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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is discrete mathematics?

The field of mathematics concerned with objects that can only have distinct, separated values is known as discrete mathematics. As a result, the term "discrete mathematics" is used in contrast to "continuous mathematics," which is the branch of mathematics concerned with objects that can vary smoothly (and which includes, for example, calculus). Whereas discrete objects are frequently represented by integers, continuous objects must be represented by real numbers. The study of mathematical structures that are "discrete" rather than "continuous" is known as discrete mathematics. Integers, graphs, and logic statements are some of the objects studied in discrete mathematics. Discrete mathematics, unlike continuous mathematics, can be represented by integers. It is a mathematical language used in computer science that can be applied to practical fields of mathematics. Discrete mathematics is the study of mathematical structures that are "discrete" rather than "continuous" (similar to discrete variables in that they have a one-to-one relationship with the set of natural numbers) (analogously to continuous functions). Integers, graphs, and logic statements are some of the objects examined in discrete mathematics. Discrete mathematics, on the other hand, eliminates concepts from "continuous mathematics" including real numbers, calculus, and Euclidean geometry.

The study of how discrete things combine with one another and the probabilities of various outcomes is known as combinatorics. Graph theory and the theory of computation are two other fields of mathematics that are considered to be part of discrete mathematics. Congruences and recurrence relations, which are issues in number theory, are also considered discrete mathematics. Topics in discrete mathematics are typically studied in terms of algorithms, their implementations, and efficiencies.  The mathematical language of computer science is discrete mathematics, and its importance has risen considerably in recent decades as a result. Discrete Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that employs discrete elements such as algebra and arithmetic. It is being used in a variety of areas of mathematics and computer science. It is regarded as a highly effective method for developing and problem-solving abilities. As a result, "discrete mathematics" is used to distinguish itself from "continuous mathematics," which works with objects that change in a smooth manner (and which includes, for example, calculus). Continuous things require real numbers, although discrete objects can easily be described by integers.

2 How many branches are there in discrete maths?

Despite the fact that discrete mathematics has many branches, some of them are always included in the study that is discussed in this section. The majority of these mathematics topics, however, are related to computer science.

Combinatorics: Combinatorics is a branch of mathematics that deals with counting and organising. It uses mathematical procedures to count and arrange enormous numbers of objects. Combinatorics approaches are useful in generating and assessing the amount of operations required by a computer algorithm, which is a useful application in computer science. It is an important problem in discrete mathematics. It can be used to count possible outcomes under a uniform event of probability because it has to do with ordering (grouping) the items. The rule of product and the rule of the sum, which direct the act of arrangement through multiplication and addition, respectively, are the fundamental rules linked with the grouping of objects. Combinatorics is the study of various arrangements or configurations of things in a set. There are three categories of combinatorial problems:

Existential Combinatorics is the study of whether or not particular configurations exist.

Enumerative Combinatorics is the study of counting the number of different types of configurations.

Constructive Combinatorics is concerned with strategies for identifying certain configurations that are not reflective of their existence.

Graph theory: The systematic study of many types of graphs that are presumably the agglomeration of connected nodes is known as Graph Theory. A graph is a collection of points known as nodes or vertices that are connected by a series of lines known as edges. The study of graphs, sometimes known as graph theory, is important in a variety of fields such as mathematics, engineering, and computer science. Graphs are extremely useful for representing a wide range of real-world issues. In general, the Graph (G) includes two elements:

A set V=V(G) in which the set's components are known as G's vertices, points, or nodes. 

Edges of G are a disorganised pair of different vertices with the set E = E(G).

Number theory: The study of natural numbers, particularly their divisibility features, is known as number theory. The natural numbers encompass both commutative and associative addition and multiplication operations, with each having its own identity and multiplication spreading over addition. No natural number has an additive or multiplicative inverse, with the exception of the identity elements 0 and 1.

Probability theory: In terms of mathematics, probability is the precise explanation of random processes and their important results, and it can be characterised as identifying the possibility of an event occurring. The probability of an event is represented by a number between 0 and 1, with 1 being the most likely. The laws of probability apply to a wide range of fields, including genetics, weather forecasting, stock markets, and so on.

Set theory: Set Theory is an area of mathematics that deals with the collection of items. Sets can be discrete or continuous, and set theory is involved in why and how these sets can be ordered, integrated, and numbered at a basic level.

Boolean algebra: The operations defined on variables that consider the value of true (1) or false (2) are referred to as Boolean algebra (0). This is used to create computer or digital circuits using logic gates that accept signals as inputs and output signals.

Binary trees: An acyclic graph is one that does not have a cycle. A tree is a graph with no cycles, or an acyclic graph. A generic tree is a non-empty finite set of components known as vertices or nodes that hold the condition that each node could embrace a minimum degree of 1 and a maximum degree of n. When specifying the binary tree, the tree is known as the binary tree when the outdegree of each node is less than or equal to 2 under a directed tree. A binary tree, on the other hand, is a tree with nodes, such as an empty tree.

3In discrete mathematics, what are sets?

A set is a collection of diverse elements that are not in any particular sequence. The elements of a set can be written explicitly using set brackets. It makes no difference whether the order of the items is modified or any element in a set is repeated.

Examples of Sets:

All positive integers are included in this set.

All of the planets in the solar system are included in this collection.

A list of all of India's states

A collection of all of the alphabet's lowercase letters.

Sets are a collection of well-defined pieces or elements that are consistent from one person to the next. A capital letter is used to signify a set. The cardinal number refers to the total number of objects in a finite set. The number of elements in a set is determined by its order. It is a term that describes the size of a set. The cardinality of a set is another name for its order. The size of a set, whether finite or infinite, is referred to as a set of finite order or set of infinite order, respectively. There are numerous ways to categorise sets. Finite, infinite, subset, universal, proper, power, singleton set, and so on are some of them. A set is a collection of unique items known as set elements. A set can be defined either by describing its contents or by putting its elements in curly brackets. An empty, or null, set is one that has no members and is denoted by the symbol. Because an infinite set cannot be stated, it is usually represented by a formula that, when applied to the members of a set of counting numbers, generates its elements.

4 What are discrete mathematics functions?

A discrete function is a function that is defined solely for a set of numbers that can be listed, such as the set of whole numbers or the set of integers. The factorial function is the first to be investigated. The first section focuses on this. The permutation and combination functions, which are derived from the factorial function, are introduced in the second section. These functions are used to determine how many different ways n objects can be picked or placed in n or fewer locations.

The final section discusses recursively defined functions, which are a different form of discrete function. These are functions that are defined in terms of a smaller variable's function. Some can be expressly specified, while others cannot. The Fibonacci numbers, which are discussed at the end of this section, are a particularly intriguing function that is difficult to express precisely. Mathematicians spend a lot of time studying these numbers because they have a lot of fascinating qualities. They're also rather common in nature. Discrete functions are a branch of mathematics in and of themselves. The factorial, permutation, and combination functions are employed in statistics and probability, and recursively specific functions are used to establish theorems in mathematical logic. The study of discrete functions is both helpful and intriguing.

A function is a rule that assigns each element of a domain set to exactly one element of a codomain set. A Function is used to allocate one element of a linked set to each element of the set. Functions are used to express the computational complexity of algorithms, to count items, to investigate sequences and strings, and to name certain of them. A function or mapping is defined as the relationship between elements of one set X and elements of another set Y, which is written as f:X→Y. The domain or preimage of the function 'f' is X, and the codomain of image is Y. The function 'f' is a relation on X and Y such that for each xX, a unique yY exists such that (x,y)R. A function might have a one-to-one or many-to-one relationship.

5 Why is computer science regarded as discrete mathematics' backbone?

As a result of its applications in computer technology, discrete mathematics has risen in prominence in recent decades. The language of computer science is discrete mathematics. Many fields of computer science, including computer algorithms, programming languages, cryptography, automated theorem proving, and software development, rely on discrete mathematics concepts and notations for analysing and describing objects and situations. Computer implementations, on the other hand, are critical in translating discrete mathematics theories to real-world applications, such as operations research.

The set of items explored in discrete mathematics might be finite or infinite. The set of objects of interest in real-world applications is mostly finite, and finite mathematics is the study of finite things. Some mathematics curricula use the term "finite mathematics" to denote courses that cover discrete mathematical principles for business, whereas "discrete mathematics" refers to courses for computer science majors that focus on discrete mathematical themes. It is becoming more widely used in the domains of mathematics and computer science. It's a great way to improve your reasoning and problem-solving skills.

6 What is the role of discrete maths in data analytics?

The Big Data age presents a key challenge as well as significant development opportunities: how to efficiently transform huge amounts of data into useful information and knowledge. Discrete mathematics gives rise to a slew of useful tools, including mathematical tools for comprehending and organising extremely high-dimensional data, inference systems for extracting reasonable conclusions from big and noisy data sets, and algorithms for scaling computations to enormous scales. The mathematical language of data science is discrete mathematics, and its importance has grown dramatically in recent decades.

By its very nature, data science is not limited to a single subject area, and it may be applied to a wide range of topics, including cancer diagnosis and social behaviour study. As a result, a bewildering number of n-dimensional mathematical objects, statistical distributions, optimization goal functions, and other possibilities emerge. Computational systems are used in all modern data research, and discrete maths lies at the heart of these systems. Concepts crucial to the daily use of algorithms and data structures in analytics projects will be covered in a discrete maths refresher:

Sets, subsets, and power sets are all types of sets.

Countability, combinatorics, and counting functions

Induction and proof by contradiction are two basic proof procedures.

Mathematics is critical in the field of data science because mathematical notions aid in the identification of patterns and the creation of algorithms. For the implementation of such algorithms in data science, a thorough understanding of numerous concepts in statistics and probability theory is required. Machine learning algorithms, as well as executing analysis and uncovering insights from data, necessitate mathematical education for data science employment. While maths isn't the only thing you'll need for your data science degree and profession, it's usually one of the most significant.