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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is SQL, and how does it relate to Microsoft Access?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language (pronounced "ess-que-el"). SQL is a language for interacting with databases. It is defined by ANSI as the standard language for relational database management systems (American National Standards Institute).

SQL statements are used to perform tasks like inserting data into a database, deleting or updating data in a database, and retrieving data from a database. Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Ingres, and other relational database management systems that use SQL are just a few examples.

Despite the fact that most database systems use SQL, they frequently incorporate proprietary extensions that are only used on their own platform. "Select," "Insert," "Update," "Delete," "Create," and "Drop" are all standard SQL commands that can be used to perform almost anything with a database.

2 What is normalisation in SQL?

Normalization is used to split a large and complex table into a simple table and a small table. This helps remove redundant data. 

Normally, a table has a lot of unnecessary verbosity, so it's a good idea to split this complex table into several smaller tables that contain only unique information. 

First normal form: 

The relation schema is 1NF only if: 

All attributes in a relation are atomic (indivisible values). 

There are no elements or groupings of elements that repeat.

Second normal form: 

The relationship exists for 2NF only if: 

It is the first normal form. 

There is no partial dependency  between non-key and key attributes.

Third normal form: 

Relation R is called with 3NF  only if: 

Located at 2NF. 

There is no transitive dependency  between non-key and key attributes because they are different non-key attributes.

3What is the primary key in SQL?

The primary key is a SQL limit. So, before we understand what the primary key is exactly, let's understand what the SQL limits are. Constraints are  rules that apply to columns of data in a table. These are used to limit the types of data that can be included in the table. Constraints can be either column-level or table-level.

Let's take a look at the different types of constraints that exist in SQL. 

 Constraint     description 

 NOT NULL      This function prevents a column from having a NULL value.

 DEFAULT         In the absence of a value, specifies a default value for a column.

 UNIQUE          Make sure all the values ​​in the UNIQUE column are different 

 PRIMARY         Identifies rows/records within a database table in a unique way.

 FOREIGN         Uniquely identifies rows / data records in different database tables 

 CHECK             CHECK constraints ensure that all values ​​in a column meet a particular 


 INDEX              A single or group of columns in a table can be used to create an index.

A primary key constraint can  be thought of as a combination of a UNIQUE constraint and a NOT NULL constraint. This means that if a column is designated as the primary key, that particular column cannot contain null values, and all values ​​present in that column must also be unique.

4 What is Oracle, and what are the various versions of it?

Oracle is one of the popular databases provided by Oracle Corporation which works based on relationship management concepts and hence  is also known as Oracle RDBMS. Oracle is a business. 

Oracle is a database server that maintains data in a highly organised manner. It allows users to store and retrieve related data in a multi-user environment so that multiple users can  access the same data concurrently. All of this done at the same time delivers high performance. The database server also protects against unwanted access and provides disaster recovery options. A backup database is a copy of a database  created by backing up the primary database.


It is widely used for online transaction processing, data storage and enterprise grid computing.

5 What is  Oracle Database?

Oracle software is used to create and manage Oracle databases. Databases are logical and physical structures that hold data about the system, its users, and its controls. The database management software  is known as the Oracle database server. 

The Oracle database system encompasses both the software that runs Oracle and the database itself. The cache database  cache stores  data in memory for faster access. The recovery log tracks and stores all  changes made to the database. A Data Guard ensures data protection and high  data availability, and a control file records the physical structure of the database. 

6 What are  Common Oracle DBA Tasks?

As an Oracle DBA, you can participate in the following jobs: 

 Installing Oracle software 

 Create Oracle Database 

 Monitor and tune performance in small and medium database environments, you may be the only one doing these tasks. In 

Work is frequently divided among a number of database administrators in large enterprise environments, each with their own area of expertise, such as a database security administrator or a specialist. 

 Perform database and software upgrade to new version level 

 Starting  and stopping the database 

 Manage database storage structure 

 User management and security 

Tables, indexes, and views are examples of schema objects that can be managed.

 Backup the database  and perform a restore if necessary 

 Proactively monitor the  health of your database and take preventive or remedial action if necessary 

What is a trace file and how is it created in Oracle?

A trace file is a file used to store detailed information about exceptions generated by Oracle background processes i.e. bar, low, pmon, smon, etc. They are also commonly created to dump diagnostics and help with debugging and exception resolution in Oracle. 


To create a trace file in Oracle: 

Set sql_trace = true with the alter session command. This will generate a trace file for all SQL commands issued by your user session. This is  a level 1 trace file. Super detailed level 4 trace files can also be created with additional details if needed. These files are saved in the tracking directory as $ORACLE SID ora xxx.trc, where xxx is a sequential number. To create a  detailed level 4 tracking file, we need to know the SID and a serial number of the session being tracked. For example, to track a session for SID 5: Connect to the system as sysdba; oradebug SETOSPID 5; oradebug EVENT 10046 TRACE NAME CONTEXT FOREVER, LEVEL 4.

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What is the purpose of saving points in an Oracle database?

The save point is used to split the transaction into smaller phases. 

 It is used to cancel part of the transaction. 

 Allow up to 5 save points  in Oracle Database. 

 Whenever there is an error, it is possible to return from the saved point  SAVEPOINT

What is dynamic SQL? When to use dynamic SQL?

Dynamic SQL is an enhancement over static SQL. It permits writing SQL queries at run-time. It comes into photo while we want to customise SQL queries for the duration of execution 

 Few not unusual place instances wherein Dynamic SQL may be utilized: 

 If database gadgets do now no longer exist at compile-time, we will use dynamic SQL to reference them.

Certain DDL (Data Definition Language) statements and SCL (Session Control Language) Statements aren't supported with the aid of using Static SQL in PL/SQL. These statements may be performed with the aid of using dynamic SQL programming.

Dynamic SQL may be used for executing Dynamic PL/SQL blocks. By the use of EXECUTE IMMEDIATE clause, PL/SQL calls may be decided at runtime. 

What are the components of the physical database structure of an Oracle database?

The components of the physical database structure are shown below:

More than one data file. 

Two or more redo log files. 

One or more control files.

What is an Oracle Index?

The Oracle index is created using one or more columns in the table  used to  access  the rows in the database. These are used to speed up  queries that access a small portion of the database. In Oracle, many indexes on a table can access  different types of queries.

Which join is used in Oracle 9i?

The joins used in  Oracle are interconnects, natural joins, joins with the USING clause, and joins with the ON clause. A cross join produces a product of two tables. Natural joins are used to connect two tables that have similar data. Similar to Equijoin. If the column names are the same but the data types do not match, a join is used using the using clause. Natural join clauses and  USING clauses are used internally. You can change the natural join clause  by using the USING clause to join the matching data. Joins with the ON clause are used to simplify the code  and are also used in columns with other names.

Explain the data type in Oracle?

According to the Oracle database system, there are 15 different data types. They are as follows: CHARACTER or CHAR [length], VARCHAR [length], BOOLEAN, SMALLINT, INTEGER or INT, DECIMAL P S or DEC [(P) S], NUMERI [(P [(S)], REAL, FLOAT (P), DOUBLE PRECISION, DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP, CLOB [(length)] and BLOB [(length)]. Data type CHARACTER is a string data type  and  is declared before itself. The minimum size is 1. The maximum size is called a CLOB and has a CHARACTER size that is larger than the table, and the CHARACTER size may not be listed in the database. If no size is specified, 1 is assumed. 

The minimum size of VARCHAR is 1, and the maximum size is the same as  the size of the table. If the declared value differs from the actual value, truncation occurs and the  Oracle database fails. The  data type BOOLEAN is true or false. SMALLINT displays numbers from 2 ^ 15 to 2 ^ 151, and values ​​beyond this range are stored in the INTEGER data type. INTEGER is a number of 2 ^ 31 and 2 ^ 311. For DECIMAL data types, the precision and  scale are user-specified. A number's precision is the number of digits in it, whereas its scale is the number of digits to the right of the decimal point. The three types of declarations are DECIMAL, DECIMAL (P), and DECIMAL (P, S). NUMERIC is  the same as point-based DECIMAL. REAL data is a numeric value with a precision of 64 bits. The FLOAT data type has a maximum value of 64. If no value is specified, it is assumed to be 64. The default range for the FLOAT data type is 126 binary or 38 decimal.

The double precision range is 126 binaries. The format of the data type DATE is year, month, and day. Month values ​​range from 1 to 12,  day values ​​range from 1 to 31, and  year values ​​start at 0 to 9999. Enclose the date in single quotes, such as DATE`20180416. The time format is HH: MM: SS. This is also written in single quotes and can use optional fractional values ​​to describe nanoseconds. The minute  range is 00 and 59, the second range is 00 and 61.999999, and the time range is 0 and 23. TIMESTAMP is a data type with  date and time values. Dates and times are indicated by spaces for better understanding. The CLOB data type is  data that contains characters longer  than CHARACTER OR VARCHAR. BLOBs display binary values. The length of the BLOB data type is 2 gigabytes.

What is a long record? Is it possible to use  long records with Oracle?

Long columns can be used in the table and the long columns will be copied to the table while the subquery is in use. Long columns are not included in the group or orderby clause of the Oracle database system. Columns are defined with a ratio of 12 to length, and long columns are defined with dimensions greater than 12.