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Don't know where to go with your essays in the USA? Studyhelpme is a one-word answer. All our experts possess years of experience writing academic content like essays, papers and many more for high school and college students across a wide variety of disciplines. The essay we deliver will be well researched, well written and very catchy. Don't ask us to 'help me write my essay'; instead, just tell us what you want in that.
All essays are crafted by hand picked experts in respective fields and customised to suit your individual requirements. We have been serving students providing them with the essays for many years, and our testimonials have reviews which can evidence this. As per the response, you can rely on us for the best and most interesting academic essays your professor has ever come across with.
The pricing policy is also very affordable to students on a budget, keeping pricing low and using discounts to help you. We ensure that you’re receiving the finest quality writing for your money. Enlist our writing services and we will make your academic path smoother and shinier. 

Essay Writing Services in California

If you need help with your essay in California, StudyHelpMe is the writing service to turn to.  The writing quality we put out to students is second to none. Our expert writers will ensure that you get an essay you can get excellent grades with every time you avail the service.

Essay Writing Services in Texas

Facing the fear that you won't be getting 100% original content? The best thing about our college essay writing services USA is that we only provide one-off, custom essays to every customer. Do not fear being accused of plagiarism as we give you our word regarding the quality of our content. Hire us to get the best help with essays in Texas.

Essay Writing Services in other Cities of USA

'I need help writing an essay USA' is a basic google search we have seen. Many students hesitate to hire academic writing services as they think they won't afford them. On our website, we deliver very affordable essays to students in Ashington, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Denver, Atlanta, Miami, and many more cities of the USA. Along with affordability and availability, our service guarantees non plagiarised, original essays.

Essay Writing Services in Florida

If you’re running short on money and looking to save money on your essays, this site could be the one you are looking for.  We not only provide the best quality articles in Florida but also throw in a lot of extras for free like plagiarism reports, unlimited revisions, a money-back guarantee and many more.

Essay Writing Services in New York

Our writing service doesn’t just employ any old pool of writers; instead, we select carefully. Doing so, we hold expertise in almost any subject, written by our experts in that discipline. If you’re looking for an essay that will really wow your professors in New York, our services will do fine. Hurry up! Get your essay completed in no time.

Why Choose StudyHelpMe


Our goal is not to get the most of your savings from you, but to help you get good academic results for the most competitive price possible. Therefore, we struggle to keep our costs as minimal as possible, operating online and spending only the amount necessary to keep our staff paid and this website in a functional state. Why are we telling you this? It's to inform you that now you can buy essay writing help for a low price and get a top-quality academic essay each and every time you come back. We will always be ready with our services for you!

Education Personnel

All the candidates at our website hold high-level degrees, either masters or PhD degrees. They have passed specific examinations or tests to qualify as writers on our website. Don't you want professionals to write your essays? Of Course, you want to. All the writers pass our English test that puts a particular emphasis on grammar and spelling as well as a text’s integrity and readability.  Therefore, you are assured of getting plagiarism-free and high-quality essays after placing an order with one of the Best Custom Essay Writing Services USA.

Excellent Features

We provide numerous additional features like free revisions, full-time support, free plagiarism reports, prompt delivery of essays and many more. We do not charge any extra amount for these services. You can ask for free revisions of your essays if you feel it misses something. You can ask for plagiarism reports of your essays which says that content is free from copied content. We provide continuous support to our clients, and they can approach us anytime for their grievances, problems, or issues. We provide fast or immediate help to students if their deadlines are near.

Continuous Support

While your friends might not be able to answer you instantly, our fantastic support team is online twenty-four into seven. Are you facing any problems with our essays? Don't hesitate at all to get in touch with our support team. They will address your query really fast or suggest actionable advice. Our experts treat the students' problems with utmost care. Our USA essay writing service offers professional support you can count on to get any issue addressed fast. It is evident from our testimonials that most clients are impressed with our support system. We are always here whenever you need us!

Our Online Essay Writing Services USA Features

Make it on Time

With interminable support and fast, personalised access to our writers, you are guaranteed to touch every deadline. When you hire our essay writing services from us, you get the guarantee that the essay will be delivered on time – no matter what.

Best Academic Writers

We assure you that we have a team of native USA writers at our site. We hand-pick our writers, editors, and proofreaders, and we also test their certifications and skills to ensure you get the best help with academic essays. The writing at our domain has gained a lot of working experience in addressing students academic needs.

Privacy Protected

We never share your personal information or any project details with outside parties. We are known to this fact that as a student, you will always be unsure what if your secret is revealed that you have hired outsiders for your work. We keep your details 100% confidential and protected.

Custom Essay Services

We draft each and every paper from scratch, so our essays are 100% original and are not prone to plagiarism. All the content we deliver to our customers is 100% original, written from scratch. A plagiarism report is attached for free with each essay.  Get the best custom essays at our site now!

Student-Friendly Prices

We know that when you buy an essay, you ensure that you get the lowest price possible. After all, almost every student is struggling to balance their funds. Our aim is not to exploit you, but to help you get excellent results for the most competitive price possible. Get the best essays at the best prices!

Free Reworks

Just like tailors, we provide free reworks on essays if you are not satisfied with what we served you. Students generally think that what if they do not like the essay they hired. Don't worry, and we do the free revision for you to make it worth it for you. Just tell us how you want your essay to be.

How It Works


Post Your Requirement

Submit all your homework and assignment details via our form. Include all the additional files, information to get the best solutions.


Receive Completed Assignment

Receive the highest-quality of assignment or homework project within the deadline to score A+ grades with zero plagiarism.


Check Your Email

Receive a reasonable and affordable quote for your homework/assignment. Reach to an agreement over price and budget through email for your posted question/topic.


Make Payment

Visit the “Pay Here” page and make payment for the agreed price of the assignment. We accept payment via PayPal, debit/credit cards.

Work Samples

Case study report- yes, you can let your teams self-organize!

Case study report- yes, you can let your teams self-organize!

The case study that has been presented here from the experience reports of agile 2018 is when Agile and Lean Converge in the IT transformation in American Electric Power. 

Affective and behavioral aspect of cultural diversity from the experimental perspective 

Affective and behavioral aspect of cultural diversity from the experimental perspective 

Culture is something that influences our behavior and shapes our identity. In general, culture refers to the values, beliefs, behaviors, norms. 

Offers And Advertisements 

Offers And Advertisements 

There is a difference between advertisement and offer and there are certain ways as well to distinguish the two from one another. 

Wealth Inequality 

Wealth Inequality 

Wealth inequality is not just how much a particular nation possesses, rather it concerns how wealth is shared within a society. 

Cause and Effect of Homelessness 

Cause and Effect of Homelessness 

Homelessness is described as not having a permanent place or home to reside in. A homeless person’s home is therefore either in shelters or in the streets. 

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation 

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation 

Sleep deprivation is becoming an increasing challenge among people today. Most individuals have experienced sleep deprivation at least once. 

Videoconferencing as a Teaching Tool 

Videoconferencing as a Teaching Tool 

In 1994, Congress adopted the Improving America’s Schools Act and a subsequent appropriation that envisaged $45 million to improve the application of educational technology in American schools. 

Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation

Motivation is defined as a psychosomatic process that directs a person to behave and react in a way that helps them to satiate certain unfulfilled needs (Latham G., 2011). 


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Assignment Services

The hassle and tussle of completing assignments are sometimes troublesome for students. However, the rise of assignment writing services in the current scenarios has brought a sigh of relief to students at all levels. We provide custom assignment services to our clients to take away their sleepless nights. Well, you must have already checked the testimonials, have you not?

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Thesis Services

Those who need help can access it online at a single click of a button. As of today, we have provided dozens of thousands of excellent thesis to students from the USA and beyond. Isn’t it scary to ask someone for help in the thesis? Don't worry, and we are here to address your thesis needs.  We are the most highly reputed thesis writing services.

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Dissertation Services

It is common for students to have anxiety and stress over preparing a dissertation. It is also usual for them to seek outside assistance from a professional dissertation writing service in the USA.  Only those writing services who have graduate-degrees writers with plenty of experience in writing dissertations can draft a dissertation that students require.

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Homework Help offers quick homework help in the USA to all students regardless of their level of study or amount of homework. To remove that one barrier that impedes students from using homework help services, we charge a nominal price to make it accessible for them. Get done with all your homework in a single click! 

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Paper Writing Services

We ensure that students pay less for their papers while at the same time scoring tip-top grades. You do not need to struggle for soliciting funds to get our paper writing services as they are provided at very affordable prices. Our experts have been trained to ensure that you get nothing short of perfection in your papers. Hurry and Hire!

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Services Other Than Online Essay Writing Services USA

Our company thrives in providing its clients with the best of the best academic writing services. Our writers are trained to ensure that they are well-versed and extremely fluent in several different fields. Students who opt for our services are confident of scoring top-tier scores with a professional writer’s help. Our academic content writing services offer trained,  educated and experienced writers that can go into the depth of a topic and write educational pieces such as dissertations, research papers, thesis, case studies, and much more. Customers from over 50+ cities entrust our paper-composing homework to our essay writing services in the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Where to get the best online Essay Writing Services in the USA?

We are always in the dilemma whenever we transition from one stage of academics to another. It doesn't matter how prepared you think you are, but after stepping into the new phrase, you might feel confused and null. At that particular point in time, we seek guidance. Don't worry, and study dynamics have changed. Now it is possible to get help with your academic projects like essay writing, research papers, assignment writing or any other task. There are innumerable service providers who aim to help students in their tiring academic load. Nevertheless, not every service provider is worthy of your trust; you have to be very picky to hire the best site where you can rely on. In order to choose the best essay writing services USA online, you should consider certain factors like their:

Work Quality by checking out free samples provided

Academic Writers by checking out their qualifications and experience 

Former clients reviews by checking out testimonials 

Support services by seeing their availability 

Pricing policy by comparing it with other providers 

Additional free services along with the service availed

After conducting deep research and on the basis of ratings, it is evident that no other service providers can beat StudyHelpMe. StudyHelpMe is one site who stands second to none in terms of delivering custom essays. There are no other essay service providers as professional as this site. They are committed to providing the highest quality essays to clients. Every time their client appreciates them, they get more motivated and take it as appreciation, they say. 

This company has an impressive team of highly professional writers and educated experts in their subjects with knowledge in related subjects and great erudition in general. Their team is made after scrutinising all writers after taking so many professional exams and tests. These tests are carried to check the writer's ability to maintain difficult situations with the customers and take responsibility for their job. This is done to ensure that clients' needs and preferences will be taken into consideration and will be resolved quickly. StudyHelpMe's online essay writing help USA has already earned a spotless reputation. It has gained many loyal clients and keeps delivering only the best articles and academic support to them.

2 What should be done if my essay is not delivered on time?

We strictly take care of deadlines since we know how seriously professors/tutors take these timelines, and you might get a grade cut if you don’t submit the assignment on time. We follow a well-structured approach to assignment delivery, ensuring that we always deliver on time. If your assignment deadline has passed, then you are supposed to check the spam folder of your mailbox since the assignment might land up there. Still, in case the assignment is not delivered on time because of a mistake from our expert’s side, you get a guaranteed refund of the amount you paid, but we will ensure to resolve the issue.

We have a policy in place to consistently deliver before the deadline so that if there is any possibility of revision, it can be adjusted accordingly, making the delivery on time a sure thing. All the assignments are different, and some are short while others are long; some require a lot of research while others require very little research, and the time taken for each assignment will vary accordingly.

Our experts analyse the assignment before signing for it and ensure that the client knows about the delivery time. We do not sign up for assignments that we won’t be able to deliver within the time the client has asked us to, ensuring that the client does not feel ditched during the delivery. So, you don’t have to worry about the delivery time. We care for you and will never let you down.

3Which is the Top Essay Writing Services USA?

We came across thousands of essay writing requests from students across the USA. Our servers get flooded with so many students seeking essay writing help. With an impressive team of essay writing experts, we are able to offer absolute writing assistance to everyone in want of essay help. We claim to provide the Best Academic Essay Writing Services USA; instead, we provide all of our writer's unparalleled expertise to you at unimaginable low prices.

At, we understand the value of your hard-earned money and follow a minimum pricing strategy that rotates around you. Frankly speaking, we are the only essay writing helpers online that deliver PhD—academic assistance at the price of lunch. We strictly follow the university pattern that is followed by the universities of the USA for doing the assignments, essays or any other writings. Renowned universities like MLA, APA, Harvard etc., give significant weightage to assignments, and almost half of the grades depend on the same.

Therefore, we offer custom-made appointments that will help the students score excellent grades. Also, our writers focus on the matter and knowledge more than anything else to make the professor believe that you have a thorough understanding of the subjects. StudyHelpMe is completely ace at providing any kind of online academic assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Get going with the most trusted essay help in the USA, and boost your academic career to a new height.

4 Is hiring an essay writing service in the USA legal?

In the current scenarios, there are no services which cannot be provided with money. Even these services get themselves registered to provide legal services. Generally, all students think of writing as a tedious or challenging job. They often check online where they can outsource their essays. There are innumerable essay services providers who have come forward to address the academic needs of the students.

But every student confronts this question, 'if hiring essay writing helps is legal' well, of course, it is legal as long as it is provided for the benefit of students. All companies which offer essay writing help or any form of academic writing help have to be incorporated under the law. These companies are formed to provide learning aid to students with the intention of assisting them in their dire times. These companies offer custom essays which are free from any copyright issues. Essay writing help companies have a large team of professional academic writers who are obliged to create quality content within the law. Essay writing companies are well-aware of the ill effects of plagiarism on any student's career.

They are aware that plagiarising content could lead to catastrophic issues for them as well. Those who prepare their essays by copying others' work resist themselves various growth opportunities as individuals or scholars. Therefore, in order to safeguard their rights or clients identities, they use numerous plagiarism checkers to ensure the essays are tailor-made. Cheap essay writing services USA should provide wholesome privacy to their clients as these services should be a confidential affair between the client and the provider. College Essay Writing Services USA offer 100% confidentiality to their clients. Every legit essay writing help provider provides free revisions until a client feels satisfied with the work they deliver.

So, essay writing services are legal, but illegal writing companies exist. You should be very cautious while selecting essay writing help providers. One easy way is to seek help services from a reputable organisation. Every legit essay writing company is registered under the rule of law, delivering original and quality papers while adhering to confidentiality and revision policies. Be cautious about getting the best essay writing help! Do not fall into any trap!

5 List some characteristics of a good custom essay writing service.

Here we enlist some characteristics of a good custom essay writing service:

Good Reputation:

An excellent reputation among students and more positive than negative reviews on the service site(if all the reviews are positive, you might fall for them, but chances are they have not come from the actual users).

A vast array of services: 

A good essay writing website will offer a variety of other services and types of papers which tells how dynamic a website is. 

100% confidentiality:

A good custom essay writing service website will always have a strict policy on personal information security and confidentiality. 

Transparent payment system:

Good online essay writing services will always have a  transparent and straightforward payment policy without  any hidden payments or extra charges.


A perfect client-friendly customer service is always helpful and available 24/7 all year round. Good websites have support service domains separately to ensure no delay can happen.

Revisions & refund facility:

A cheap essay writing service USA gives you the liberty to ask for a revision and, if the quality of the essay does not suit you, claim a refund. However, you must read the terms and conditions regarding the refund policy beforehand.

Writers expertise:

An impressive pool of professional and experienced writers with academic degrees and excellent writing skills who can readily address the work needs of both English speaking students and non-natives.

Additional perks:

An online essay writing help USA offers a number and quality of bonuses or perks it provides to its clients. Some websites even offer occasional discounts to their loyal clients.

Reasonable Pricing policy:

A good site knows the budget constraints of students, so they always offer a reasonable pricing policy that is neither too low nor too high. 

If you pay attention to the factors mentioned above, you will feel protected and content about the quality of work you have ordered from the service.

6 What else is included in the price we pay for essay writing?

We define our pricing policy before you ask for our help. We calculate the price of our custom essay writing services USA at the initial contract to ensure that our costing policy is straightforward and does not include any hidden charges. Each quote is based individually on the requirements you mention. Our costs vary from client to client, depending on the project and type of work they ask for. We provide the custom assignment to every client.

No papers are written beforehand. We never deliver the same essays to our other clients, so it's impossible that you encounter plagiarism issues. Our prices are paid half at the time you order our services, and the remaining half is paid at the time we deliver you the essay. Once you have paid the prices, We have so many additional features like free reworks, all-time support, free plagiarism reports, prompt delivery and many more.

We do not charge any extra amount for these services. We even give you the liberty of some days in which you can check your essay and ask for free alterations if there is something you are not happy with. We deliver free plagiarism reports to ensure that your essay is one and only and does not contain any copied content.

We provide all-time support to our clients, and they can contact us anytime for their queries, problems, or issues. We provide quick or urgent help to those students who face time crises. Mirror, mirror on the wall which essay service provider gives maximum services with the best price of all, StudyHelpMe it is.