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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Data Science?

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that is applied to a variety of fields and subjects. Data Science is a broad field that uses scientific processes, methods, knowledge, algorithms, and systems to collect and analyze information from different data structures. The subject focuses on using this obtained knowledge and information to gain insights and use them across varied fields and application domains.

Data Science in general is a very broad subject and is focused on extracting information and knowledge from various data sets and structures. While there is an argument to the statement that Data Science is a part of Statistics and its analysis, Data Science in itself analyses data, information, and knowledge through analysis and evaluation. Data Science uses complex algorithms involved in machine learning to analyze data. 

The name and subject became recognized distinctively after the 2000s although the subject might have existed in many different names and aspects even before that. The field as an important and integral part grew with the expansion of technology and the requirement of analysts to solve complex data. The growth of computers and technological advancement promoted the subject to grow into a global subject of importance today.

While Data Science mainly uses certain techniques or technologies to collect information from data. Some of these techniques include linear regression, machine learning, decision trees, logistic reasoning, etc. From these, Data Science is more related to and widely recognized with statistical regression, machine learning, data mining, and big data. 

A Data Science life cycle consists of five stages, namely capturing which involves data acquisition, collection, and extraction, maintaining which includes storage, warehousing, and architecture, data process which includes data mining, modeling, processing, and summarization, data analysis which includes predictive analysis, regression, and qualitative analysis, and finally, communication which includes data presentation, visualization, and decision making.

The person who uses these analyses, algorithms, and techniques to manipulate, understand and gain data from existing data is called a Data scientist. Data scientists are widely in demand and have a growing career for the future. Data scientists and analysts review the results obtained from data obtained to uncover, analyze and deduce patterns that enable businesses to gain knowledge and apply them to grow.

Data science is a growing field and is widely in demand with the current use of computers. Many businesses and industries, especially Information Technology, Artificial intelligence, and the computer industry are the best scopes for Data scientists. The demand will only grow as the world becomes more digital and more in demand for technology. Data science is employed in a variety of fields but the most popular being machine learning. This helps in the integration of the system with the computer and obtaining the data to analyze it, and obtaining the best way possible. Therefore, Data Science is and will be an important field that will continue to grow and create an ocean of opportunities.

2 What are the fields in which Data Science is applied?

Data science, being a study focusing on analysis, computing, manipulating, writing algorithms, and reducing information from these data to provide the best course, has a wide scope of opportunities and fields. Such a course not only deals with data analysis and computing but also extends to certain areas such as data mining, data extraction, and analysis. This study also has a profound impact on business and its growth and therefore has immense scope. Some of the areas in which Data Science is utilized include-

Banking and finance-

Banking and finance is major beneficiary of Data Science. Although might seem odd, Data Science can provide various insights into data and information in the banking and finance sector.


Retailers need proper insight into customer purchasing and sales. Without these, they can face losses and even go bankrupt. Retailers can use big data to provide customer satisfaction and relevant shopping experiences, thereby helping them grow. Retailers use big data to analyze customer shopping to provide them insight into customer shopping information and competitive advantage in the field.


Data Science in healthcare is mainly in the form of monitoring and storing data. Trackers wore by patients continuously provide data which, compiled over time, provide information on the patient’s health data. It is also used by managers and doctors to look into medical data and history to analyze patterns and determine the best course of action. Other important sectors include image analysis, drug development, and genetics.

Manufacturing industry-

Data Science when incorporated into industries can provide better insights into various potential problems, monitor systems, and analyze continuous data. Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing field that receives data from machinery continuously to monitor the working. Data Science also provides insights into optimizing costs, improving decisions and quality based on customer feedback, and building an autonomous system using customer data and real-life interaction.

Image and speech recognition-

Image and speech recognition is an important part of Data Science. The suggestion to mention your friends when you upload a picture with your friends or using voice assistants like Siri and Cortana are examples of how Data Science benefits us.

Communication and entertainment-

Customers expect a wide range of information and availability. Data Science collects, analyzes, and provides insight into customer information which is useful for companies. Data Science is being used to understand customer patterns, requirements, and necessities by leveraging social media content usage patterns. This can help them personalize, understand and reach their target audience, measure content, and performance.

Fraud and risk comparison-

The banking and finance sector used data from previous loans and expenditures, which provided them insights into customer transactions, credibility, and other possibilities of risk and default. This helped banks reduce their bad debts and gain profit.

Airline routing and planning-

Airline industries across the world seemed to reduce the profits mainly by utilizing Data Science. Airline companies can predict the flight delay, optimum route, and intermediate stops that provide the best profit, and predict airplane traffic and movement to avoid any collisions. 

Website and advertising-

This is perhaps one of the biggest areas of Data Science applications. Various targeting advertisements and banners across platforms are decided by Data Science algorithms, which analyze data collected from the users. They provide a better click-through rate than traditional advertising, which proves useful for companies.

Travel and transportation-

Travel and transportation can be easily benefitted from the use of Data Science. Transportation can use details of customer journeys, manage unexpected situations, and other factors to direct people to the best action through statistical analysis.

3Why is learning Data Science necessary?

Data Science as a broad field is utilized in many fields. Data Science mainly uses scientific processes to collect, organize, analyze, predict, understand, and provide data using algorithms and patterns. Data Science, therefore, is utilized in a variety of fields such as medicine, transport, marketing, airlines and transportation, banking, etc. This creates Data Science, a growing field that has immense potential and great application. 

Here are some of the major reasons why learning Data Science is important-

Data is the most important aspect of the 21st century. Everything is transforming into digital, including currency which makes data the most important factor in everything. Data is present in every process, transfer, and method which involves technology. It provides knowledge, understanding, and insight into various data. Therefore, learning Data Science provides a better career prospect and advantage when compared to non-learners. The demand keeps growing and will only continue to grow since data science is used in solving more complex and difficult data to obtain the best answers.

While there are large amounts of data present in the market or field, there aren’t enough data scientists to analyze the data. Learning Data Science can open you to a world of opportunities. Learning Data Science can help you with the best job you require by meeting the demand and supply. Data Science is not a simple subject and involves a lot more subjects such as statistics, computer science, mathematics, etc. 

Data Science as a career provides great potential and is one of the highest-paid jobs. The average salary of a Data Scientist is generally twice the national average salary of the country. This makes the field have more scope and provides a better salary than most others do. This huge earning and income bubble are mainly due to the depth of the job of a Data Scientist because the company depends upon the information provided by the Data Scientist.

Data Science uses business intelligence. If properly used, this power can be properly utilized and can change the world. This job is much more than providing companies with their details and information on data but with proper orientation and direction, it can even be used for making the world better. Data Science if properly employed can mitigate and track environmental issues, and even provide the best data on how to reduce their effects.

Data Science is going to be one of the biggest jobs in the future. Industries are more dependent on data and focused on innovations. Industries, therefore, require data scientists who can analyze data and provide them with smarter decisions and better products that are profitable for the company. Therefore, the need for Data Scientists will only grow and will become a very big opportunity in the future.

4 How is Data Science useful?

Data Science is important for industries and businesses because of its amazing potential and capability. Data Science is widely used by businesses to help them grow. The subject deals with churning large amounts of data by analysis, and processing to provide the business with areas of information and growth. For this, Data Science uses a variety of fields such as mathematics, statistics, programming, and computer science. Other than these, a certain amount of core knowledge is required to understand the data. 

Data Science is employed across various fields of study such as medical, transportation, manufacturing, advertisement, banking, finance, etc. And studies estimate that the fields that employ will substantially not only grow in size but in potential too. The field can develop over the years through potential understanding and application of the knowledge. 

As per studies, companies will invest more in Data science and their employees in the coming years because of its potential applications and advantages. Better investment helps in growing the field and thus increases the potential and capability for future use. 

5 What are the fields in Data Science?

Data Science is a field that encompasses and works on various fields and applications. The subject is an integration of many different fields and has great potential and applications. While there are many specializations and fields which can be categorized in Data Science, it can be classified into 4 main parts. They are-

Data analyst and mining-

A data analyst works on visualization and processing the data to obtain the information. Data mining and analysts write algorithms and codes to extract usable data from the large data present without corrupting it and therefore, provide a great platform to grow their career. Although said, this itself is a broad field and has sub-fields within them.

Machine learning-

This is one of the most important and growing fields of Data Science. Machine learning engineers are required to know various technologies such as SQL, Python, Rest, etc. The role of a machine learning engineer includes researching, designing, developing, and testing machine learning systems, and developing products based on customer requirements.

Data Engineer-

Data Engineers create the systems on which the big data can be processed to obtain the required output. Data engineers also upgrade existing technologies to newer versions to improve the efficiency of the database. They help in designing, maintaining, collecting, and conducting research data management systems.

Statistician and business analyst-

These people are required to have a strong understanding of statistical theories, data values, and their core concepts of the industry. They help collect, analyze, and present data to provide the current condition of the business and what it must do. They also work on designing data collection processes using algorithms and predicting values through tools.

6 Why is Data Science homework given?

Data Science is a broad field that encompasses various fields such as statistics, maths, and computer science. The subject is of great importance because it involves scientific tools such as algorithms, processing, manipulation, analysis, and valuation of large amounts of data to provide insights into areas of growth for the company. 

The scope for Data Science is growing every day and will continue to in the future. The importance of Data scientists is immense and grows with the future. While the subject is widely taught around and is widely in-demand around the field.

Data Science is taught in many institutions and has become a course of the future. While the subject might seem simple, learning it can be extremely difficult due to various fields and concepts which make the subject. To gain better knowledge and insight into the complex study of the subject, a better understanding of the concept and ideas is required. Homework given in Data Science can provide a better understanding of the concepts, subjects, and ideas within various fields. Therefore, Data Science homework is given to students across the world to whoever is pursuing the course in various aspects including data extraction, analysis, processing, and understanding the obtained processed data.