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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is MS Access?

MS Access, launched by Microsoft in 1992 as a part of Office, is a database management system. MS Access is mainly used to store, manipulate, manage and use data in the form of tables. It can be customized according to the user's requirement and is used by data architects and developers to create and alter application software.

MS Access was launched on the 13th of November 1992 and uses a Graphical user interface and tools for software development. 

MS Access saves data in the Access database engine which was earlier known as the Jet Database Engine. The latest version was v16.0 which was relaunched for Windows 10 in 2019. MS Access is supported even by Visual Basic Application, which can be used by software developers to write code to customize as per their requirements. 

MS Access is similar to MS Excel in many ways, but it is extensive and can be used to write codes such as in SQL or Oracle. MS Access is therefore widely applicable and extensively used in a wide range of applications.

MS Access stores data in a variety of methods or components. Some of the main components include tables or tabulated data using rows and columns, macros which are tools used to automate tasks and works, modules that allow pre-defined functions and instructions to be created by the user, and report which is used to analyze or review the work or report. Other than these, there exist wide varieties of components such as queries, forms, etc. which provide useful attributes and work to the worker. 

One of the main uses of MS Access is to store and manage data. It is mainly used for accounting, which involves large amounts of details and numbers about particular planning. MS Access, therefore, can be used to create, manage, store and work on various kinds of numbers, data, and functions. It can also be utilized by the software developer or the system architect to write code and import or export various details due to its connectivity. One of the best and most important features of MS Access is that it can import data from other Microsoft access by linking with it directly. This database allowance helps it to import data without actually having to manually import from various documents and can be compiled easily.

There are numerous benefits to using MS Access which include a user-friendly interface and easy working, importing data and connecting with other Microsoft applications, users convenience for various options and features provided, and creating, storing, working on, and managing data. It can also be used for managing accounts, bills, and values and customizing them according to the user’s necessity. It can also be used by software developers to work on SQL and write codes easily. Its interaction with VBA provides customization availability to the worker on various levels.

Various fields which employ MS Access include software, the IT industry, and various other companies with small business backgrounds. Its growth, although being limited to certain sectors, has been employed greatly in that particular field. 

2 How can MS Access be accessed?

MS Access, as developed and launched by Microsoft in 1992 is a database management system. MS Access is used for accounts, invoices, bills, data storage and management and sometimes writing code. 

MS Access initially launched as a part of the Microsoft Office version was accessible mainly offline and is available only through installation within the system. MS Access versions were mainly developed for offline versions in the initial years but recent years have changed the course.

Recent years increase the possibility of connecting with persons across and transporting data and information over long distances easily. Therefore the increase in internet and such requirements have made the online version more accessible and useful. Online versions help in managing data from a database from which the users can access the platform and send it to others. Also, having an online MS Access network can help in avoiding installation, data storage from the computer and can easily be accessed across many electronic systems like laptops, computers, tablets, and even smartphones. 

Offline access is also available in an online method which offers the user to work offline. This allows the user to necessarily be not connected to the internet to work but can be uploaded with the internet connection. MS Access even offers a cloud-based version in recent years, which helps in using a common Database by various users. Cloud-based versions include a common database whose link can be shared across to users and the work done on the sheet can subsequently be saved for further changes. Cloud-based also allows offline working where the work can be saved and synced later.

Each of these methods offers wide functionality and application depending upon the user’s necessity and availability. Therefore, different methods can be utilized by users to work on the various applications and functions of MS Access. 

3What are the benefits of MS Access?

While using MS Access is beneficial, some of the key benefits of MS Access include-

Open database connectivity-

One of the key benefits of MS Access includes open database connectivity. MS Access can be used to import and access data stored in a variety of applications such as Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and other Open Database Connectivity(ODBC) platforms. This ability is therefore used by Software developers and Data architects to work in MS Access and perform various other applications. But MS Access falls short in the aspect that it falls short on being an Object-Oriented Tool in development.

Safe storage of data-

Data stored in MS Access is safely stored and is never deleted unless done by the user. Also, the storage of data is done uniquely. Each data or piece of information is stored with a unique identifier. This helps in safe storage that avoids human error. Also, importing data from other database platforms does not erase existing data and is always present until deleted voluntarily.

User-friendly interface-

Any application must be easy to be worked on. MS Access provides a user-friendly environment to work and provides easy access to data, work, and documents. All necessary documents can be easily imported from other databases and edited. Also, interaction and editing of code, data, and values can be developed easily through customization. 

Easy development-

Development of details and data on MS Access is easy and is one of the main reasons for its success. Any data, details, or importing of work from various servers and applications are easy and the time taken for this work is comparatively less. It takes a lesser expensive cost when compared to larger database systems such as SQL or Oracle. These larger databases require larger time and cost both to setup and maintenance which is comparatively reduced.

Software integration-

Software integration provides extensive applications in MS Access. The ability of the software to connect and import data from a wide range of Microsoft applications as well as integrate well with them provides wide potential and scope. This interface has numerous potential and a wide range of applications are favored by Software developers and manufacturers.

New options for convenience-

As time proceeded, the options and features of MS Access have increased progressively. MS Access is available offline, online, and even cloud-based with various features. These options and features provide convenience to the users who work on the application. They also provide a better interface, connectivity, importing availability, and scalability which increased with time. 

4 What are the uses of MS Access applications?

Some of the main uses of MS Access are-

Storing data and information-

One of the primary uses of MS Access is to enter data, information, and details to store. Storing data in Access is safe, reliable, and is not easily lost. Other methods include importing data from other databases and applications which provide ease of access and operation of data in Access. Each data or piece of information is uniquely assigned to an individual identifier and therefore, data is never lost.

Fewer errors-

The human possibility of error is always greater when compared to machines. Unless misentered, the value and its dependent values never change or vary. Using MS Access reduces the potential for duplicates, mistakes, errors, and inconsistent values. Unlike Excel, the possibility of misspelling names, transposed or mistaken, the possibility of creating a high-quality table or graph is much more in Access.

Importing and analyzing data-

This is a useful aspect that is widely accepted and utilized. MS Access has the ability and feature to import data and values from various other databases and applications such as SQL, Oracle, and other Microsoft applications like Office, PowerPoint, etc.

Productivity and ease of working-

This is a unique feature that is not available in Excel. In Excel, each value and data about a particular context needs to be changed. Even if find and replace is given, the data if misspelled or entered, needs to be manually changed. But this feature in Access is different. Changing one value changes all pertaining values that are dependent on the content. Altering a single value or data automatically changes the necessary dependent data, without the manual search.

Secure data-

Each data is assigned to a unique identifier and is assigned to that one only. The Data given in MS Access is safely stored in a central location and the data can be accessed from that central location only. It also provides the ability to encrypt and protect data using password protection. 

5 How does MS Access vary from MS Excel?

While MS Excel and MS Access are similar in many ways, including application and usage, they differ in many aspects. Some of those include-

While Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that collects, stores, and operates on data, MS Access is also an application that stores and operates on data and values, but acts as a database. MS Access mainly is used to collect, store and sort data according to the user’s requirements.

MS Excel, although being a spreadsheet, involves tabulation and is used for financial calculation. On the other hand, MS Access is used for storing, analyzing, and manipulating large amounts of data. The data storage is comparatively larger than Excel.

MS Excel is mainly built for operation but not storage of data while MS Access is a database and can store large amounts of data. So, Excel is used for manipulations while Access is used for storing, sorting, analyzing, and manipulating data, values, and information in large amounts.

MS Excel works on the functions of a worksheet or a flat table whereas MS Access works on multiple tables and sheets. MS Access, therefore, has a wider range and larger working area when compared with Excel which is non-relational.

MS Excel involves saving and locking the data and values at the spreadsheet level, which means that the adaptability is more and can be changed according to the user. But MS Access records the data and locks it at the record level, which means that each value once changed cannot be altered and therefore not much adaptable when compared to Excel.

The flexibility of Excel is comparatively less when compared to Access and easier to learn due to its simple nature of working and application. But Access is much more flexible and involves a lot of learning and understanding when compared to Excel.

MS Excel is widely used in accounting by financial analysts because it provides an easier presentation of charts, graphs, and data. But MS Access is better suited for business owners because of its applicability.

Generally, programming knowledge is not required to work on Excel, while at least some amount of programming knowledge is required to learn and use Access.

6 Why do you need help with MS Access?

MS Access primarily focuses on storage, analyzing, manipulation, and comparing data between given relations. Unlike Excel, which is a spreadsheet containing the data and values, MS Access is a relational worker, meaning that multiple tables and values can be operated. Also, MS Access involves mainly storing data in the database and once entered will be uniquely identified.

Access also has the feature of importing data from various other applications and databases and also involves coding with its interaction with VBA. To operate Access, which is more complex than Excel, a certain amount of knowledge on its working, nature, functions, methods, and various applications must be well known. Only then Access can be operated to its full utilization. Also, certain coding knowledge is required to operate and learn Access completely without which it might be very difficult for the user.

These important factors are not common with Excel and unlike other database management systems, Access is not a tool for object-oriented. Therefore proper knowledge and clear ideas are necessary to work on Access without which it might be extremely difficult for the user. Therefore, help from experts such as tutors, online helpers, youtube videos, etc is necessary to gain knowledge to understand how Access works.