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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a Dissertation? How is it different from a Thesis?

A Dissertation is a document that is submitted by the student or author of the work, to a committee or a group of supervisors. The dissertation contains mainly the work or study done by the author or student in the field of their degree, generally on their own topic. The dissertation is in support of the completion of the degree by documenting the project work. The difference between a Dissertation and a Thesis isn't much except for the fact that the names are used depending upon the place and work considered.

A dissertation is a work that has been given and valued for centuries. The works of the Dissertation can be dated back many centuries before. But the dated documents and examples of such documents indicate the work in the late 17th century and henceforth, has been a work of knowledge. Dissertation, as a document, is being utilized in various areas and fields of study such as Science, Technology, Arts, Social studies, humanities, etc. The importance of a Dissertation as a support to the final document of a project is different depending upon the type and field of study. 

A Dissertation is generally applicable to an undergraduate, postgraduate, or Doctorate study and is presented by the author or student. Depending upon the duration of the project, type of study, graduation, and various other factors, the word count and the dissertation might vary, sometimes even the contents within the document.

The structure of a Dissertation generally consists of a title page, an abstract, a table of contents which contains the chapters like introduction, literature review, methodologies, results, and discussion, and bibliography or references. The structure of the Dissertation explains the necessity of the study or research, the previous works being highlighted by the literature work, the methods used to study the work done, the result obtained highlighting all the output, and all the discussion and inference from the result. 

A Dissertation normally reports either a research project or does an extended study of previously done work. The preference is focussed mainly on producing new research or study as it increases the value and scope of the work. The emphasis on research is, therefore, more predominant than a review of previous works.

Many institutions around the world prescribe their own format for writing the Dissertation. The structure of the Dissertation varies upon the institution, and the field of study, even upon the country it is located. There are even international and national regulations upon which the final project and Dissertation must be done.

Dissertation is an important part of every graduate's life. It helps in expressing their work, their research, and all their work and ability to be presented to a committee that determines their capabilities. It also helps in increasing their knowledge on the subject, topic, and even the literature skill through continuous study, evaluation, and understanding of the subject. Moreover, it helps in publishing their work on the international community and platforms, thereby expressing and connecting to the outside world. Therefore, a Dissertation is important in almost every aspect of a student's life and career.

The difference between a Thesis and a Dissertation is based upon where it is used. For the most part, both Thesis and Dissertation mean the same thing, a document submitted in proof of work or study. Generally in American English, a Thesis is used for a Bachelor's or Master's course while a Dissertation is used for Doctorate study. But in institutions that lie in the UK and Ireland, the reverse is taken generally. Other than that, there really isn't much difference accounted for except how it's used in sentences as per the user's wish.

2 What are the main sections of a Dissertation?

Although many fields employ a common format for writing a Dissertation. Some of the common sections include-


An abstract is the first section of many Dissertations. It explains the study in a brief manner incorporating the work in a simple manner. The section spans about 100-250 words according to the prescribed format and covers the main aspects of the research. The main parts of an abstract contain a simple introduction, a brief study method, the results obtained, and its inferences.

Table of Contents-

This section is generally not considered as a part of the Dissertation. The table of contents is a table that contains the various works and their page numbers, tables of images, tabulations of values, and graphs. The table contents, by itself, don't produce more than where existing details and sections are.


The introduction is the first of the five important parts of a Dissertation. The introduction contains details about the research, the topics are chosen, the nature of the study, different aspects under consideration, and its application. Introduction can even incline towards the perspective of the author and explain why the topic is chosen, how it is being carried and why, and how it can help everyone.

Literature study-

Literature study is an important part of any Dissertation. Literature study provides the idea on how to start, proceed, assume and compile the work, and therefore helps in guiding you through the research. This section summarises various works of other researchers and authors. It helps in providing the method and proof on how to continue the study.


The methodology section comprises generally of various fields such as methods used, a study conducted and the various factors under-considered. This section defines how the methods and parameters are varied to conduct the research. It can be assumed that this is the experimental part of the study.


The results section compiles the values obtained from the research. This section focuses on the output of the study and the inferences obtained from the values. It can also include various assumptions and conditions which have led to the values in the research. The values obtained can even be referenced with other research works to compare and analyze the work.

Conclusion and discussion-

This is the final main part of a Dissertation work and incorporates the compilation of work done. It briefly explains the result and highlights the important elements and values obtained. This part helps in concluding the topic of study and thus provides a summary of the work done.


This part is another segment that is generally not considered as a part of the Dissertation. It mainly contains a listing of all the research papers, articles, journals, and books the author has used as a reference for literature study and writing the Dissertation. There exists a minimum number of papers that must be referenced for the Dissertation.

3How long is a Dissertation?

A Dissertation document is generally written to support the graduation project of a student or a research work of a Doctorate supporting his study. However chosen, the research study is conducted over a month period, generally spanning more than a year. Even then, there are page number conditions, word count, and minimum references that must be fulfilled in order to accept the Dissertation manuscript.

Generally, a Dissertation lies between 1000-12000 words for an undergraduate level, about 15000 words for postgraduate, and 50000 words for a Doctorate study. But the word count of a Dissertation can vary with the level of study, institutions, and even the country of study. Also, the page count of a Dissertation may vary with the level of the study. Many Doctorate studies demand that the Dissertation must be within 100-300 pages. It depends upon the amount of research study done, the nature of research, the parameter and extent of the study, and the final inference from the research. 

Every dissertation should be written according to the format said by the institutions. It can be classified into various sections, chapters, divisions, and subdivisions. Writing a Dissertation requires complete knowledge of the research study and knowledge on how to write and provide the details and values so that it is best understood. 

The research length of the project might span months and years. Therefore, the number of details and values that need to be specified in the paper will be extensive and large. This makes the time required to write a proper Dissertation, increasingly difficult when the research is vast. It takes weeks or months of time to write a proper Dissertation, check and recheck it, and finally get it verified by your supervisor. If properly written, it can even be completed within a month, but can only be done if the person has impeccable speed, thorough knowledge of writing, and the details of the work. The length and time of the dissertation, therefore, depend upon a variety of factors including the length of research, page count, word count, amount of research study done, and the author's ability to write the work. 

4 How do you prepare a Dissertation?

Some of the steps which are important for writing a dissertation are-

Choose your topic of research carefully-

The topic of research is the most important part of the study because your whole project and Dissertation are shaped by this. Choose the work that interests you, creates an avenue for further study, a new study that doesn't impinge on the previous study rather relates with it. The topic also defines the field, scope, and extent of research that can be done for the project. Therefore, the topic goes a more way than just providing the base for the project.

Get to know the specifications-

Before starting the dissertation, get to know the specifications and details of the work. Before starting the writing of the Dissertation, the project must be clearly understood, decided on its course, and completed. Otherwise, writing the Dissertation can be difficult if the project got delayed or unexpected difficulties occurred.

Another important work is to know the details and specifications of the Dissertation format before starting to write it. This helps in understanding the restriction, necessities, and requirements of the Dissertation. It also helps in knowing the importance of each section, how and where they are to be placed.

Create an outline of the structure of the writing-

This is an important aspect that is most often neglected. Drawing an outline structure or a skeleton helps in understanding the sections to be written, their order, and the various topics that are further divided and subdivided.

Create a strong introduction-

A strong introduction is necessary to attract the reader. The introduction in general covers the nature of work, why, how, and personal perspective of the research. A strong introduction provides the opportunity to grow even simple research into a powerful work. 

Give importance to the literature section-

The literature section is important to properly conduct research and write a dissertation. It provides details on how to proceed with the research, parameters, and factors to consider for the research and even showcases and educates the student on how to write a dissertation. The literature work is presented to show the research done by the student for the project.

Present your research and findings clearly-

While presenting the research methods, results, and discussion in the paper, it should be concise and clear to avoid any confusion. The details of the work must be simple yet effective in making the readers understand the work and its result. Nobody wants a document that confuses them for some details.

Draw a conclusion-

Draw a proper conclusion to the work. Don't leave any loose results or details. Conclude the section without any mistakes, and explain the important aspects of the work, its values, and inferences too, if any.

7. Check for mistakes and review them-

This is as important as writing the Dissertation. Checking the document and reviewing it for mistakes helps it to reduce errors, mistakes and remove unnecessary details and sentences, and compress large details into a concise paragraph. Continuous reading and reviewing help in increasing the quality of the Dissertation.

8. Taking external help is wise-

As much as work is done, getting it reviewed is also important. This helps in pointing out errors and areas of mistakes that might have been overlooked. Getting help can be from anyone such as a supervisor, a friend, friends, family, etc.

9. Get Supervisor’s approval-

FInally after completion, get the supervisor’s approval because many institutions deem it necessary to get the supervisor’s approval to accept the dissertation.

5 What makes a good Dissertation?

A dissertation on a basic level is a document that supports the project work. But what makes a good dissertation stand out from the mediocre ones is the ability and quality of work it can provide. An outstanding dissertation includes a detailed analysis of concepts and ideas, exploration of concepts done never before, perfect delivery of details and content, critical evaluation of concepts, theories, values, facts, and inferences. 

Also, a good Dissertation is different from a normal one by the context it delivers the content. Even good work can be a spoiler if not said properly. So any work should be explained clearly without any hassle and mistakes.

6 Why do you need a Dissertation?

A Dissertation is important for a student's career and life. It helps in not only growing the knowledge of the student in a particular topic or field, but it also helps in growing the knowledge in unforeseen areas. Gaining research knowledge, exposure to various segments and areas of research study, contact, grammatical knowledge, understanding how details are to be delivered in a Dissertation, and ideas on how to proceed with further studies can be obtained by a Dissertation.