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Work Sample

Audit Quality Essay On Australian Parliamentary Committee 

Audit Quality Essay On Australian Parliamentary Committee 

The concept of audit planning explored in the proposed audit quality essay is a vital step in the process of audit that helps in tracing the risk linked to the business.  

Security Challenges in Emerging Networks 

Security Challenges in Emerging Networks 

Software defined networking or SDN is a typical approach towards the technology of cloud computing, which eventually facilitates the management of networking and also allows excellent configuration of network programmatically. 

Computer Networks (Search Networking) 

Computer Networks (Search Networking) 

It has been suggested that there are THREE (3) major options for providing the network: Use the existing 10base T infrastructure, Replace it with newer Ethernet components/ cabling. 

A Report on Facebook Social Networking Corporation         

A Report on Facebook Social Networking Corporation         

Facebook is a multinational company that offers online social networking services. It was founded in 2004 by five Harvard students. Those founders are Mark Zuckerburg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. 

A Case Study on Trader Joe's ​​​​

A Case Study on Trader Joe's ​​​​

This report will examine Trader Joe’s, a small chain, California specialty store that has grown into a treasured American staple with 474 locations across 43 states. 

Grown Ryanair Business Strategy 

Grown Ryanair Business Strategy 

Ryanair’s growth in its relative short time of existence is discussed in this report. The business and marketing strategies adopted have impacted the competition and took over a substantial share of the European market, making Ryanair the largest European airline, with higher targets to be achieved. 

Strategy of Royal Dutch Shell in UK Market 

Strategy of Royal Dutch Shell in UK Market 

The primary aim of the dissertation is to analyse the strategy and the consumer acquisition. The researcher in this project will project the details with relevant information and concept that will enable the readers to understand the process of the market. 

Strategic Alliances in Liner Shipping: Underlying Drivers, Expected Benefits and Future Challenges         

Strategic Alliances in Liner Shipping: Underlying Drivers, Expected Benefits and Future Challenges         

Liner shipping is described by Sjostrom (2009, p.1) as “the business of offering common carrier ocean shipping services in international trade”. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

1How should a research paper's rationale be written?

The purpose for doing the study is the logic of your research. The reason should address why the research was conducted in the first place. It's an important part of your work because it justifies the significance and novelty of the research. As a result, it's also known as the reason for the study. Your study should be organised as follows: observation, justification, hypothesis, aims, methods, findings, and conclusions in an ideal scenario.

To begin writing your rationale, provide a background on all of the research that has been done on your study topic. After that, state "what is missing" or "what are the study's outstanding questions." Identify the gaps in the literature and explain why they are necessary to fill. This will serve as the foundation for your research. A hypothesis and objectives should follow the rationale. The experimental data should not be made up out of thin air, and the data analysis in the essay should be fair and based on facts. Experiment results should be represented in clear and reliable diagrams and tables.

The reason should explain why the study was started in the first place. It's an important part of your work because it justifies the significance and novelty of the research. As a result, it's also known as the reason for the study. The following is an excellent study structure: observation, rationale, hypothesis, aims, methodology, findings, and conclusions. The research must contribute to the filling of a knowledge gap. One of the requirements for your study is that it fills a gap in the existing body of knowledge. To put it another way, you don't have to "reinvent the wheel" in the sense that your research goals and objectives must be wholly novel, or at the very least, different from what has already been done. They must offer fresh perspectives on current management and business issues.

2 What is the difference between implication and recommendation in a research paper?

The study implications section explains how the findings may influence policy, practise, theory, and future research. The conclusions you derive from your findings are known as research implications, and they describe how the findings may impact policy, practice, or theory. To minimise over-generalization of results, the implications must be supported by evidence, the study's parameters must be described, and the constraints must be considered.

Recommendations call for particular measures to be made in policy, practice, theory, or future research. They are specific suggestions for future research on the topic that you provide. For example, if there is a desire to generalise the findings beyond the study's boundaries, you can give recommendations on future research that can be done. You may have discovered holes in the literature that need to be filled, and your study may or may not have contributed to this. The section on recommendations suggests specific activities to address issues raised in the research as well as future research projects. The implications section, on the other hand, explains the study's and its findings' utility.

In research, implications and recommendations are two crucial parts of a thesis or dissertation. The primary distinction between implications and recommendations in research is their purpose: implications highlight the significance of the study's findings, whereas recommendations advocate for specific actions to be performed.

3Explain the difference between Qualitative and quantitative research paper?

Quantitative research paper deals with numbers and statistics while gathering and evaluating data, whereas qualitative research paper deals with words and meanings. Both are required for learning various types of information.

Numbers and graphs are used in quantitative research. It's used to put hypotheses and assumptions to the test or confirm them. This form of study can be utilised to come up with generalizable facts about a subject. Experiments, observations recorded as numbers, and surveys with closed-ended questions are all common quantitative procedures whereas Qualitative research is written down. It's used to comprehend ideas, thoughts, and experiences. This form of research allows you to learn more about topics that aren't well-understood. Qualitative approaches include open-ended interviews, written observations, and literature evaluations that study concepts and theories.

Quantitative research is concerned with putting theories and hypotheses to the test and qualitative investigation Exploration of concepts and formulation of a theory or hypothesis are the main goals of this course.

In quantitative research Math and statistical analysis were used to examine the situation and in qualitative research Summarizing, categorising, and analysing data were used to conduct the analysis.

It is expressed in numbers, graphs, and tables in quantitative research. Mostly represented through words. It necessitates the participation of a large number of people. Only a few people are required to answer. Closed (multiple choice) questions are those that aren't open-ended. open-ended inquiries, Testing, measurement, objectivity, and replicability are key words. It is mostly represented in words in qualitative research, requires a small number of respondents, and includes open-ended questions. Understanding, context, complexity, and subjectivity are some of the key words.

4 What are the parts of a business research paper?

Mainly there are 5 parts of business research paper and they are:

Introduction:  There are three components to most introductions: 

Exposition of the subject or research question: State the problem or articulate it so that the question is implicit in the first portion of the introduction—the presentation of the problem or research inquiry. Then, to provide your readers a context for your research inquiry, sketch the background on the topic and study the literature on it. This will show them how your research question fits into the current debate in your subject area. State the problem or articulate it so that the question is implicit in the first portion of the introduction—the presentation of the problem or research inquiry. Then, to provide your readers a context for your research inquiry, sketch the background on the topic and study the literature on it. This will show them how your research question fits into the current debate in your subject area.

The current paper's objective and focus summary: Declare your purpose and focus in the second section of the introduction. You can even give a presentation of your thesis here. By letting your reader know your aims, your purpose statement might sometimes take the place of the thesis. Some authors prefer to put off revealing their point until their readers are ready to accept it.

Overview of the writer's viewpoint or arguments: The summary or overview of the paper, the third element of the introduction, briefly guides readers through the debate, anticipating the main themes and providing a plan for the article. You can obtain a sense of what is regarded as the usual for that discipline by reading the introductions to research articles in the discipline in which you are writing your research paper. Before you start writing your paper, go over a few of these to get a sense of what to expect. If you're not sure what kind of introduction your paper requires, consult your instructor. Additionally, the introduction is typically written in the present tense.

Method: The approach and special materials, if any, you employed to think about or conduct your research should be described in depth in the methods part of your research report. You should include any resources you created or utilised to gather data or information for your research paper, such as questionnaires or interview questions. Any approaches related to your field of study, such as lab protocols for a lab experiment or data-gathering tools for field research, should be included. If you're writing a literary research paper, you'll want to apply the approaches that academics use to analyse texts and position the author and the literary work in their literary and historical contexts. You should employ approaches that position your discussion in the perspective of business and economics if you're producing a business management research paper.

Your instructor is the finest source of knowledge on the approaches utilised, aside from your own critical review of the scholarship in your field. Many researchers start with the techniques section because it is usually the simplest to write. In most cases, this section is written in the past tense.

Result: The type of research you undertook, the subject matter, and the expectations of your readers all influence how you portray the findings of your study.

Discussion: The discussion part of your paper should summarise what you discovered from your study. One method to generalise is to describe the implications or meaning of your findings before making your points, which should support and refer back to the claims you made in your introduction. Your discussion should be structured in such a way that it is immediately related to your thesis. You should avoid presenting new concepts or discussing subjects that aren't directly relevant to your thesis's research and discovery in this section. In most cases, this section, like the introduction, is written in the present tense.

Conclusion and Recommendation: Some academic research projects may conclude with a discussion and do not require a separate conclusion and suggestions section. In brief assignments, the conclusion is frequently merely a paragraph or two added to the discussion part. However, in many of your research tasks, you will be required to write a research report that includes your conclusions and recommendations.

Conclusions Organize your research findings and discussion, and explain how they relate to your thesis. Your conclusion connects your research to your thesis, tying all of your major concepts in your thought and writing together. Your conclusion addresses your research question for you and your readers by offering the logical outcome of your research and thoughts. Your conclusions should directly connect to the concepts mentioned in your introductory section and should not introduce any new concepts.

Reference: Without a list of references, your research work is incomplete. The next chapter covers how to properly document your research work so that you can use your sources while maintaining academic integrity.

5 What is the process for doing a research paper?

A research paper is divided into three stages. These are the stages:

Organize your thoughts before you start writing(prewriting): When writing a research paper, the first thing you should do is come up with a topic. Choose a topic that interests both you and your teacher; interesting topics are easier to write about than dull ones! Make sure your topic isn't too difficult to investigate and that there is adequate information available.

Writing: The format of a research paper is similar to that of an essay. There is a title, an introduction, a body, and a conclusion to it. Some people prefer to begin their research papers with a title and introduction, while others prefer to wait until the body of the paper is complete before establishing a title and introduction.

Revising: Revising is the final (but not least) phase. Examine your paper and make modifications in weak areas as you revise. Content—too much or too little detail; organization/structure (the sequence in which you present information about your topic); grammar; punctuation; capitalization; word choice; and citations are all places to search for problems in.

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