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A Dissertation is a document that is submitted by graduates doing particular study or research to support their work. A Dissertation is an important work in the field as it exposes the student to various areas and knowledge, understanding, and work through continuous research and writing. Since it marks an important part of their career, the need to write a proper Dissertation is immense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a Dissertation in Australia?

A thesis is a written piece of document that is submitted by the student that reports the work done by the student. Generally, this extended written work is called Thesis in Australia while in many other parts of the world, it is referred to as a Dissertation. It comprises the work done by the student, generally a project or research work done over a particular period of time for their graduation.

The thesis document is submitted by the student or author by summarising the work or project done by them. Therefore, this written document can be extensive and can incorporate a large amount of time and understanding.

The Thesis work can be any form of work such as multimedia, novel, composition, case study, research, invention, etc. The main fields of a project or Thesis work include Science, Arts, Technology, Humanities, etc. A thesis can even involve Medical research and its fields, but many other fields do not involve any Thesis work. 

A thesis can vary upon the type of graduation involved. For a Master’s thesis, the duration can be shorter and the written work is less when compared to Doctoral work which can encompass years of study and have a longer written document. The word count for a Masters Thesis can vary around 30000-40000 words while for a Doctoral Thesis, it can range between 80000-90000. But this depends mainly upon the nature of the study, field of work, subject, and the nature of the institution.

The Thesis is completed as a part of their degree project and is submitted generally to a Committee that can have two or three members who will evaluate the Thesis document. Unlike other countries, the Thesis need not necessarily be defended orally (viva-voce). The committee can involve a person from the same department while an external person can chair the seat for evaluating the Thesis work. 

The thesis is an important aspect of every student's life and career. The Thesis work can enhance the knowledge of the author, both technically and academically. Since the Thesis work incorporates large amounts of research, understanding, project work, and assumptions, it can increase the knowledge of the author in the field of study significantly. Writing the complete research work and involving all the details on a paper can enhance the literature knowledge and writing ability of the student while the project itself focuses on increasing the research knowledge and understanding. 

Writing a Thesis for the degree project has a major impact on the student’s career. Due to its capabilities, completing a Thesis and getting it published can give global recognition to the work of the author. The Thesis uploaded on the internet can be accessed around the world and therefore, provide an international platform for the author’s work. This can provide a major boost in the career portfolio of the student.

2 What are the similarities between Thesis and Dissertation?

Thesis and Dissertation can both mean the same thing. A thesis and Dissertation are similar to each other in more than one way. Some of them are-

Both are written documents that are submitted by the students as a part of their project or study which they do. The written work explains the project in detail what they’ve done and how it has its applications.

The biggest similarity between a Thesis and a Dissertation is the structure in which they’re written. Both the written documents have a series of subheadings such as Title, abstract, introduction, literature study, methodology, results, conclusion, discussion, and bibliography. Both follow the structure to explain the project or study done in detail.  

Both Thesis and Dissertation have the primary aim of explaining the project or research study of the author. The purpose of the document is to explain clearly the project in detail and to support it.

In both cases, the work should be completed within the time and according to the format specified by the institution. Failing to follow these can result in rejection of the work, which can be revised and approached within the specified time.

Both the work is required to complete the degree or graduation and needs to be properly written to pass.

Both Thesis and Dissertation require a lot of hard work and research on the topic. Extensive knowledge is required to properly write the document. Both require them to show the knowledge earned and demonstrate the skills acquired through years of work.

These documents require supervision from an expert such as an advisor or mentor to help complete the work. The help of supervisors is to help the authors guide them in various areas of their research and writing. They help in choosing the project, how to proceed, what and how to consider, how the document should be written and completed.

Finally, both must be completed in the best way possible without grammatical or plagiarism. The presence of both can result in rejection of the work and prove difficult to obtain the degree.

3What does a Dissertation consist of?

A dissertation consists of the details of the project in detail. It explains the project done by the author in every aspect and method and finally, the result obtained. The overall structure of the Dissertation includes-


This represents the title of the project under study. The title is an important aspect of a Dissertation because a powerful title is important to attract the reader to further continue in the document.


The abstract work is a summary of the work done. The abstract highlights the important conditions of the work and represents them within the prescribed word limit. It generally focuses more on the type and method of study and its result obtained than other details of the work.

Table of contents-

The table of contents gives details about the work and their respective page number, the tables, images, and graphs, and their respective places in the document. Although not considered an important part, it helps in explaining the overall skeleton of the work.


The introduction section of the Dissertation is the first main part of the document. It provides the introduction of the work and gives various details on the project such as why, how, and where they are considered and influenced respectively. They provide a more personal view while explaining the context and topic considered.

Literature review-

A literature review is an important part to write the Dissertation. It involves research and understanding the topic before proceeding as well as writing the topic. The literature study focuses on considering details of works from various authors and researchers to conduct their study.


This topic provides the method of the project conducted. The factors and conditions on which the project proceeds are explained in this section and the instrument details if any are also provided with their working conditions.

Characteristics and parameters-

Considering the conditions and methods on which the project is started, this considers the factors and parameters which are altered as part of the experiment. This is the main part of the experiment and is the project of the student.


The result section of the Dissertation explains the results obtained from the characteristics and parameters section of the study. It also involves analysis and inference from the result to conclude the project and provide the final details of the project.

Conclusion and Discussion-

The conclusion and discussion section of the Dissertation summarises the work of the project. It helps in concluding and providing the important parts of the research and highlighting the final result of the project. 


Bibliography or references is generally the final part of the Dissertation writing and lists all the papers and research articles that were considered for understanding and writing the Dissertation. This section consists of all the papers that were used for citation.

4 How should you write a Dissertation?

The various steps involved in writing a Dissertation include-

Choose your topic wisely-

The topic is the most important part to consider because the whole of research and Dissertation depends upon the topic you choose. More or less, it is the first step in your graduation project and dissertation writing.

Conduct research and gather details-

Never jump in without an idea. Conduct research and gather knowledge on various projects and studies conducted in the field. Collect resources, gather details and information to support your study, and provide a proper line for the project. Continue to gather details even while doing the project and while writing the Dissertation.

Create a skeleton-

Create an overall structure and outline for writing your Dissertation. Creating the skeleton also helps in listing the topics and their sub-headings which helps in deciding which topics to write while maintaining the format prescribed by the institution. 

Write the content clearly-

After completing the project, or while doing it, start writing your work. Be clear in explaining the work and never leave any important information. Write in your own flair and don’t imitate any work. Keep it simple yet give a strong impression of your work.

Complete the work-

Complete your work well within the deadline period. This is to avoid further processes which include correction and approval from the supervisor. Maintain schedules, routines and have ideas but never fall short in completing the work.

Check for mistakes-

After completing your work, check for mistakes, errors, and misinformation. Edit unnecessary sentences and rewrite paragraphs to give the work in a short yet explainable manner. Check each piece of content to avoid any mistakes and improve the quality of the work.

Check for plagiarism-

After editing and checking for mistakes, run the document for plagiarism. This is an important part because plagiarism is an offense and institutions can reject years of work just because of plagiarism.

Get supervisor’s approval-

After editing your work in the best possible way, send the final work to your supervisor to gain their approval. Supervisors have years of experience and can provide help in areas you missed. This is also an important part because many institutions won’t accept the final Dissertation without the Supervisor’s approval.

5 What should you not do in a Dissertation?

The following should be avoided while writing a Dissertation which includes-

Lack of research and evidence-

This can really affect the project or Dissertation work. Without prepper research, the project cannot be completely understood or its scope identified. All the work that is written must have some evidence that must be gathered before writing.

Starting too early or late-

Dissertation writing should never be started too early or late. Starting early can result in incomplete work and details to write and starting late can result in a lack of time which can be extremely difficult for the author.

Not consulting the supervisor-

This is perhaps one of the greatest mistakes you can make. Many institutions do not accept the work if it is not approved by the supervisor. Also, consulting the supervisor can guide you in research and help in writing your Dissertation, correcting the mistakes, and final checking.

Lack of professional writing-

This is one main reason why the Dissertations can get rejected. Writing the Dissertation in a professional manner is important to provide quality to the work. To score the best grades, writing with impeccable professionalism is important. Therefore, professional writing is an important aspect and must be maintained.

Wearing away or too much specification of details-

While explaining the project and its specifications, never wear away from the topic or explain the topic too much in detail. This can cause the reader to lose interest and thus must be avoided. Write only the necessary details and to the point.

Lack of originality or plagiarism-

This is a serious issue and must be avoided at all costs. Plagiarised work can outrightly be rejected by the committee and therefore, each work must be unique. Write your work from researched details and originally without copying anybody, and check for plagiarism finally.

Grammatical mistakes and unnecessary sentences-

This also is one of the main reasons which gives unprofessional writing. Grammatical mistakes, at such a high degree level and project quality can disinterest the reader and therefore, grammatical mistakes and unnecessary sentences should be avoided.

Avoid confusion-

While writing your work, never confuse details and information. Explain clearly the details and work without any confusion or misinterpretation to give the best work.

Avoid missing details and facts-

Never miss out on any detail. Decide which details are to be written in the work and explain them clearly and without confusion.

6 How to focus on writing a Dissertation?

Focussing on writing a Dissertation can be extremely difficult because of its long duration and exhausting nature. But with a few tweaks to yourself and determined nature, you can easily complete your work in time. Some of the ideas include-

Create a routine-

Create a routine for writing your work every day. Set time and follow your work every day so that the work can be written every day and completed within the time.

Take breaks regularly-

Continuous writing can exhaust and induce stress. Take breaks regularly to refresh yourself and gain motivation. Take breaks that help you to motivate and relieve stress but don't shift your idea from writing. Find your routine and your time frame.

Know the time limit and its gravity-

Understand the deadline and the amount of work pending. Know the gravity of your project work and the importance of writing the Dissertation which can motivate you to write.

Sit down to write even when you are not up to it-

Sometimes, our mind doesn’t want to write the Dissertation work. But force yourself to sit down and write the work. This can not only help you to complete the work but can even shift your mind to concentrate on the work.

Write other parts when you feel bored-

Writing a long part like an introduction can be exhausting. When feeling bored writing a particular topic, shift your focus to other areas of writing to provoke interest. This can shift your mind and be more productive than not writing at all.

Set targets and boundaries to complete-

Set targets every week or month that can be completed. Focus on completing before the deadline set and completing as much as possible. Never wait until the last minute to complete the work.