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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Algebra?

Algebra is the field of Mathematics that covers a broad part of the subject and is of great importance. Algebra deals with the use and study of mathematical symbols, its manipulation, and applications in various sections and cases of mathematics. The topic is important in everyday life as it is widely utilised and applied for the betterment of human life.

The subject of Algebra has been applied by researchers for centuries before who provided the work for modern algebra. The subject has grown considerably and was worked on by some of the great civilisations and personalities. The early subject of algebra was simple while modern algebra is complex and provides detailed understanding of various systems.

Algebra deals with computation of variables such as alphabets rather than numbers, providing a complete framework for application until the condition is not satisfied. Generally given as an equation, it deals with solving the equation and obtaining values for unknown variables considered in it. Complex equations have been developed and are utilised today for analysing various parameters that provide and contribute to everyday life.

Algebra is still one of the greatest subjects to be studied. Many reputed institutions across the world teach the subject and are sought by students. The subject has many areas of applications and different branches which can be specialized after studies. 

Modern algebra has many branches in itself. Recent years, especially the last century, have provided immense growth for the subject and its application across various fields. Some of the major branches of Algebra include algebraic systems, polynomials, linear and multilinear algebra, algebraic geometry, etc. Even other fields of mathematics utilize algebra partially if not fully. Some of them include calculus, trigonometry, probability, etc. Algebra is used all around the subject as unknown variables and quantities, and are utilised to form a general equation from which the unknown quantity can be derived or obtained.

Algebra has applications across various fields and areas. It is present in every part and parcel of human life and contributes to every human activity. Some of the biggest applications include business, statistics and finance management, technology, distance and travelling, programming algorithms, etc. 

2 Why is Algebra really necessary?

This is one of the most sought out questions. Algebra is necessary and required in every part of human life. The very fabric of human existence, routine, and working depends upon known and unknown contributions of Algebra. Without the topic and its understanding, the world wouldn't have developed as much as it does now and won’t proceed further. 

Algebra is present in every activity, with or without human presence. Nature is made in the view of maths, and the majority of nature can therefore, be defined in terms of Algebra. Every activity, thing, and part  can be accounted as known or unknown and therefore be confined under the concept of algebra.

Every human activity, right from morning routine to night sleep is based upon algebra and its types. Every part of human life, every activity, and every minute can be or be contributed by Algebra. Without Algebra, the concept of human existence is unimaginable because of the woven concept of algebra into everything. Right from morning routine to banking, cooking, finance, and every human related or nature related subject can be treated under algebra. In recent decades, the subject has also taken us across stars and has opened new possibilities. 

So yes, Algebra is necessary for every life on the planet and without the subject or its concepts, knowingly or unknowingly, the consideration of every subject and its related parameter, even life would be unthinkable.

3What is Algebra used for?

Algebra is used in a variety of concepts across various subjects. The main idea of algebra is to provide easy concepts or platforms for a common or a broader system. Some of the main concepts include-

Finding unknown variables- This is one of the most comprehensive reasons for using Algebra. From a system of known variables, the unknown parameter can be obtained by comparing the values through an equation. The values solve in itself to provide the value of the unknown or considered variable and provide extensive applications in all areas of work.

Providing a general equation for the system-

While different known and unknown quantities can be obtained, the concept of a general equation for the system is important. This equation provides the relationship between various parameters and concepts considered and can be utilised whenever the system falls under the condition. This method is utilised in all areas of mechanics and physics, and in certain areas of chemistry, biology, and programming.

Providing a common platform for varying values-

The general system of equations provides a common platform on which the system can be considered. But the system doesn’t remain constant and parameters can change consistently. Therefore, the concept of variables in the equation whose value can be changed has been widely utilised. Changing the value of the variable automatically changes the equation condition accordingly and provides great flexibility.

Compare different equations and variables-

The flexibility of variables gave rise to greater concepts where equations can be introduced, compared, and resolved with other equations. This helped in considering different parameters for the same system or even two different systems to be compared. This is widely utilised in everyday life and greatly applied in physics and maths. 

4 Where is Algebra used in real life?

Algebra is used in almost every part of human life. But some of the most important careers that use Algebra as a main segment include-

Computer programming-

Programmers utilise the concept of algebra to create effective technologies that interact with humans. Various concepts such as user interface, search engine optimization, games, analysis, etc are created and manipulated by the use of algebraic concepts. A programmer must have a strong knowledge and understanding on algebra in order to write an effective program.

Business and finance management-

Any matter that involves money can be related with algebra. Every income, expense, debt, transaction, etc can be recorded and analysed. Also, algebra can be used in the statistical concept of finance to identify conditions, parameters, and requirements under various circumstances. Some examples include business transactions, stock markets, loans, etc. 


Any technology today utilizes Algebra. Various models, parameters, conditions, and functions are equated, analysed, and computed to give desirable outcomes. These are used to make various requirements such as TV, cars, internet services, etc.  


Sports involves algebra at various levels without knowing itself. The concept of speed, distance, estimation, angles, height, time required, etc are all parameters of an algebraic equation. Every sport, be it indoor or outdoor, comprises algebraic concepts. Track events and team sports invariably involve algebra as an integral part.

Travel and distances-

Travel and distances are main concepts which use algebra in daily routine. The concept of distance, speed, acceleration, time, weight, etc are all used everyday by every human. 

Routine planning-

Every routine that we plan, the thinking, allocation of time, execution and the obtained result depends upon algebra. The concept of proportions and allocating various parts can be defined as a concept of algebra.

Various other everyday activities such as cooking, gardening, drawing, etc all use algebra to some extent. 

Other than these, on a scientific or subjective aspect, Algebra is used in the following studies-

Math- The concept of math containing algebra is analogous to itself. Various parts of the subject utilizes the concept of algebra and can be applied across various levels such as trigonometry, calculus, probability, statistics, theorems, etc.

Physics- Every part of numerical physics contains some proportion of algebra. The concept of equations, unknowns, and variables provide greater scope for physics than math. Various fields such as nuclear, mechanics, astronomy, space, flight, kinetics, etc. all use algebra.

Physical Chemistry- Physical chemistry bridges between physics and concepts of chemistry. This eventually utilizes algebra to find the unknown and form the equation that defines the system.

Biology- Biology to some extent incorporates algebra. Areas such as drug delivery, enzymes, etc. utilizes algebra. Without proper values or details, the concept might be difficult to proceed further.

Computer science-Computer science, mainly programming, uses algebra. The concept of creating games, analyzing parameters, creating defined functions, etc incorporates algebra and the programmer must be well versed in the subject in order to write the code properly.

Satellite imaging and weather predictions-Satellite imaging and weather predictions are advanced areas which analyze various parameters at regular intervals to provide conclusive data on existing systems. It can also be used to provide data on future conditions but mainly runs on the concept of algebra.

Artificial intelligence- Artificial intelligence although is a growing field, mainly focuses on neural link and command transmitted under conditions. Algebra plays a major role in this and will continue to in the future.

5 Why is Algebra so difficult?

Algebra involves the operations between variables or numbers that are made to form an equation that defines the system. Algebra is a widely utilised concept that has applications in everyday life. But some people find algebra so difficult. Some of the reasons include-

Improper understanding of concepts-

Algebra is different from numerical maths and has different concepts although both are similar. If the concept is not properly understood, algebra can be difficult to learn. Proper understanding of concepts and conditions is necessary in order to advance in the subject. 

Lack of perspective-

Lack of perspective is another reason why Algebra can seem difficult. Algebra, unlike arithmetic maths, deals with operation of variables and has more deeper roots. People look at algebra the same way they look at arithmetic maths. This makes learners unable to understand the concepts and therefore, they find it difficult to cope with the subject.

Not enough practice-

This is perhaps the greatest reason why people find the subject difficult. Lack of practice can make any subject seem difficult. This is because the concepts, although familiar, are not understood in depth. Proper and continuous practice of the subject helps in learning even concepts that are not understood as well as misunderstood concepts and perspectives. This might provide a better method to understand the other two concepts better.

6 Can I learn Algebra on my own?

The subject of Algebra is familiar among school students since curriculums across the world focus on teaching the subject at early ages. Since it is more focused on school students, the subject requires only a basic understanding of numerical concepts as well as a strong foundation on the operation of the numbers.

Therefore, the subject is easy and simple to learn when the learner is aware of the basic mathematical conditions and knowledge. Over time, the complexity of the subject can increase and might seem difficult but can be learnt with continuous learning process. Therefore, the subject, although difficult, can be self taught and might be learnt from various sources.

Some of the most widely available and sought resources for learning Algebra include lectures, books, videos, friends teaching etc. Continuous learning is necessary to overcome the difficulty and grow in the subject adn concept sof the subject.