who completed your work.

Fast Turnaround

A lot of students seek custom essay writing service UK because they are running short on time. For instance, they may have several deadlines to meet for different tasks, or maybe they have upcoming examinations nearby. Whatever the situation is, they often face time constraints to finish their essays timely. Thereby, we offer quick best Essay Writing Services UK within a short turnaround period. If you require an urgent submission, our team will go that extra mile to ensure your timely compliance. You may focus on your work by delegating your essays timely submission responsibility to us!

Reasonable Prices

As a student, you may face pocket issues or may not have an adequate amount of disposable income. Maybe you are working as a freelancer, but the money earned is spent on school equipment and other items. Whatever the reason is, we are aware that students generally cannot afford expensive services. That's why we keep our prices reasonable that any student can afford. Our pricing policy is quite comparable to industry standards and much lower than many others. If you doubt that you won’t be able to afford any essay writing service, then think again!

Our Online Essay Writing Services UK Features


One of the most widely resorted ways to solve academic problems in Luton, Leeds, Manchester, Preston, Sheffield, Cambridge, Leicester, Swansea, Liverpool or Nottingham is hiring services from reliable online agencies. Every website offers different pricing packages; choosing one is confusing. Our cheap essay writing service UK gives essays at very economical prices.


Along with offering our cheap essay writing service UK in many distinct areas of the UK, we ensure to assort highly educated professionals who are experienced in their field. This ensures the quality of the essay is high and flourishes professionalism. We have an impressive team of dedicated writers possessing diverse academic affiliations, ready to beat any challenges.

Instant Help

Our essay writing help service UK is designed in a manner that it would be easy for customers to use. To give you a stress-free experience, we provide a user-friendly interface with immediate help. If you have any concerns, we permit you to approach us at any feasible time. Order with us now! Get constant live support at no additional cost at our website.

Timely Delivery

In today's world, time is the most crucial aspect when it comes to academic submissions. We believe your essays are of no use if you delay their submission. That's why we strictly make all our deliveries timely. If you order from us, time will never be an issue for your essay submissions! Give us ten essays in a row then also you will be able to submit them timely.

100% Original Work

Every academy wants work submitted by students to be original and plagiarism-free. The Studyhelpme writers create homework and assignments from scratch to guarantee authentic and original content. We employ the best and latest plagiarism checker tool, which scans millions of sources on the Internet to check for copied content. 


Our essay writing service Uk aims to cover all the disciplines taught in colleges and worldwide, bringing every topic and subject within the domain of our writers. Regardless of the complexity or academic level, our academic help services will provide complete help for writing assignments, essays, dissertations, thesis, coursework, etc.

How It Works


Post Your Requirement

Submit all your homework and assignment details via our form. Include all the additional files, information to get the best solutions.


Receive Completed Assignment

Receive the highest-quality of assignment or homework project within the deadline to score A+ grades with zero plagiarism.


Check Your Email

Receive a reasonable and affordable quote for your homework/assignment. Reach to an agreement over price and budget through email for your posted question/topic.


Make Payment

Visit the “Pay Here” page and make payment for the agreed price of the assignment. We accept payment via PayPal, debit/credit cards.

Work Samples

Nursing Diagnosis 

Nursing Diagnosis 

In the given case study, we need to identify the nursing process while managing the wound management and the medical history of the patient. 

Critical reflection on early reading development theories 

Critical reflection on early reading development theories 

Culture and history of human beings are driven by different purpose of their activities. Australian author Widdowson provides relevant linguistics information. 

Experience reports presented at agile 2018 

Experience reports presented at agile 2018 

The paper is all about an experience report of Agile conference where the key problem has been identified. The case study of AEP is discussed where the agile transformation. 

Should People who Download Music and Movies Illegally be Punished? 

Should People who Download Music and Movies Illegally be Punished? 

The United States’ government came up with the Copyright Act of 1976 to protect the works of arts by different artists. 

Pole Fitness 

Pole Fitness 

For a long time pole fitness has received a backlash in society as a preserve for strip clubs and those in the sex industry. 

Should Parents Be Held Accountable for the Criminal Acts of Their Children? 

Should Parents Be Held Accountable for the Criminal Acts of Their Children? 

Recently, youth gang connected attacks have been occurring in an increasing prevalence, with some even causing deaths, such as the killing of a college student at Suburbs East. 

A Script Study on 'Whiplash', 'Boyhood' & 'The Departed' 

A Script Study on 'Whiplash', 'Boyhood' & 'The Departed' 

The elements of drama in fiction are exceptionally vita; due to the fact that such elements help in the building up of onscreen tension. 

Prioritizing project for periodic maintenance of road pavements 

Prioritizing project for periodic maintenance of road pavements 

This research study throws light over prioritization project for periodic maintenance of road pavements. The researcher has done the research study based on the Prioritizing project. 


Our Services

Assignment Services

Say hello to the best academic writing help services and get the custom assignments done quickly and affordably at our website. We deliver the finest quality assignments at the shortest notice as well. We have more than a team of more than a thousand qualified writers with masters or PhD degrees who are capable of satisfying students’ assignment requirements and saving time. Because of our immediate assignment help, students can now aim for excellent grades by completing their assignments on time and sparing enough time to study further.

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Thesis Services

Do you find writing a thesis challenging? Have you never succeeded in swaying your professor with your thesis? Well, if your answer to any of the questions stated above is a YES, then you have come to the right place. We provide thorough and well-prepared thesis statements even at short notice. Our custom thesis writing service is aimed to serve students just like you to get top grades on every thesis submission!

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Dissertation Services

Are you lacking behind in class because of your due dissertations? Or are you having sleepless nights? Writing a good dissertation is always a challenging and problematic territory for students. Indeed, they are vital for academic progress, given the weightage attached to them, but sometimes, it creates too much stress and pressure on students. For a reason being, we have come up with an online dissertation writing service to assist students in writing their dissertations. 

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Homework Help

Anything can be interesting, even studying and doing homework, when you discover an easy way of approaching it. At our website, students receive the best academic help and quality writing assistance that alleviate their tension of doing homework to a great extent. We have a team of writers ready to provide you with any homework help at an affordable price. All subjects covered! Does that excite you? Get done with your homework as of now!

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Paper Writing Services

Pacing holes through your workroom floor worrying about your paper that is due in a couple of days. Well, if the sight of the draft sitting on the table makes you say, ‘Uh oh, papers’, very soon you can turn that view into, ‘Oh yeah, done already’. All you have to do is hire a reputable paper writing service that can help you manage research and writing work quickly and reliably. When it comes to finding a paper writing service, you should settle for nothing but the best writing service, which we are!

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Services Other Than Essay Writing in UK

We can completely understand your worry and hesitation in selecting an online academic writing service to rely on to finish your assignments, projects, papers, reports, dissertation, thesis or essays timely and effectively. In today's changing dynamics, It is clearly seen that risks are involved in any online services regarding payments, support services or authenticity. If you Google academic writing services UK then you will find countless websites and companies providing this kind of service. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is essay writing service legal in the UK?

Nowadays, we have seen a highly competitive environment in the universities and colleges. Students face sleepless nights because of deadlines, grades, hectic schedules, internships, internal scoring.  So, it is expected that every one out of five students looks for an outsider to provide them with the best quality essay. Despite the rise of essay writing services, some students are still in doubt whether these services are legal or not.

Let's sort out once and for all whether essay writing services are legal or not. All the laws and regulations of the UK still do not impose any restrictions on providing or hiring such services. Some universities came out to ban essay writing services in 2018, but no legislation has passed yet.

Currently, availing of essay writing services is legal and does not fall into a grey area. Hiring such services does not mean that a student is breaking the law or outsmarting the educational system. However, the legislation is stringent regarding the theft of copyrighted content. The site from which you are availing the essay writing help service Uk should be reliable, authentic and only deliver fresh content free from any sort of plagiarism. A reliable essay writing service website will provide you all the information regarding terms and conditions, service guarantees, and a privacy policy. 

So, currently, essay writing services are totally legal and operate like any other service provider. They are registered entities and work within the rule of law. Yet, there are no laws restricting students from getting essay writing services online or seeking professional academic help. Those services are given with the intention of providing a learning aid, and some students order only proofreading or editing services. These services follow a zero-plagiarism policy. So you will definitely not encounter any problems with copyrights or plagiarised content.

Even though all writing services are legal, not each of them are legit. That's why before placing an order or hiring a service, research what you are signing up for and read the reviews carefully.

2 Why are some websites not safe to buy essay writing services from?

Many students encounter the dilemma of how safe it is to use online essay writing services in the UK. Well, I will discuss this subject thoroughly so that you can judge for yourself if you can trust online essay writing sites or not before making the final decision. First and foremost, I have to say that essay writing services are pretty common nowadays, and most of them are trustworthy. However, some of the essay writing services are bad and are not worthy of your money and time. Let me take you through a few examples when these services are a total blunder.

There are certain terms and conditions which are mentioned in the contract, but not every service provider comply with the terms of the agreement. Some essay writing services resell essays after a while, which had already been given to a former customer. This trend often happens, especially when there is a common topic that the students have requested to be written about. Some services claim to provide good customer support, but they fail terribly. Some websites do not offer a refund policy.

One of the worst experiences a student confronts with online essay writing services is exasperating customer service. Some websites don’t respond on time, and others don’t have a money-back policy; some of them will not allow revisions in case the customer is not content with the quality and complains about an issue. One of the significant problems is highlighted by a trending investigation by BBC recently that exposed thousands of videos advancing certain companies' writing services by employing YouTube influencers to enhance their exposure. As per BBCs findings, these companies were using well-known internet personalities to spice up their writing services, which don't meet the A+ grade promised to their clients. a number of the services provide the standard of the essay you purchase being below average.

Well, there are thousands of reasons which say some websites are not safe to buy essay writing services from. So, whenever you seek online essay writing help, always remember to research properly on the website's quality and authenticity. Additionally, read the testimonials to obtain former clients' reviews.

3What are the things to be considered before taking help from Essay Writing Services?

Well, If you search online, you will find numerous essay writing sites; they all claim to provide A-quality paper. Do not believe everyone blindly. Certain things need to be considered before taking help from Essay Writing Services:

Do you own research

If you want reliable help, first, you have to find the site worthy of doing so! For this, you can firstly check out all the samples they provide in the area, plus check out the testimonials written by the former clients and read all of them thoroughly. 

See if they provide a plagiarism report

Before placing an order, ensure the site provides 100% original content. Along with that, it should offer plagiarism reports with it. A defined policy should also explain what is done if significant plagiarism is delivered. 

See if they care about your privacy

Before availing any essay writing help, make sure you read its privacy policy. Use only that service that provides maximum confidentiality. Trust those sites which ask for relevant information like your educational level, topic, preferences and guidelines. You don't have to disclose your personal information to any site.

See if their services are transparent

Authentic sites will always provide 24/7hours service ready to answer all your questions. The most vital thing to be considered is that a company should be able to meet your needs and provide the services you are looking for. Along with that, a transparent service will offer a money-back guarantee in case you face any problems with their services.

4 What is your order process for hiring an essay writing service?

Whilst the quality of our services is vital, we also understand the need for a simple and understandable order process. That is why We have created a 4 step order process that is easy to understand and follow. Furthermore, this process can be completed within a fraction of minutes. Please check below the given instructions to order and pay for essay writing services:

Firstly, click on the “write my essay” sign. This is the foremost step done to enter your basic essay requirements. You can enter all necessary details such as an academic standard, number of pages, topic, subject, and submission dates. Furthermore, you can also enter any other relevant information and upload files you feel are insightful.

Secondly, when you see a panel of writers from them, you can choose a suitable writer. Check out all the writers available and choose one which suits you. Further, check out their profile to see their qualifications and skills. Along with that, look at their reviews and star ratings. We also give liberty to chat with a suitable writer. Pick one you think can tackle your essay effectively.

Thirdly, a deposit has to be made to confirm your order. The deposit amount is half the total amount of our service. If you do not deposit that amount, we cannot authorise our writer to start working. We accept a myriad of payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Paytm and Discover. All payments made are secure and highly encrypted. 

Lastly, once you have received the final draft and are completely satisfied with the completed essay, you must release the remaining half of the payment and complete the order process. The ordering process takes only a few minutes. Furthermore, the essay writer will ensure that your text is prepared on time for the delivery date you requested earlier.  

5 Why are we the most reliable website to safely buy essays from?

We have been serving many students for a long time. We have even completed thousands and thousands of academic essays, which tells about our experience. We have a modern, user-friendly interface design that saves your time. All of our writers are educated and have PhD and MA degrees, and you can expect nothing less but 100% original, unique, high-quality academic writing services 24/7. Below mentioned are our additional top-class features:

Our pricing policies are the best, and we provide a Cheap Essay Writing Service UK like no other. 

We provide numerous guarantees like plagiarism-free, error-free content. 

We provide a money-back policy if our services fail you in any manner. 

We have the safest system installed, chances of scams and fraud are next to impossible.

We provide unlimited revisions of your essay till you feel it satisfies you.

We have convenient order terms and conditions which are mentioned clearly.

We have an easy ordering process, as discussed earlier.

We have completed numerous orders so far.

We have a vast span of expert writers with the required qualifications and experience. 

We provide a great match between the quality of our service and the price you pay for it.

We never share your personal information with our other clients or anyone else.

We have a very supportive staff ready to address your every need. 

Our website's interface is modern and up-to-date. 

We provide regular email updates about our services.

If you seek help from highly-rated and trustworthy writing services, do not hesitate to approach and order your services from us. With appropriate information, reliable sources and proper research of legitimate essay writing services, you will be safe buying essay writing services online.

6 Why choose our essay writers to complete your essays?

Our writers are all educated professionals. There is no other essay writing company that employs writers that have higher standards as our company does. We have a stringent screening process and strict interview process for recruiting new writers, meaning that standards never slip, and every writer remains on the same page.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our UK essay writers:

All our writers are native English speakers meaning that you won't find any grammatical errors or silly spelling mistakes, or language issues.

We have recruited only the best experts in the industry having required qualifications, whether a Masters or a PhD degree.

We have given additional and adequate training to our writers to update them or to build additional skills.

All our writers have a good understanding of their respective subjects. You can ask as many questions as you want, and they will give you the best answers.

Our writers are very dedicated, and they always respond to you as quickly as possible. Whenever you put your problems across, they get back to you with all the answers you need within a short period.

All our writers are qualified experts, so you know that your grades can be improved or maintained with every order you place with them.

All the writers are passionate about their work, and they always make the essay worth reading.

With us, get the best experts in the industry!