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MS-Excel is one of the basic requirements that are expected not only in working students but even by students at a young age. This makes it one of the most in-demand and important subjects to be learned. While the subject might be easy and simple to understand, the working and assignment on the subject can be difficult and exhausting. Also, since the subject is extensive and contains hundreds of applications and uses, learning of all these requires great time and effort.While many people and websites offer services in completing your assignments, none can meet or beat the services offered by Study Help Me. We are your one-stop solution in completing your MS-Excel Assignment without any issues or mistakes. Our work is done with the best standard and is offered by renowned persons in the field. We aim in providing the best quality work and submitting it within the stipulated time as per the requirements of our clients. We are known for our services and the work we provide, and it might be the first or last thing you might need to complete your assignment. Get in touch with us and never worry about your MS-Excel Assignment again.

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Work Sample

AACS3763 Managing Information Systems 

AACS3763 Managing Information Systems 

This assignment aims to provide students with opportunity to explore MS Excel 2016 as a Data Analysis Tool in helping them to record the data, analyze the data as well creating useful information through the application of various advanced Excel features.



In this project, you will need to use an Excel function for the optimization of business models. 

Week 4 Excel Assignment

Week 4 Excel Assignment

Start in C2. Create a formula using Cost and Markup in B15 to determine the Selling Price. 

Excel spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheet

The excel software program is a spreadsheet system to organize and maintain data. 

The Importance of Microsoft Excel

The Importance of Microsoft Excel

Technology has continued to evolve and benefit us every single day. 



Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. 



Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing, and manipulating data. 

MS Excel 

MS Excel 

This presentation will show you an example of how MS Excel can aid you in completing a hypothesis test about the relationship between two population variances.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is MS-Excel?

MS-Excel is one of the most commonly used and required software, not just in one field but in almost every field of education and industry. Developed by Microsoft, it is a spreadsheet that can be operated on a variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. Various versions of MS-Excel have been developed with the initial launch in 1985, with the latest version being released in 2019 (v16.0). MS-Excel is widely regarded and is required to be known by students and working professionals due to its wide applicability and areas of usage. 

The spreadsheet of excel spreadsheet contains rows and columns, which intersect to form what is known as a “cell”. Each cell is unique and is made by the intersection of different values of rows and columns. Each cell of a spreadsheet contains one piece of information or data respective to the cell. This feature helps in storing and saving data, and therefore extraction of the data or altering its values will be saved.

The primary function of MS-Excel is to store data. Any function entered in a cell will be stored until the value can be altered or edited. Another main function is the involvement of formulas and equations to calculate values. Excel has the function of incorporating formulas if entered using the row or column details. Then the bulk of cells in the row or column can be used and its respective value can be determined. Another function of MS-Excel is the storage of details and information including personal or professional details and information. MS-Excel has features that display data in various forms such as histograms, charts, plots, data lines, and even limited three-dimensional graphical display features. It also has a pivot table, which is a powerful tool that saves a lot of time in data analysis. It even has a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) that can be used to directly write code in the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) that allows manipulation of spreadsheets that is not available in normal functions. Other than these, there are many more advantages and applications in using MS-Excel that are applied in everyday life. 

Generally, MS-Excel is installed locally on the computer and is available for offline use. It is a Microsoft product and is available in all Microsoft versions. In recent years, there is an increasing trend in the cloud-based usage of MS-Excel where a spreadsheet is shared and all the details filled are stored in the cloud server.

The demand for MS-Excel is growing over the years and companies are expecting students and workers to gain knowledge on how to work with it. This has made it immensely important that MS-Excel be incorporated into the education curriculum and be added as a skill in the resume. Although being a basic application involving extensive features, the applicability is well short in knowledge and the time and effort required is difficult. 

2 Why is MS-Excel necessary?

MS-Excel is one of the most in-demand and most valued courses or subjects that is being valued by companies. Many companies deem it important that their workers have knowledge on the subject. Many more prefer that the candidates for the interview already possess knowledge on the subject so as to put it to good use. This makes the necessity for MS-Excel to be learned immensely important.

Many people wonder why all the ruckus is about learning MS-Excel. This is mainly due to the extensive applications it provides and the ease of accessing data and details. 

Excel is an easy tool that is used for various applications mainly involving numbers, values, and data. This helps in calculating and solving complex sets of numbers with ease as well as reducing time and effort in solving these problems. This helps in solving large numbers with relative ease and applying these respective values in subsequent functions.

Excel can also be used as an everyday tool for storing and analyzing data. Managing and storing data is simple, which makes it applicable to both understand and conform. Moreover, these uses make it helpful not only in work but can be used to track income, and expenses.

Another important feature that makes it necessary is that it can increase job prospects and employability, thus adding advantages to your workspace and career. Knowing an additional subject or knowledge in the field increases your chances of being selected compared to others. This provides an additional advantage considering MS-Excel is growing in demand and is expected to be well known while applying for jobs.

Another reason why MS-Excel is necessary is that it can be used to perform basic and complex mathematical functions, equations and calculations so that manual work can be avoided to calculate the values. Even formulas of physics can be solved by implying the equation and the variables and avoiding tedious manual work. 

3What are the uses of MS-Excel?

MS-Excel is widely employed across industries and private life alike. But what are the main uses and applications for which MS-Excel can provide are-

Data storage and entry-

Excel is a great tool not only for entry but even for the storage of data. Excel can be used widely because it can store lots of data, but the size of Excel file storage depends upon the availability of memory in the system and the computing capacity of the device. Also, Excel can be used for organizing data for various purposes, and files while viewing and accessing are also made easy. Various lists can be created as per requirements and filled in with the required details.


Accounting and budgeting is one of the widely used applications and is used by companies to maintain customer records. Customer records are maintained by accounting managers to maintain good relationships with their customers and clients. MS-Excel even comes with budgeting templates that can directly be used for working. It also provides details on the transactions, and payments when entered and saved, thus can be used for future reference. Budgeting can also be performed using payment, invoices, and transaction details and therefore can be used for accounting purposes. 

Performing calculations-

MS-Excel has various in-built functions that can be utilized to perform various tasks. Excel contains more than 450 functions that are categorized. Some of these functions include trigonometry, time, financial, math, etc. These functions can be implemented on any row or column of a spreadsheet and every cell in the whole row or column is subjected to that formula. We enter the values in the cells to get the corresponding result and even use it subsequently in other functions. Even the basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, and other functions can even be entered manually. Manual entering of formulae is also possible through coding or using macros.

Data analysis-

Data analysis can be easily done in MS-Excel. Analyzing data can be easily done in MS-Excel using Pivot tables and formulas after entering the values in the cells. We can use these features to consolidate large amounts of data and focus on the essential segments only. By applying features like sort, maximum, and swap, essential data segments can be isolated or maintained systematically.

Representation of data-

Representation of data is one of the most widely used features. It is always more interactive and better to visually depict details than represent them in values and tables. Some of the widely used application methods include charts, figures, histograms, bar graphs, and other forms. MS-Excel contains various built-in templates that can be used. These can be easily utilized by selecting the format and entering the values and data. 

Business duties and templates-

MS-Excel has evolved from more than just data entry and storing software. It has been developed to aid in business duties through upgrading basic features. The main aspect of managerial and business duties is to maintain existing and create new business processes. MS-Excel can be used for a variety of purposes such as invoicing, payments, profit, loss, etc. It can also be used to store financial reports, employee progress, accounting details, etc.

Visual Basic for Applications-

Visual Basic for Applications is one of the greatest tools in MS-Excel. VBE can be used to write code directly in the spreadsheet and therefore alter and manipulate the spreadsheet functions as per our requirements. This provides various advantages over normally available functions and therefore provides extensive applications and features.

Other than these, MS-Excel contains various other features and uses such as forecasting, calendar, repetition, importing from other formats, and various other applications that help in providing ease in complex problems and aid in daily life.

4 What are the three types of spreadsheets in MS-Excel?

Simple table- 

A simple spreadsheet is the most commonly used method in MS-Excel. Changes in these cells have to be made manually. Although it was one of the initially introduced features, this feature is no longer much used due to its time and effort-consuming process.

Excel table-

Excel tables offer service by overcoming the issues of Simple tables. Excel 2007 introduced Excel tables which offer features such as updating the size of the table and bordering features automatically when new data is added, unlike SImple tables.

Pivot tables-

A pivot table, although similar to a normal table, is distinctive. Each column of a spreadsheet has a drop-down menu that can be used to access features like sort or filter to suit our requirements.

5 Why should you avail help in writing MS-Excel Assignment?

MS-Excel is an important application that is extensively used right from its initial days. But the demand for knowing MS-Excel is growing by the day and its necessity is seen in almost every field. While MS-Excel might be simple and working on the spreadsheet might seem easy, it doesn’t increase your knowledge on the subject as expected. This is because MS-Excel is a very vast topic and gaining intricate knowledge on all the details requires time, patience, effort, and the help of an expert to teach all the subjects. Also, MS-Excel being a subject of ample importance, requires perfection in every manner because a small mistake can inadvertently result in miscalculation of the complete data. 

While all this can be done with learning, it requires a great time and still requires some help. But more importantly, a mistake done in the spreadsheet might go unnoticed and therefore, result in great mistakes. 

Availing the assistance or help from experts might reduce these possibilities to a minimum while pushing your growth extraordinarily. An expert has complete knowledge on the subject and can clearly define and aid in the fast learning of the subject without any lagging and at your own pace. Also, getting help from experts can reduce the possibility of committing a mistake. This is because of their knowledge and well-known ideas that can point out the mistakes and guide them in the proper way. They even help in providing shortcuts and ideas on how to deal with complex problems. These reasons make the requirement of an expert in teaching the subject, even more important.

6 Why Study Help Me is the best website for availing MS-Excel Assignment Help?

MS-Excel is widely renowned for its importance and the necessity to learn it is ever increasing. But services offered in completing these assignments can be a fraud or trick them into completing the assignment by charging very high service payments. 

While many such services are being offered on the internet, Study Help Me aims to provide the best services for a very reasonable price. We aim to provide services using the best experts in the subject to help students with their difficulties and issues. Our experts take care to provide the best-in-class quality, content, and perfect delivery of the details to make the assignment a complete marvel. Our experts take care to avoid and correct any mistakes present thereby maintaining the standard of the content without compromising any quality, detail, or content. We also take care that the content is delivered as per the necessity and student's requests so that the work is done as a student’s and not as a professional. This way, we deliver services that differ from most services in the field. Also, we adhere to the regulations laid down by the institutions if any, so that the work is done within the rules of the school and never crosses its boundaries.

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