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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial Engineering is a field of study that utilizes both science and technology. To produce outcomes. Industrial Engineering is the profession in engineering that solves and optimizes complex problems in systems, processes, or organizations to produce profitable outcomes. This is done by integrating various fields such as people, money, knowledge, information, technology, etc., and is widely utilized in industries and production sectors. 

Industrial Engineering has been around for centuries by calculating the proper usage and implementation of various systems to work. But the most prominent recognition was developed during the Industrial revolution. Many famous personalities have contributed to the growth and development of Industrial Engineering across various levels and fields. 

Industrial Engineering incorporates various fields and branches of studies such as Maths, Accounts, Science, Technology, core principles of individual subjects, and languages in certain cases. Other major principles that are utilized in Industrial Engineering include human interaction, leadership, finance management, technology and coding, soft skills, etc. Other core principles that belong to Industrial Engineering include Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, DMAIC, etc. 

There are various sub-disciplines in Industrial Engineering such as Financial Engineering, Information & Systems Engineering, Energy Engineering, Operations research and optimization, Production Engineering, Quality and Reliability Engineering, Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Systems Engineering, System Simulation, and many more. The whole of Industrial Engineering can be incorporated into different subjects of study because of their vast nature and importance. Although there are certain Industrial Engineers who focus particularly on a segment of study or work, the majority of the Engineers work on different subjects and fields in their daily life. 

Industrial Engineering degree can be obtained by passing undergraduate or postgraduate in Industrial Engineering subject. The course curriculum generally for Industrial Engineers includes various fields like the design of experiments, Statistical control, productivity management, logistics, supply chains, service systems, etc. An Industrial Engineer after successful completion of their degree exposes themselves to Industrial working conditions and gains practical knowledge. Various other methods such as Internships, In-plant training, workshops, etc are also organized to provide knowledge on the subjects. There is also a difference in teaching methods over the years to provide practical knowledge and management-oriented rather than theoretical and textbook knowledge so that students may be better equipped for the current Industrial requirements.

Industrial Engineers are utilized in a variety of industrial sectors and fields but most predominantly in the production and manufacturing sectors. Current trends have altered the working for Industrial Engineers such as incorporating Lean Six Sigma, simulation and processing tools, optimization, and parameter analysis. In recent days, Industrial Engineers have also used Python, machine learning, and React because of their relationship with their working conditions with better emphasis on statistical analysis, probability theory, and algebra.

The field of Industrial Engineering has been present for several centuries and will continue to prevail owing to human demand. This makes the scope more competent and provides opportunities in various fields of study. Industrial Engineering is, therefore, an important piece of everyday life that is required for human requirements and survival.

2 What jobs can Industrial Engineers get?

Industrial Engineering is a wide field and incorporates various fields and subjects of study. The scope and possibility for an Industrial Engineer to work are largely owing to their study and curriculum. Some of the major roles and jobs that Industrial Engineers get include-

Manufacturing technician- A manufacturing technician analyzes and ensures that the production quality and conditions are fulfilled in manufacturing and production. They calibrate and work on equipment to manipulate the machinery as per production requirements and needs. They might also be charged with log maintenance and equipment maintenance for the proper running of the machinery.

Quality Inspector- A quality inspector works in the production and manufacturing line and is involved in inspecting the quality of products. They pick random products in the production line and send them for analysis for defaults. They also work on maintaining quality maintenance records and report any discrepancies in the product.

Cost estimator- Industrial designer generally works on producing product designs before the production stage mainly through prototypes, calculation, and analysis of cost estimation. They also sometimes predict the time for each product and quality requirements in inventories.

Data analyst- Industrial Engineer as a data analyst, analyzes the values collected over principles and areas such as production, maintenance, cash flow, supply chain, logistics, etc. to gain insight and increase the profit of the industry. They gain knowledge on the field and identify areas that can be improved using analysis, charts, algorithms, and records.

Production supervisor- Production engineers oversee the plant production operations and allocate the work to workers and employees as per the requirement of production. They also calibrate equipment to produce quality products, supervise the proper operation of products, and review production records and requirements for daily production.

Supply chain analyst- A supply chain analyst collects information from various areas of supply and transportation to analyze and predict whether the supply chain works properly or needs to be increased. They collect details from planning to the transportation movement and send the data to the supply chain leader or manager to maximize the supply chain activities.

Industrial engineer- An Industrial Engineer deals with a variety of works and fields in an industry by implying basic principles of science, maths, and soft skills to provide the output. They are widely utilized in the industry and are suited for a variety of jobs.

Process Engineer- Process Engineers provide the outline and directions of reactions and design the reaction conditions and parameters. They provide the overall conditions and parameters of the process in different stages of the reactions and their requirements. Industrial Engineers have a wide scope in the field.

Occupational safety and health manager- Occupational and safety engineers inspect and scan areas of working for potential injuries and hazards. They inspect sites to provide the best working atmosphere that doesn’t result in any injuries or working difficulties. 

These are some of the areas and fields that Industrial Engineers work in. Other roles which the engineers can work in are wide and have a lot of scope such as mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, energy efficiency engineer, mechanical designer, etc.

3What do Industrial Engineers do?

Industrial Engineers are widely employed in the industry, predominantly in the production and manufacturing sector. They have wide responsibilities and roles in industry, varying from most basic works to complex industrial operations. 

Industrial Engineers are employed in a variety of roles and operations from plant maintenance, operations, production, and analysis of various industrial processes and workings.

The work of Industrial Engineers in Industries includes-

Production- Industrial Engineers are involved in the production of required products by working the system to produce them. Production is done in various stages and the scope of work is extensive.

Maintenance- Maintenance of equipment and systems is important in Industrial sections and Industrial Engineers play an important role in it. Maintenance is done through routine check-ups, record checking, and frequent evaluations of systems under consideration.

Operation of systems- Industrial Engineers operate systems to provide the necessary products and outputs in the industry. They are involved in a variety of operating systems such as process design, process control, simulations, and data analysis using algorithms.

Waste management- Waste in any industry except biodegradable substances needs to be properly disposed of, to reduce and avoid human and environmental damage. Industrial Engineers work in processing this waste with supervision from experienced managers or environmental engineers. 

Supply chain & logistics- Supply chain is one of the most important parts of any industry and Industrial Engineers provide the best fit for the role. Be it moving raw materials, heavy substances, tracking supply chain, or material movement, Industrial engineers are present in every aspect.

Plant processing- Processing various substances in the industry is important and it is the role of the industrial engineers to process raw materials into products through various methods of operation, production, and control.

Workers supervision- Supervision of labor is important and Industrial Engineers are trained in the field with various soft skills. They also involve labour management, control, and overseeing payment for labours in certain positions.

Other than these, Industrial Engineers also have certain responsibilities and requirements that need to be fulfilled in the role such as-

Understanding various processes using various conditions of product specifications, process flows, and operations.

Producing products and outputs with maximum efficiency.

Management control, financial analysis, and cost planning.

Work with consumers, management, and workers to identify, incorporate, and produce products that are required in the market.

Relationship with vendors, clients, management, workers, and customers to build and identify the product and in time, develop and grow the industry.

4 How do I become an Industrial Engineer?

Industrial Engineering has become a common study in recent times even though it has been present for many centuries. But becoming a good Industrial Engineer is difficult and requires certain conditions and necessities. They are-

Earn a degree-

Most of the Industries now require at least a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. While the degree itself need not be necessarily in Industrial Engineering, students can earn degrees in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, in certain cases, supply chain management, or operations research. 

Students can also pursue a Master's degree and obtain specialization in a particular field of study. They can focus on their line of work and work as an industrial engineer.

Gain experience-

While becoming an Industrial Engineer is important, getting a job and gaining experience is more important. Gaining experience helps in growing your career by incorporating the subjects into real-life working areas and sectors. To become a good Industrial Engineer, experience is a requirement.

Pursue specializations-

Students can pursue specializations through a Master's degree or study individual specialization courses to gain knowledge. They help in increasing the knowledge and provide an added advantage over your peers and the competition in the society.

Complete courses and obtain certificates-

While the aforementioned requirements are necessary to develop and grow in the field, completing courses and gaining knowledge are very important to grow in the career. These help in highlighting your career apart and provide you with the knowledge that is generally not taught in the classroom. Try to attend various courses, lectures, and seminars to gain and grow knowledge. Certifications provide an added advantage and can be represented in your resume and CV.

Build your resume and portfolio-

Complete the above steps and grow your knowledge slowly. This helps in not only increasing your understanding of the process but your theoretical and practical knowledge in the field. This can be used to write a good resume and eventually land you in the job of Industrial Engineer as per your need.

These steps help in becoming a good Industrial Engineer. While this may not be applicable and available for everyone, the majority of these facts are useful and help in boosting your career to land you in the dream job of an Industrial Engineer.

5 What skills do Industrial Engineers need?

Industrial Engineers are required to have the following skills, such as-


Industrial Engineers work in manufacturing and producing sectors, therefore, teamwork is an important skill that they must develop. Without teamwork, the work would not be properly coordinated and can result in a serious loss of products, and can even result in conflict between workers in the Industry.


Problem-solving ability is an important requirement based on the nature of systems and processes that they aim to make more efficient. This helps in analysis, understanding, and designing ways and methods to reduce and resolve them.

Critical thinking-

Critical thinking helps in analyzing and solving complex problems that promote more efficiency in the industry. They use logic, reasoning, and core concepts to utilize minimum time and resources to provide maximum solutions to the problem.

Project Planning-

Project planning involves the coordination of machines and personnel to produce the required output without taking maximum time and resources. And Industrial Engineers take up the role of understanding and organizing the project work.

Quality Management-

Quality management is one of the main aspects required for Industrial Engineers. As Industrial Engineers continuously look for methods that make processes more efficient, looking into processes and products is an important part that they take up. They also take up the supply chain sector to understand and provide the required products. 


Since Industrial Engineers work in a variety of areas which involves a variety of working conditions but everything related to human interaction, communication is important to be developed. If proper communication is not developed, it could lead to serious complications. Therefore, this is perhaps one of the most important skills that they must develop.

Other certification knowledge which provide added advantage to Industrial Engineers include-

Six Sigma & Lean certification-

Six Sigma and Lean are methods that are employed to reduce waste in the Industry. They employ various methods to increase quality and doing a certification in the course can provide more insight and knowledge into working conditions and provide better opportunities.

Project Management professional-

A project management certificate helps in showing the management and suppliers that you have excellent knowledge in project management and related activities. The certification requires a minimum degree, project management, and training experience. This certification signifies that the person knows all areas of the project such as initiation, planning, execution, control, enhancement, etc.

Manufacturing Engineer-

This certification is important if you want to improve your knowledge and ability in the manufacturing sector. This helps as an added advantage as it requires years of experience as a prerequisite for the certification. 

Coding and SImulation software-

This is a growing and knowledgeable field as machine learning is more related to Industries. Pursuing and passing certificates helps in providing an added advantage and knowledge in the field. Knowing other coding languages such as C, React, and simulation software such as Aspen, Unisim, etc.

6 Is Industrial Engineering easy?

Industrial Engineering is considered one the easiest subjects according to many in the field. Industrial Engineering mainly focuses on production and manufacturing sectors and involves great importance to soft skills, hard skills, and technical knowledge to work effectively.

But technically, Industrial Engineering is as difficult as any other subject could be. The subject incorporates a variety of fields such as maths, statistics, computer science, core principles of manufacturing, and a variety of other principles. Industrial Engineers are also required to know a variety of topics and languages such as Six Sigma, project management, python, machine learning, etc. and the field of their work is very broad. This gives us the idea that Industrial Engineering, although looking easy on the outside, can be extensive and difficult to study. 

Therefore, Industrial Engineering can be easy or difficult depending upon the person, their preferences, and interests. While some might seem easy and some might be difficult, the subject as a whole might be important in many industrial sectors and subjects and fields in that line of work might seem easy, when compared to Industrial Engineers working in simulation and plant project design.