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Work Sample

Home Listing and Selling

Home Listing and Selling

The real estate market is a very competitive one and being successful in the business can be very challenging which is why many agents struggle to survive in this profession.  

Real Estate Business in Oman 

Real Estate Business in Oman 

The real estate market of the Sultanate of Oman has been in a boom during the last years because of prosperous revenues in crude oil.

Industry Analysis Real Estate Company in Bangladesh

Industry Analysis Real Estate Company in Bangladesh

First, to know about a real estate company you have to know what is real estate?

Final Essay

Final Essay

Taking this Real estate class was my third course in order to be eligible for the CalBRE exam.

My Real Estate Goals

My Real Estate Goals

Once I finish my business degree, I plan to work in the business world for the next fifteen to twenty years. 

Potential Office Property to Invest in Greater Toronto Area for Dream Office Reit

Potential Office Property to Invest in Greater Toronto Area for Dream Office Reit

The purpose of the report created is to provide a detailed insight into an investment opportunity for our real estate firm, dream Office REIT, which will help enhance and diversify our portfolio. 

Degree of Masters of Professional Studies in Real Estate 

Degree of Masters of Professional Studies in Real Estate 

Columbia has been disproportionately allocated to the land west of the Anacostia River.  

  Closing the Real Estate Transaction

  Closing the Real Estate Transaction

There are several processes involved in closing the real estate transaction.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Real Estate?

Real estate is an area or measured quantity of land that encompasses whatever structure is associated with it, be it natural or man-made. Certain examples include buildings, trees, agricultural lands, water, minerals, and fences. Real estate is the ownership of the land and any factor associated with it be it temporary or permanent until the property belongs to the person. The owner of the land has full rights to do activities under legal rights based on the ownership of the land.

Physical characteristics of the Real-estate include-

Indestructible- Land is an indestructible material. Although current processes help in the excavation and removal of land quantities, it is generally considered solid. People often buy lands for mining and removal of minerals and it is a major income.


Uniqueness- No two parts of the land are the same even though they look similar. They differ geographically or through small variations that are not visible such as land quality and nature.

A real estate is a type of real property that is valued.. Real property is anything that is generally immovable or remains attached to the property such as buildings and minerals. It differs from personal property, which although belongs to the person and can remain on the land, can be moved such as vehicles, furniture, equipment, and instruments.

There is a general misconception around the land, real estate, and real property, although all these words are interchangeably used to denote property. The land is any property that is present on the Earth’s surface and below it about the ownership. Real estate is the general term that denotes the permanent structures along with the land and its ownership. Real property denotes the interests and rights of Real estate ownership. 

Real estate is in reality, an industry. It incorporates various sectors and employs hundreds of millions of employers and providers throughout the world. Real estate provides living for people through construction, development, property management, advertisement, material supply, finance, and education. Professionals of various sectors and fields are employed in this business not limited to laborers, surveyors, financiers, accountants, lawyers, architects, and government officials. Companies and banks invest hundreds of billions of dollars in this field, mainly because of future development and market growth. Lands and buildings are purchased in main markets or profitable locations with the idea that the price of markets rises, therefore indirectly raising the standard of cost for Real estate. It, therefore, acts as an investment for the owner and does not matter if the owner intends not to use the property even for some time.

A real estate is a form of investment and widely drives economic growth both directly and indirectly. Investment through direct methods includes purchasing homes, rental properties, and other forms of properties involving land while indirect methods involve investment through trust, more commonly known as RETI. These forms of investment help in increasing production, labor, and demand for materials in construction and also help in the development of companies as well as the workforce thereby driving the economy forward.

Real estate is considered to have numerous faces because of its complex nature, applicability, and ownership. It can be any form such as improved or unimproved based on the development on the land, purchased or sold based on the side of the transaction, and private, government, and corporate based on the nature of ownership.

Other than those involved with construction and buying, some people help in smooth transactions and provide the availability of such real estate. Such people are called Brokers and salespeople who facilitate in selling or buying of the property. They act as middlemen to provide services that involve the availability of land, analysis of its quality, connecting buyers and sellers, and proper verification of documents.

There are numerous laws for Real estate drawn individually for each country. They are framed based on the nature of the land, the government’s rules, economy, topography, and various other factors. Also, there are different sets of laws for different types of Real-estate such as Commercial, Residential and Corporate. These are defined based on the type of framework and guidelines prescribed by the government. Therefore, Residential Real Estate varies widely from MNCs and factories which use Commercial and Industrial Real estate.

Real estate therefore can provide occupation and is an industry involving the transaction based on land and its components.

2 What are the types of Real Estates?

Real estate is categorized broadly depending upon several factors. Many of these laws can vary between different countries but can generally be grouped under five types. These are-

Residential Real Estate- Residential Real Estate is any land that is used for residential purposes. These include homes, residential complexes, individual villas, and various other forms of land including cooperatives. These real estates are under certain fixed conditions depending on environmental, geographical conditions, and soil nature and are one of the fastest-growing investments in the future. A land value in a top city never falls but grows continuously over the years, and labor flow towards these cities increases these values ultimately.

Commercial Real Estate- Commercial Real Estate is any property that is used for business purposes. Apartment complexes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, stores, customer services, organizational offices, etc are all examples of Commercial Real Estates. These are mainly classified under the criteria that they provide customer services and interact with customers commercially as a brand or for a purpose. 

Industrial Real Estate- Industrial Real Estate is any property that is used for the services that involve manufacturing, production, distribution, research and development, factories, and warehouses. These are under a completely different set of rules unlike other Real Estates due to their nature and process involvement and are generally present outside city limits and away from residential areas. Industrial Real Estate is the major factor that grows the country’s economy compared to the other forms of Real Estates. This is because it promotes employment in multitudes of sectors, production, and storage of products that are used by the people. It promotes direct and indirect growth as well as prospects for future growth since new cities are developed around existing factories. 

Land- Land is any property that remains undeveloped, vacant, or used for purposes like agriculture, farming, grazing, and cultivation. These are lands that involve basic processes on which buildings are not constructed. Vacant lands are the ones that are generally used for cultivation of the buildings and factories, and cities are thus developed.

Special purpose Real Estate- These are properties that are utilized by the public and offer public services. These are also called General Real Estate and include buildings and services such as Government offices, cemeteries, schools, parks, power grids, places of worship, airports, museums, etc. It also includes certain places that do not fall under individual ownership such as government areas and mountains.

3Why is Real Estate Complicated?

Real Estate is a vast sector of business. It has many processes and ideologies with frameworks and laws regulating at every step. It is tedious and generally requires a detailed study to gain knowledge on the subject. Below are some of the reasons why Real Estate is difficult.

Nature of transaction- Real Estate is a work around the world and is happening every instant. A deal of transaction generally involves two sides, the buyer and the seller. The seller is the original owner of the property who gives the land to the buyer for certain purposes. The land property or landholding can be given to the buyer in terms of selling, renting, and leasing. Each type of transaction of land, whether buying, selling. Renting or for lease, involves estimation of the land value, its future market, feasibility, properties associated with the land, and legal transfer of ownership which makes it difficult.

Numerous laws- Each property of land falls under numerous laws and conditions. Transactions of land must be made following them. These are present throughout the world and across all countries. For example, buying land for Industrial purposes in a Residential area is not accepted and in certain cases, not permitted. This is because of environmental and pollution damage factories cause to the residential areas. So, Industrial Real Estates are listed separately and are sold through them. Also, the transaction of rights, ownership and the legal status of the property must be checked both before and after the exchange. This makes it confusing and requires various persons like lawyers, brokers, and surveyors to complete a proper exchange of land.

Cost estimation- Any material must be properly evaluated before it is sold, bought, or exchanged for money. The same is applicable for real estate too. The land needs to be viewed as well as all its properties for proper estimation. If a property is bought, many factors are considered including the pricing quoted for the existing materials and properties. For example, a broken window, pipeline, or a crack running along the walls can degrade the building's cost and the buyer has to incur the cost for repairing it later. So these are evaluated and the price is reduced accordingly. Also, various factors such as future growth of the land cost, nearby closest locations, and cities, feasibility and availability of water, electricity, and other conditions are considered before fixing the price of land. For these, experts such as Accountants and banking experts are employed to offer proper evaluation and estimation of prices.

These make Real Estate services difficult. But various companies, experts, and professionals are present in the market which offer these services and help in smooth transactions between buyers and sellers.

4 How is Real Estate an Investment?

Real is invariably a form of investment. Investment is deemed as any property or material on which money is stored that can give profit in the future. Property, be it land or buildings or both, are bought considering the market price and future scenarios. Since land for a country is in a fixed amount, the price of land and its accompanying properties slowly rise over the years considering the demand and work, growth around the land, and the economic growth of the country. Due to this, more prospects grow around and the price of land starts to grow steadily. So, against a minimal cost price, the price of investing in Real Estate slowly grows over the years and will continue to grow. 

Real Estate Investment is a prominent form in countries like India, China, and Canada because they value their money and predict that they will give profits over the years. Also, many rich people invest in Real Estate because it grows slowly with minimal risk and can expect great benefits over long periods of investment. Many people also involve flipping, in which a particular property is bought, renovated for some amount, and sold so that a higher profit is earned compared to the cost incurred for buying and renovating the property. This is also a form of investment, where quick returns are obtained in minimal time. Unlike stocks, Real Estates are preferred for slow growth yet long time of investment and is recently garnering wide attention.

5 How Does Real Estate Vary in Countries Based on Factors?

Real Estate varies in many factors even between different regions. Since many factors contribute to this industry, some of them include- Laws- Laws are one of the many important factors that complicate as well as help in the proper maintenance of records of land and property. These laws vary across different countries depending on their governments and economic conditions, although some laws are common throughout the world. These laws even vary between different states of countries. Also, there exist different laws for Industrial, Residential, and Commercial Real Estates and act according to different conditions and constraints. Inflation- Inflation indirectly plays a major role in affecting Real Estates. Countries with higher inflation tend to have lower prices in comparison to developed countries. which causes economic growth to be slow and needs a heavy boost in Real Estate to make an impact. Geographical position- The geographical position is the main factor that affects the variation of Real Estates. These conditions pose different considerations based on the nature of land used such as flat land, wet and marshlands, desert, and other things. Countries have different proportions of various kinds of lands and thus differ variably. Economic drive- Economic drive is the condition in which investors are ready to help in promoting industrialist areas and thus help in generating new cities. Generally, MNCs and foreign investors make agreements with respective governments for Industries. Industries are generally not started in remote areas, rather in the outskirts of a city to meet with the demand and supply and to maintain future growth.

6 Why Do Students Need Help With Real Estate Assignments?

Real Estate is a complex process involving various transactions involving money, land, and property. There are numerous laws and regulations regarding the nature of Real Estate, the conditions surrounding it, the country associated, the buyer, the seller, and various other factors including prospects and estimation. Also estimation and proper quoting of price are important to avoid loss in the business. All these conditions are important and have to be properly understood if it is to be written. But understanding these concepts fully requires years of experience and ideas. 

Students find it difficult to understand these concepts in a short time and writing an assignment without proper understanding can cause stress and confusion to students. Therefore, students feel lost without proper guidance and help in writing Real Estate Assignments and therefore require assistance and help in writing the assignments. Some experts and professionals have years, even decades of experience in the field of Real Estate and Investment. They have the proper idea of how to write the assignments by considering the current trends, future expectations, and conditions about writing. They provide the required help in writing the assignment without any mistakes by checking the required details.