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Robotics deals with the making of physical robots and the students learn about the basic concepts of robotic engineering to understand how to make useful and working robots. In this course one should learn the use of computer aided design and drafting (CADD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) in order to do the assignments related to it. Robots must be highly skilled to perform multi-task without any direct control from human beings. Robotics engineers therefore have to design, plan and should have a good knowledge about machines, only then they can successfully build robots.It is really an interesting and quite enjoyable field of study but the assignments related to this subject are very tricky and difficult.Students must undergo vigorous research work by reading several scholarly books, articles, magazines and journals to write their assignments. Studyhelpme.com has a team of professional experts to handle all your troubles related to Robotics assignment help. Come to us to avail unique, flawless and best assignments for yourself.  

Robotics Assignment Help in USA

It is necessary to learn Robotics as technology has evolved to a great extent and lifestyle of people have also changed accordingly. Present generation is mostly dependent on machines. Students of the USA must be aware of the fact that our experts present all over the USA will help you to gain ample of knowledge about several technologically advanced machines and their usages besides completing your Robotics Assignment. 

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Australian universities often give touch assignments on Robotics where they expect students to learn a to z about different programming languages. Our expert team will help you in understanding the subject and also help you to complete assignments related to any topic concerning this subject. We are ready to help you anytime.

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We have our presence all across the world. You can always approach us even if you are from a distant country. Apart from the above mentioned countries we have served the students with Robotics Assignment from UAE, South Africa, Kuwait, Qatar, India, Jordan, Dubai, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and so on. Robotics Assignment Help Singapore has greatly helped the students of Singapore.

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Robotics Assignment Help in UK

Robotics is an important subject since it speeds up the manufacturing process as well as brings accuracy to the job. Our professional experts who belong to the UK will take care of all the needs of students in the UK. You have to come to us and we are ready to give you solutions for all your requirements.

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Robotics Assignment Help Canada

Students from Canada who are facing immense trouble in solving assignments in robot manipulation, artificial intelligence, computational geometry, robot motion planning and so on must come to us. We are here to help the students to complete their assignments and get A+ grades for their academic papers.

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Proofreaders rechecking the solutions before delivery 

All the solutions undergo various processes before handing it over to our customers. Our expert team will gather relevant information about the topic and make a draft containing all the important points arranged in sequence. Then they will write the solutions as per the format and guidelines provided by the respective universities. Finally it will reach the proofreaders who will carefully check the grammar and spelling errors and also include the plans, designs and diagrams wherever possible.

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You can definitely trust us for your solutions will be written by PhD scholars. They have the experience in solving several Robotics Assignments as they have already solved thousands of assignments for students all across the globe. They have also designed many robots as per demand. Since they start writing from scratch after undertaking a thorough research work, their solutions are unique, flawless and outstanding. 

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Work Sample

TMA 01 assignment 

TMA 01 assignment 

This TMA counts for 33% of the continuous assessment on TM129. 

Robotics Future

Robotics Future

Research shows that most people perceive robots as large metallic appendages that have been brought together by use of swarms of wires to create a gangling, anthropoid frame. 

Social Robots for Autism

Social Robots for Autism

That was the rate of Autism reported in 2000. Today, the rate has more than doubled to 1 in 69. 

Robotics Technology For Human

Robotics Technology For Human

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if technology were to take over the mind of a human, so we wouldn’t have to do some of those difficult tasks we need to do today?

Will Robots Replace Us? 

Will Robots Replace Us? 

The world is continuously changing and developing in the technology sector.



Will robots ever be able to replace humans?  A huge problem in the subject of artificial intelligence is the production of true and sincere emotions from a robot.  

Report on the implementation of robotics in AA Artificial Intelligence Company  

Report on the implementation of robotics in AA Artificial Intelligence Company  

In the modern world, technology has greatly advanced and introduced machines that perform tasks that used to be carried out by human beings. 

Running head: Robotics, Social Networks, AI and IoT 

Running head: Robotics, Social Networks, AI and IoT 

Due to the advance in technology in recent times, the internet has advanced. 


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If you are looking for expert guidance to complete your homework in Robotics then you have arrived at the right place. We will provide you the best solution for your Robotics Assignment Help. Leave your assignments on us while you concentrate on practical classes and other extracurricular activities. You can also revise your syllabus while we complete the assignments for you.

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Thesis paper writing for Robotics is not so easy as one may have to interact with multiple robots at the same time. Our experts will handle your thesis paper and would help you to gather knowledge about any topic chosen by you. Proper research work and collection of data and information will be done by us. You only need to complete your paper and submit it as early as possible with our guidance. 

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Dissertation writings are time consuming and boring for students. We are always there beside you to help you to complete your paper. You have to rely on us and relieve all your burden and stress on us. We will provide you with a step by step solution for your paper. This will also help you to gain a clear understanding of the subject.

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Essay Services

If you have to write an essay about any of the topics related to robotics then you need to accumulate a lot of information about the topic. You should give strong points to argue in favour of the topic provided and also include information against the topic. Finally you should summarise the whole content in the last paragraph of your essay.

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Paper Writing Services

It may be a thesis paper or something else, we will give you all the solutions. You may belong to any level of academics, come to us for we have already provided solutions in various topics related to robotics. Do not wait for a suitable time, as we are always available online to take up your call and help you to get a better and clear understanding of the subject.

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Apart from Robotics Assignment Help we also provide solutions in various other subjects like engineering assignment help, programming assignment help, data science assignment help, coding assignment help, science assignment help, Matlab assignment help, simulation assignment help and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What do you mean by Robotics?

It is a field of engineering that involves the concepts of planning, design and manufacturing robots or machines that help to reduce human effort. Robots are controlled by computer systems and they are used in various sectors like bomb dispersal, sea exploration, nuclear science, biotechnological equipments and so on. Robots can produce goods accurately and also can work tirelessly so they have reduced the demand for manpower. Robotics also includes courses like nanotechnology, mechatronics, biostatistics and applied physics. Robots are playing an important role in human life and with the advancement of technology people have started manufacturing drones to database robots. The roles performed by robots are:

Surveillance role:

Robots collect data and give accurate information regarding temperature changes of a region. They are also widely used in factories, retail stores, nuclear reactors, spacecraft, water treatment areas and private households.

Robots used in the medical field:

Robots are now being used by surgeons to assist them in critical surgeries. The accurate measurements done by the robots have reduced the life risk of patients to a great extent. 

Services that are highly risky for human beings:

They can perform the tasks that are highly risky for human beings like explosive disposal, aquatic exploration, saving people's lives, ocean discovery and so on. As they can survive in extreme weather conditions, they are used for space explorations and discoveries.

Hotel management services:

They are used as receptionists to greet the visitors and also maintain a record of visitors by using biometrics to enter several areas. Robots can speak with the visitors, exchange warm greetings and even print vouchers for them.

Commercial role:

Robots are employed in the production of fabrication, colouring, installation and also in manufacturing products. They not only help in reducing the manpower but are also cost effective. These machines can produce more quantity of products than the common people. 

Household purposes:

The day to day activities in home including pool washing, cleaning, bathtub disinfection and so on are done by robots. Household robots are also used in markets by automation designers. They can build other machines.

Industrial roles:

These robots can't move and are fixed but they can move their arms. They can be used for construction purposes and it is estimated that there are 2.9 billion such robots existing till 2009. It is proven that a lot of money is saved in the production process when these robots are employed.

Now let us concentrate on the topics on which students have to prepare their assignments. 

2 What are the other subjects you need to know to write a Robotics Assignment?

Students need to learn other subjects if they have taken up Robotics because it is a vast field of study and it alone can not be enough to design various robots. The other subjects that a student of Robotics should know are:


It is a computer language with which instructions are given to the computer or other machines to perform the various tasks. A computer understands this particular language. To develop a robot and make it work as per your desire one must have immense knowledge about coding and programming. The three easiest programming languages with which a beginner can start with are HTML, CSS and JAVAScript. Our experts will help you to understand step-by-step the details of coding and programming. Critical thinking, computational analysis and logical thinking are necessary to understand how a robot works.

             Artificial Intelligence:

             It involves the study of algorithms to understand the      ability of a machine to think and work. It also makes the machines work independently without any assistance from human beings. The main motto behind learning artificial intelligence is to create programming languages that can think, solve problems and have the ability to learn independently. It is the best career option to pursue for a student of Robotics.

            Robotics Engineering:

            It involves planning, designing and construction of robots that can reduce human effort. This is also a multidisciplinary field of study which includes almost all the branches of engineering like mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer and systems engineering so that it benefits a vast number of industries. Our experts are experienced in writing assignments based on essays or thesis so if you find difficulty in completing your assignments then please avail our services anytime.

3What are some of the different topics handled by our experts?

The various topics handled by our experts are:

Cyber security 

Artificial intelligence 

Block chain

Virtual and Augmented Reality



3d painting 

UX design 

5G connectivity 


Interventional radiology 


Actuators and Sensors

Robotics operating

Force Control 

Mobile robots 

Motion planning 


Hybrid Position Control

Rescue Robots 

Non holonomic systems 

Differential Motion

Embedded Robot Controller I/O interface 

PWM Amplifiers

Planning strategies for Deming task

4 What are the different steps followed by our experts for your Robotics Assignment Help?

Our experts follow certain steps to complete the solutions of any assignment. If you are wondering as to how your Robotics Assignment will be solved by us then let me remove all your doubts regarding your assignments. Our expert scholars at first undertake a thorough research work on the topic provided by you. We have the different distinct sources or access to online libraries from where they gather sufficient information to write answers for your assignment. We have a team of researchers who look for every possible information related to the topic. They draft the information in sequence and then we have the writing team who writes the most authentic, appropriate and flawless solutions for your assignments. Once the solution is ready it then goes to the team of proofreaders who carefully check the quality of the content or grammatical errors if any and finally we check repeatedly for any plagiarism issues though it is not possible but before delivering the solutions to you we only make sure that the content is genuine and flawless.

5 What is the importance of Robotics?

Robotics is an important field of study because it helps human beings to perform their tasks accurately and efficiently. It reduces human efforts. It also ensures human safety by taking risky endeavours thus raising the safety level at home and workplaces. The use of robots will undoubtedly increase the level of productivity to a great extent. Many companies across  the world are using robots to enhance their manufacturing and production process and to reduce the cost of production. In countries where manpower is low, there robots carry out various activities. Robots are being used in the agricultural industry, logistics and in medical to hospitality and it is a fact  that  they are performing manual tasks more quickly, efficiently and consistently than humans. With the advancement of technology it can be said that robots will become substitutes for human beings in the near future. Robots have performed several difficult tasks like lifting heavy loads, handling toxic substances and chemicals. Robots have helped different companies to prevent accidents and save both time and money. Students of Robotics have chosen the right career for themselves.

6 What are the different career options for the students of Robotics?

The advancement of technology like AI, actuator, and sensor development have opened new applications in the field of Robotics and generated several career opportunities across many industries. It has been noted that various organisations have started hiring robotics engineers at unprecedented salaries. A student of Robotics must possess the adequate knowledge and the skills to perform his duties accurately and efficiently. It is also estimated by the Bureau of Labour Statistics that there will be four percent growth rate in this field over the next ten years. The need for trained professionals will be constantly in demand with the advancement of technology and also with the growth of this field. It can be said undoubtedly that we see a future where robots are helping us in our day-to-day activities. These robots will only get upgraded with new shapes, forms and capabilities with the passing of years. Since these robots will reduce human efforts to a great extent so more and more people will be bent on using robots to solve the most difficult task. They will also enhance customer satisfaction and perform the tasks quickly and accurately without being tired. We can assure you that the aspiring Roboticists can build a successful career in this field without any doubt. So if you have chosen this field then we would definitely request you to study hard as the more you are confident and efficient the more you would be in demand. This field will help you to get hold of the most lucrative and challenging career opportunities for yourself. Do not waste your time but come to us if you want to have a better understanding of the subject.

There are many career options for a student of Robotics. Here we are discussing various career opportunities involved with this field of academics.

Robotics engineers 

His duty is to plan, create and design robots. He needs to ensemble the various parts to develop a robot keeping in mind the purpose behind developing that robot. He is also responsible to fix the faults if any encountered during the function of the robot. Robotics engineers have job opportunities in multiple sectors like medical, automotive, military and so on.

Robotics technicians 

He is responsible for building, testing and installation of robots. He can also disassemble and rearrange the various components of the robots for its proper functioning. Some of the sectors where a robotic technician is employed are industries that deal with plastic, communication, aerospace, technology, energy, manufacturing and so on.

Design Engineer 

They mainly deal with the appearance of robots. Their job is to design how a robot would look like. At first their responsibility is to make blueprints or sketch out figures of the robot that the design engineer wants to build. Then they have to join the team of mechanical engineers to give shape to the robot as desired. They will monitor the work from time to time to see if the components of the robot are fixed accordingly. They should have profound knowledge in computer science so that they can understand the functions of each part of the robot when it comes to life.

Hardware Engineer 

Robots are machines that function with the help of computer hardware. Hardware Engineers have to monitor the prototyping to the development of the robot and are concerned with the execution of a hardware build. When a robot is finally built, it is important for the hardware engineer to test and analyse the design whether it is suitable for the proper functioning of the robot or not or can even make necessary changes with the help of  his team members to enable the robot to work easily and efficiently.

Software Engineer 

Software engineers are responsible for developing the software with which the machine functions. They ensure the use of advanced software programs and designs with the existing system so that the robot can follow the instructions correctly. They work with the other team of engineers throughout the construction of the robot so that it gives the maximum output. They must keep themselves up-to-date with the changing technologies so that they can input the latest technology in the robot for proper functioning.

User experience designer (UX)

A robot is built keeping in mind the needs of the user which the team of engineers may overlook so it is the duty of the UX designers to explain to the engineers the motive behind building that particular robot. They at first have to identify the specific functions the robot needs to perform and then demonstrate it accordingly to the team of engineers so that the robot once built can interact with the consumers quite effortlessly. How the robot will function once introduced to the consumer and what actions it would perform and how to build a system that is required to meet those needs are some of the activities looked after by the UX designers.

Data Scientist 

Data Scientists have to input the data on the robots on which it is required to perform the different functions. This is a critical job and they are responsible for designing data modelling processes and using algorithms so that the data is gathered and interpreted at the same time. A Data Scientist should analyse the data, make arrangements to collect the data and then process it accordingly. They must keep checking the functionality of the robot and make necessary changes to improve the functioning of the robot.

Machine Learning Engineer 

The automation aspect of the robot is looked after by machine learning engineers. They use the most advanced software programs to automate predictive models so that the robot can learn on its own from past experiences and can function accordingly. They need profound knowledge about data science, natural language processing, programming, deep learning and so on in order to build highly efficient robots.

Algorithm Engineer 

Algorithm engineers must undergo vigorous research work to develop the algorithm on which a robot is supposed to function. They work with the other engineers to understand the desired functionality of the robot and then test the algorithm once the robot is built. They also have to identify and integrate the data so that the robot can finally achieve its goal without any human support. These professionals should have knowledge about data science, software and computer science so that the robot can follow all the instructions given to it effectively.