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Work Sample

PSY01107 – Essentials of Psychology

PSY01107 – Essentials of Psychology

A researcher conducts a correlation between 1) income and the number of years in school, and 2) the number of close friends one has and their level of depression. She finds correlation coefficients of .47 and -.60, respectively. Tell me what these results mean.

PSY/480 The Practice of Clinical Psychology Worksheet

PSY/480 The Practice of Clinical Psychology Worksheet

What are at least two legal issues associated with clinical psychology? Provide an example of a situation that could be legal but unethical. Explain your response.

Psychology 111 section 1

Psychology 111 section 1

The article “Social Perception and Interpersonal Behavior: On the Self Fulfilling Nature of Social Stereotypes” discusses how people interact with other people based on certain stereotypes that society has for a particular person. 

ADHD: Factual or Fictional

ADHD: Factual or Fictional

The current popularity and prevalence of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) have caused many people to question its existence.  

Psychology 110-S When Will People Help in a Crisis

Psychology 110-S When Will People Help in a Crisis

In this research article, social psychologists John M. Darley and Bibb Latane discuss the rising problem in the low rate of people helping others in emergency situations.  

Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic or humanism psychology is a psychological perspective that supports or is grounded on the belief that humans are ultimately good and that they are capable of determining their own behaviors and goals. 

Mindfulness Meditation as a way of Reducing Stress Level

Mindfulness Meditation as a way of Reducing Stress Level

Does mindfulness meditation help in reducing stress levels? It has been exercised for years; used by ancestors to help deepen the understanding and cycle of life. 

Effect of Employment Status on Self-Esteem in Minorities

Effect of Employment Status on Self-Esteem in Minorities

In a world of economic uncertainty, questions can be raised about the deeper effect of unemployment on self-esteem, especially for those who are considered minorities. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is psychology?

Psychology is the branch of science that deals with the study and understanding of the human mind, behavior, and thinking. In layman's terms, it deals with the understanding of the human mind, its complexities and various ideas, and how it affects human activities and behavior. It is one of the widely accepted and valued fields, due to its understanding, importance, and application in human health.

A practitioner or a doctor employed in the field is called a psychologist. A psychologist deals with understanding various functions of the human brain and can be classified as a behavioral, social, and cognitive researcher. 

Psychology is involved on various levels of human understanding and thinking. While psychology is applicable for various human activities, a deep understanding and applicability of the subject are necessary. Since it involves assumptions and various theories that involve the human brain and its functionality, which can only be theorized and proven only to a certain extent. Almost all of psychology is based only on theory and understanding with science only supporting some amount in the field. While the subject has been under study and continuous application for over 100 years, modern science has provided more support and facts than decades of research. 

Psychology can be classified into various fields such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, forensic psychology, personality psychology, social psychology, and abnormal psychology. Other than these fields, psychology can be mainly classified into 3 branches and are considered the main paradigms, according to American Psychology. They are behavioral psychology, humanistic psychology, and psychoanalysis. While psychology can be segregated into many types, no clear borders can be defined upon the application and types due to its nature and areas of work. 

Psychology has been an important field since ancient times and is being considered a subject of prominent influence. The dating of psychology can be done to centuries before where counseling was given in the form of religious practices in churches, temples, and various practices. Understanding the importance and its aspects, it became a segment and flourished in mental care and research in the 19th century only. 

Although being a subject of human understanding and nature, it can be attributed to the effect and influence it can bring about in the person. Various effects and influences are attributed to the exposure or addiction of a person and psychology aim to resolve and understand the underlying problems and effects of the issue. While a great deal is given only to cognitive and behavioral psychology, other areas also influence and are widely studied to conclude.

The applications of psychology are immense and the scope and potential are limitless. While the field is limited to the human brain, its understanding and delivering solutions to problems about it, it is a rare field and therefore involves a lot of study and research before concluding. This makes it one of the most difficult yet in-demand subjects growing every day. The importance of psychologists is growing every day and many companies even have their own recommended psychologist doctor to help their work pressure. Even schools employ teachers trained in the profession for counseling students and tend to their issues, both socially and academically. The pressure of society, work, and peer groups force people to break into unknown personalities and psychologists are employed in handling the mental state of these people.

The fields of application are vast and are important such as cognitive health, behavioral health and understanding, research of brain activities and functions, social psychology, forensic applications, and many others. Psychology, as a field, is employed in workplaces such as corporate offices, hospitals, schools, and rehabilitation centers while it is given a lot more such as group talks in a more common manner. Psychology is and therefore, present in our brain and everywhere connected to it, and influences everything.

2 What are the different types of psychology?

Psychology being a very broad field can be categorized into many segments and fields. Although there are no specific branches or limits by which the types can be classified, some common types are-

Clinical psychology- 

Clinical psychology focuses on the social, behavioral, psychological, intellectual, and emotional aspects of human capabilities and performance. It is applicable over a wide range of cultural, economical, and social aspects and applicable to almost all human beings. Clinical psychology studies understand, integrate, and theorize various details that help in relieving problems related to adjustments, disabilities and causes personal development. It can help to understand the cause of psychological stress and issues and focus on solving them.

Cognitive psychology-

Cognitive psychology is one of the most important fields in psychology as it deals with memory functioning. It deals with areas such as memory, learning, language, problem-solving, recognition, and various other aspects. It mainly deals with how people interact, communicate, perceive, and understand each other. It is attributed to the personal development and interaction capabilities of a person. Cognitive psychologists focus on how people look, understand, interact, process and store the obtained information and knowledge. This field is mainly used in memory development, understanding, problem-solving, linguistics, learning new skills, and forming educational programs according to the student's needs.

Forensic psychology-

As the name suggests, forensic psychology deals with the application of psychology in the investigation of criminals and helping in the law. A forensic psychologist, unlike a normal psychologist, practices it within the courtroom and as prescribed by the law laid by the civil and criminal courts. A forensic psychologist understands the behavior and ideas of criminals to aid the law in capturing the criminals and presenting them before the law.

Health psychology-

Health psychology is more inclined towards the medical side of psychology and is also called behavioral medicine or medical psychology. It focuses on the social, behavioral, and possible reasons which cause illness and disorders to people. A psychologist evaluates all the possible reasons such as background checks, recent conditions, socio-economic status, education and work, and various other factors to predict the disease and prescribe the proper medicine.

Developmental psychology-

Developmental psychology deals with all the psychological changes a person experiences throughout his lifespan. It can be described as a culmination of psychological data during development. It applies not only to infants and children but even youngsters, adults, and even older people. It describes how people respond to certain conditions, experiences, factors, and various other reasons and motor skills, problem solving, languages, emotions, concept grasping, personality, and many other reasons.


Neuropsychology deals with the activities of the brain that are related to its structure and function based on the behavior and psychological aspects of a person. It helps in identifying whether a person with previous injuries and ailments is likely to experience any mental disorders.

Social psychology-

Social psychology predominantly deals with how social factors influence human behavior and understanding. A social psychologist evaluates how feelings, behavior, understandings, and ideas are influenced by other people, their ideas, and thinking. Social psychology deals mainly with aspects such as social behavior, group understanding, social interaction, perception, political, religious, and cultural views, leadership, aggression, charity, and various other factors that define a person.

3Why is psychology important?

Psychology is attributed to the study of human behavior, mind, capabilities, functions, and issues about it. 

Deals with the capabilities of the human brain-

Psychology is more than a subject that deals with the ideas of the human brain, it extends to the point where new abilities are studied and understood for better understanding. Certain capabilities such as complete concentration, dealing with troubles, and various other helping attributes are employed for daily human activities.

Branch of science dedicated to brain functions and understanding-

This study is attributed more to psychological behavior rather than neural and muscular, which falls into the field of doctors. This is more inclined toward applications and understanding of human complexities, about the brain activities, functions, and abilities. This field is separate from doctors in the regular profession and psychology itself has a professional course and doctors.

Understanding the human mind-

One of the most complex things to understand in the whole world is the human mind. This is because of its complex nature and infinite possibilities, emotions, and various other factors that an AI can’t contemplate, at least for now. The study of such a complex thing has its importance and difficulties and is a growing topic every day. More care is given to the human mind and all the possibilities it can unlock.


Rehabilitation is given mainly to addicts with certain substances or who suffered through traumatic injuries. This is given by psychologists mainly who understand the state in which the people tend to be. Rehabilitations are one of the major areas of application involving psychologists. Growing issues regarding addiction have posed a greater need for psychologists. Also, rehabilitation is given to patients who underwent surgeries and accidents and to develop confidence in their minds. 


Counseling is one of the most important, and sometimes the major areas where the application of psychology is extensive. Counseling is given to many people and students across all age groups and categories. Counseling is mainly given to people who find it difficult to handle pressure related to work, personal life, social issues and stigmas, health problems, and various other reasons. This is quite extensive and applies to almost everybody such as working professionals, students, patients, and whoever wishes to resolve themselves of ailing mental depression. The main reason for counseling nowadays is due to stress and depression. Also, counseling is given for career guidance and overcoming difficult situations to students who are depressed. The applicability is wide and is employed across industries and sectors.

Research and development-

Research is one of the main aspects in improving as well as understanding psychology. Since the field involves more assumption and understanding than solid evidence, more research is needed in the field to provide and support the assumptions made. The development of modern techniques, instruments, and machines has helped in cognitive understanding, analysis, and procuring details that have long been theorized. Still, only a small part of the answers have been found and many hidden details and support of the facts are yet to be discovered. The development of modern techniques and theories can help in better understanding and pave better ways for the future.

4  Why is Psychology an important topic under consideration recently?

Psychology being the study of brain functions, human behavior, and its associated characteristics, has immense scope and importance in the coming years. Rising levels of stress and depression due to increasing competitiveness, workplace influence, deadlines, social needs, and family constraints have adverse effects on the psychological behavior and characteristics of the brain. Also, due to the recent pandemic, the stress and depression levels have extensively increased causing more people to break into psychological failure. 

Increasing competition, work stress, social status, and meeting the necessities of their family makes not only adults but even students and children, prey to psychological disabilities. Therefore, more people are falling into depression and stress-related disorders, and therefore are pushed to the extent of committing suicide.

Psychologists use their study to evaluate the background of the affected persons, to understand their issues, and prescribe the best medicines to help the person with their disorders. Psychologists not only help in reducing but even prevent mental breakdown and depression from being created in people's minds. 

This makes Psychology one of the most important professions nowadays and will continue to grow in the future. The demand for psychologists is surreal and continues to grow due to prevailing conditions. The pandemic has also caused and influenced the importance of psychology in human life and health. The awareness has risen in recent years, making it one of the most important subjects under consideration in recent years.

5 Why do you need Psychology Assignment Help?

Psychology Assignment can be difficult due to its extreme understanding necessities, theorizing details, and deep understanding of the facts. This makes the subject a matter of interest considering its implications and extensive uses. While the subject might seem simple on an overall understanding, the subject is not so simple. 

All the theories, understanding, and deep knowledge on the subject can only be obtained by a deep and complete understanding of the facts and details. This makes the subject more difficult and requires immense effort to master.

Even after all these studies, an assignment on the subject can be done wrong because of a wrong hypothesis or understanding. This can cause extreme stress to the student and can inflict a lot of depression on the subjective person.

Help from an expert might not make much impact on the work but can extensively impact the student. Expert help can rid your work of all the mistakes, relieve all unnecessary details, and can alter the quality of the work to the best class. The work will be properly tailored to give the best content to be delivered in the correct way possible. This helps in getting the best content written to make you stand out among your fellow students.

Also, availing help for Psychology Assignment can help indirectly. It helps in understanding the mistakes made, proper delivery of content, and the method of researching as well as best content delivery to tailor the perfect assignment. So getting expert help is more helpful in writing an assignment and is preferred.

6 Why should you avail Psychology Assignment Help from

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