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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a document that is prepared by students or authors to propose their work to a group of people, generally a committee. A dissertation, also referred to as Thesis in certain cases and areas, is an integral and important part of every student pursuing their graduation. A dissertation applies to almost every field and subject except a few. 

Dissertation is a practice that has its roots over centuries ago. Derived from Latin representing the term ‘discussion’ of a particular topic or context. Records of Dissertation or Thesis can be dated back to the early 1800s, although previous works could have also existed. 

A dissertation descriptively presents the author's findings and is submitted as a copy. The work that is done and represented in the Dissertation can be new research, the study of an existing phenomenon or condition, or a new study by amplifying or changing the characteristics of already existing research. A dissertation or thesis is used in many subjects and fields around the world such as Arts, Technology, Science, Social Studies, Humanities, and even Medical. The usage of a Dissertation or Thesis depends upon the level of study. In countries like America, a Thesis is used for an undergraduate or master’s study while a Dissertation is used for a doctorate. The reverse case is assumed in certain European places, and therefore, it depends mainly on the type the institution adopts.

A Dissertation document contains various sections or parts representing the author’s work in detail. A Dissertation can vary based on the level of study, nature, and period of study. For undergraduate and Master’s studies, the words will be comparatively less while in Doctorate study, the minimum number of words can even reach 50000. Even the period of study for a Dissertation can span between a few weeks to many months, even certain years. 

Each section of a dissertation represents a particular segment of the study. The sections namely Introduction, Literature study, Methodologies, Results, and Conclusion. Other than these, a reference section is mainly introduced in the end to represent all the papers that were used as a reference and cite the author’s work. 

Generally, the work is submitted initially to a supervisor or mentor who helps in areas of correction and plagiarism. The final work is submitted to a committee in both document and electronic form. Institutions can have their Dissertation format by which the document must be prepared and submitted within the deadline. Generally, the committee is composed of scholars who will verify and validate the Dissertation and project. After the acceptance of the committee, the institution, if wanted to, can publish the study online for universal reference. 

Preparing a Dissertation is tedious work and requires large amounts of time, patience, research, and knowledge. Although it comprises mainly the work prepared by you, a complete understanding of the study is necessary to write it. Also, a more clear idea on how to present the details is required, else the work can simply mean something else. Therefore, a clear understanding is required, in more than one area to write a proper dissertation. 

The importance of a Dissertation is not just restricted to the work. It can help you to develop your study and research abilities on the topic of your choice, increase your research capability and eyesight for important details. Also, it develops you in various frontiers like grammar, delivery of details, removing unnecessary sentences, understanding the context and meaning that needs to be presented, time management, etc. And next comes the importance of publishing the Dissertation. Publishing a Dissertation gets your work recognized internationally, and gives you international recognition. It also creates a mark in your career and can be highlighted in your career portfolios.

2 Why is a Dissertation necessary?

Dissertations are important in many ways. Some of the major Dissertation advantages include-

Research knowledge-

An important and necessary part before starting a Dissertation is to research the topic. Reading various papers and Thesis helps in gaining knowledge on how others have done their study, what can be understood and incorporated from their work. It also helps in gaining the ideas for further work and how to write and proceed with the writing. Research is always considered important and has its application.

Complete knowledge of our work-

This is true in every case. Dissertation writing involves specifying every detail that was involved in the study. Every detail of how, why, when, and where the studies were conducted should be presented. Following these, the results obtained, their inference, and finally, what can be concluded from the study should also be specified clearly. To involve every single detail and aspect in the writing, complete knowledge and understanding about how the study was conducted are necessary.

Understanding the process of writing-

Writing a dissertation involves large amounts of details, facts, and values. Moreover, a specific format, condition, and time are also given to complete the Dissertation. To involve every important detail, the work must be specified, and that in time, helps in understanding how to write a proper Dissertation. It also helps us in understanding which details are important and necessary, which can be omitted and how the sentences can be placed, grouped, or formed. 

Overcoming mistakes and errors-

Mistakes and errors are an integral part of every work. No work unless written by the best expert will involve no mistake. For a mistake and that too for a document that spans over hundreds of pages and incorporates large amounts of work, the number of mistakes may be unknown. But continuous reading, writing, and checking a Dissertation can help in understanding the mistakes and helps in correcting them. Joining sentences and removing unnecessary sentences can be inculcated through continuous reading and writing.

Time management-

Time management is one of the main skills developed with the Dissertation. Every Dissertation is given a deadline date before which the work must be completed and submitted. But writing a dissertation required weeks or months to complete. Therefore, authors are exposed to time constraints and deadlines thereby forcing them to complete the work within the time. Students, therefore, inculcate time management, knowingly or unknowingly.

Exposure to the international community-

This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of a Dissertation. Dissertations when acknowledged and uploaded on the internet, can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This allows global recognition of work and thus helps in increasing the career value of the author. This also exposes the author to a global community and helps in international recognition of work.

An important part of the portfolio-

Thesis work takes weeks or months to complete which surmises an extreme amount of study. This study, which is also published in the international community for references, helps in increasing the career value of the author. Therefore, it can become an important part of the portfolio of the author.

3How do I start my Dissertation?

Before starting a Dissertation, some things are necessary to write a proper work, like-

Be careful while choosing the research topic-

Selecting the research topic plays the most role as it defines the work that will be done. Choose your research topic with care and a clear goal. Choose a topic or field that interests you to avoid distastefulness in the future. Give importance to the field of study, why the study is necessary, its future scope, and applications. Also, have a clear context on why you choose the particular topic and proceed with it.

Research and gain knowledge-

Research is the primary source of knowledge and ideas for writing your dissertation. Doing research is necessary before starting the work because it uses ideas, knowledge, and understanding of how processes work, what and how they should be written. It helps in providing various details and facts that are necessary to support the work done and corroborate our evidence with it. 

Create a proper goal and structure-

Be clear about the structure of your Dissertation. Many institutions have their structure and sections by which the Dissertation should be written. Have a proper idea of how to proceed with writing the Dissertation. 

Clarify the focus of your study-

This is perhaps the main reason for writing a Dissertation. The study is explained in the Dissertation and all the work is reported. But explaining the details of the work is very important. Be clear on what and how the details are to be explained, what their inferences are, and finally what the study means. This helps in giving a clear idea of how to proceed with writing the Dissertation.

These help in providing an idea of how to proceed with Dissertation writing. With these, the introduction section of the Dissertation can be started and written. Certain general rules for writing Dissertations include-

Focus on the central topic-

Explain and focus on your topic of research. Incorporate all the necessary details to support your work but don’t over-explain such that it wears away from the research topic.

Value your opinions and other author’s-

Explain your opinions clearly. Your opinions are what drive the research. Value the opinion and ideas of other authors too, since they also researched this someday. 

Quotes and citations are important-

Research and knowledge gained should also be supported on paper. Therefore, citing and referencing the work done by other authors are important to support your work and provide the source of your understanding. 

8. Explain your work and results clearly-

Never falter in explaining your work. Because all the work and research done by you will become confused if it is not explained clearly. Be specific, detailed yet incorporate all your required work to write the best Dissertation.

4 What are the chapters of the Dissertation?

Dissertation can be generally classified into 5 major chapters excluding the abstract, table of contents, and references. They are-


This is the first section of the main chapters that give the introduction of the study. This gives the reason for choosing the research, why it was chosen, the general details about the factors and things considered, and their general applications. It gives the idea about the work and a strong introduction is necessary to impress the reader and write a proper Dissertation.

Literature study-

This is the research section of the Dissertation. This section comprises the various papers, Thesis, articles, and journals that were referenced and all the details, knowledge, and facts obtained that helped in the study. It also helps in incorporating various studies that have been done like this and all their factors considered and result if any.


This section explains the various methods, conditions, parameters, processes, and techniques used to carry out the work. All the methods are explained in detail and how the study is measured changes with it.


This helps in focussing the result obtained for the study conducted by previously altering the methods, processes, techniques, and values. This section also incorporates the details that can be assumed from the result, their inference, and the cause for such values.

Conclusion and discussion-

This is the final section of a Dissertation which explains the work as a summary. The whole work is explained with a focus on the main method, parameter, the result obtained, and the inference that can be obtained from it. The rest of the study is not focused and explained.

5 How difficult is a Dissertation?

A dissertation might sound easy but is not to write so. A dissertation spans around 10000 words even for an undergraduate level and can exceed even 50000 words for Doctorate study. Also, a Dissertation study incorporates large amounts of work and can span over a few months for undergraduate level, while it can extend from many months to many years in the case of Doctorate.

Many institutions might even have a minimum number of pages that need to be written or the minimum number of papers that must be referenced to write the Dissertation work.

A dissertation involves writing all the studies or projects done in a detailed manner. This involves explaining the study in various sections such as introduction, literature review, methodology, result, and conclusion as the main sections with other non-essentials being abstract, table of content, and bibliography. This involves explaining all the details of the work such as reasons, methods, conditions, parameters, results obtained, and their inference in a detailed and engaging manner. All incorporated details must be properly written without any confusion or misunderstanding.

Finally, the written Dissertation must be checked for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, unnecessary sentences, forgotten details, and requirements which can only be known by reading the work again and again. This helps in increasing the quality of the DIssertation and makes it more engaging to read.

Thus a Dissertation can even be written within one month, but it requires thorough knowledge, time management, and complete understanding of the work. Even with this, it might be pretty difficult and exhausting. On a broader period, a dissertation takes 2 months to complete at least with all the hectic life schedules and still poses many difficulties.

6 Does every degree have a Dissertation?

Every degree requires a Dissertation to evaluate the student’s capability. A thesis or dissertation is an important necessity if you’re pursuing graduate study or even Doctorate. Every degree requires a separate Dissertation work.

As for the field, there are a wide number of subjects and fields that utilise Dissertations. Fields such as Arts, Humanities, Science and Technology use Dissertation for different levels of studies while the study in Medicine can also involve Dissertation work. 

The nature of the Dissertation and the format will be prescribed by certain international institutions and the Dissertation needs to be written accordingly.

This can involve and vary depending on different levels of studies and graduation. And therefore, every degree and field of study has different DIssertations.