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Work Sample

Tax policies

Tax policies

Benjamin Franklin said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes.



This report includes a description of the theory and practices related to taxation. 



Mr. Randolph is an orthopedic surgeon who decided to spend more time with his family and pay fewer income taxes; so, he purchased a farm. 



Taxation means Governments impose charges on their citizens and businesses as a means of raising revenue, which is then used to meet their budgetary demands. 

Taxation essay

Taxation essay

Taxes are the most important source of government revenue. 

Corporations and Pass-Through Entity Taxation

Corporations and Pass-Through Entity Taxation

The tax system is one of the most reformed and most discussed system from the economic systems in any economy. 



Taxation is crucial to the functioning of the modern state. 

Tax 683 

Tax 683 

Tax protestors claim that they have no obligation to pay taxes.


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We also cover a wide variety of topics related to Taxation like tax on business activities, salary tax,  corporate tax, inheritance tax,  individual tax, insurance tax, state and local tax laws, tax on capital gains, estate tax and so on. If you need help in any of the above topics or any other topic that is not discussed above do come to us for we are ready to accept all sort of challenges from your end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Taxation law assignment help?

Every country has their own set of rules and regulations regarding the Taxation law which the students need to understand thoroughly. At the end of every financial year they have to maintain a record of Central income tax as well as other taxes. Taxes are imposed on the citizens of a country to boost the economy of that particular country. Now as a citizen you must understand that the money collected from taxes are given to government workers as salary apart from maintenance of roads and firefighters and police. One of the benefits of Taxation policy is to attain social equality. Students have to understand the very basics of Taxation if they have to handle assignments related to Taxation law. Our team of scholars will help you in every possible way to complete your assignments.

2 What are the different types of Taxation imposed by the government?

The various types of taxes to improve the economic standards of the country are:

Income tax 

The tax imposed on individuals as per their income or the profit earned by them. The tax rate depends on the amount received by the individual. If the income is more then the tax rates are more and vice-versa. The individuals have to maintain a file for their income tax returns annually which are duly reviewed by the income tax officials. Higher income earners often tend to hide their actual income so that they can pay lower taxes to the government. The various types of income taxes are individual income tax, business income taxes and state and local income taxes.

Inheritance tax 

When a person dies, his estate and properties are inherited by his heir for which he must pay an inheritance tax based on the portion of inherited estate. All the assets of the deceased person get transferred to his beneficiary. It is the responsibility of the heir to pay the inheritance tax on his own. There are certain laws in which inheritance tax can be exempted in certain cases.  Spouses of the deceased need not pay the inheritance tax. Similarly, the estate received as a charitable donation from the deceased person is also exempted from paying tax. Parents, children, grandparents, relatives, siblings of the deceased person must pay the inheritance tax.

Direct and indirect tax

Direct taxes are non transferable taxes imposed on income and profits while indirect taxes are transferable taxes imposed on goods and services. Direct taxes are paid directly by the concerned person to the government. Indirect taxes are paid by one person but can be recovered by another person. The different types of direct taxes are income tax, corporate tax, wealth tax and so on. The various types of indirect taxes are excise duty, sales tax, custom duty, entertainment tax, service tax and so on.

Capital gains 

Capital gains Tax is imposed on the profit gained from the sale of property or an investment. Capital gains are levied on the sale of precious stones, real estate, bonds, stocks, antiques, shares and so on. The tax rate depends on the amount of profit gained by the individual on selling the above mentioned products and also on the amount of money he makes annually. The tax will be charged only if there is profit earned by selling them, otherwise you are not indebted to pay such tax.

Tax imposed on small scale business 

Any enterprise is supposed to pay a certain amount of tax depending on the profit earned by that enterprise. The tax rate depends on the format of the business undertaken by the individual. Moreover businessmen can deduct their tax rates by investing in life insurance, provident fund investments, medical insurance premiums and so on. One must be aware of the various ways to deduct tax rates so that the money saved can be utilized to run the business smoothly. Domestic businesses must abide by the laws and regulations related to Taxation while indulging in import and export business.

Value added tax

It is the tax that is levied on the goods and services while keeping in mind the amount of money that is involved in the process of production and distribution of such goods and services. If we consider a product then the very first step that comes to the mind is that the required raw materials is sold to a factory where a certain amount of tax is added, then again the factory sells it to the wholesaler by adding the tax, it is sold to the retailer with tax and finally it is sold in the market including tax.

Insurance tax 

The premium paid by the individual to avail either life insurance or vehicle insurance coverage is collected by the insurance provider who pays the tax directly to the government. The amount of money received by the individual as the part of the insurance or settlement, that money is not taxed so one has to pay a premium to the insurance provider. In case your insured vehicle gets damaged, the losses would be paid by the insurance company.  Similarly if a person dies, the insurance provider is liable to pay the amount to the immediate heir of that deceased person.

Payroll tax

The employer deducts a certain amount of tax from the employee which is then paid to the government on behalf of the employee. The tax is based on the salary, wages or the tips paid to the employee for his services. The revenue earned by the government through these taxes is used in the maintenance of social security, transportation policies and so on.

Retirement tax

After retirement an individual receives money from pension or social security. So the amount of money a person receives when he has retired from his job also has tax. The amount of tax deduction will depend on your sources of retirement income annually. After the tax deduction the amount received by you will be the only source of money on which you have to live on for the rest of your life.

Social security tax

When an employee as well as the employer pays a certain amount of tax to the government then it is utilized to maintain the social security of that particular country.  The social security tax is given to the retired persons, the disabled ones and also the survivors of drastic incidents. These are also paid to the spouse on the death of the husband or to the dependent child who has lost his parents.

Sales tax 

The amount of tax added to the cost price of the goods or services which is then paid by the consumer while purchasing the product or services. Businesses keep a record of taxes that are taken from the consumers and are liable to pay a certain amount to the government either monthly or annually. Companies need to apply for the permits of sales tax before deduction of taxes from consumers to the Taxation department of the state. The sales tax of the various commodities varies as per the state government.

State and local tax 

You are required to pay taxes to the federal government, states and many local municipalities. State and local taxes are deducted from the wages received by an individual. For deduction of the minimum amount of money as tax you should have a proper knowledge of how to handle it. Hire an expert who would help you to file your tax returns annually in a manner that you need to pay only the bare minimum charges for your tax.

Goods and Service tax

It is an indirect tax which is imposed on the supply of every goods and services. The production, maintenance and distribution of such goods involves a lot of money which is then remitted with the help of taxes paid by the consumer.

Wealth tax

A person who possesses several assets must pay a certain amount of tax to the government for all his possessions. Wealth tax includes assets like possession of buildings or land,  vehicles, jewelleries, yachts, boats, aircrafts and so on. Non-productive assets come under this type of tax. The productive assets like mutual funds, fixed deposits, savings bank accounts and so on are excluded from wealth tax.

Property tax

A person who is the owner of a property or land has to pay tax to the local government where the desired property is located. When a person is purchasing a property then also he must be aware of the tax laws applicable for that property. The government uses the amount to fund sewer and water facilities , roads and transportation, education and electricity services, play parks and other community services.

Consumption tax

Everyone has to spend their money either in buying items required for daily use or fashionable accessories. The tax imposed on the money spent by individuals which is not earned is known as consumption tax. It helps the government to raise their capital profits and dividends. The examples of consumption taxes are excise tax, sales tax and so on.

Regressive tax

The equal amount of tax paid by all the individuals irrespective of their income is the regressive tax. People with higher income will not be affected by paying such taxes but the same rate will definitely affect the individuals with lower income. Here the middle class people are sufferers who have to pay more tax than their actual income.

Progressive tax

This type of tax varies with the income of the people. A person who is earning more money needs to pay more tax than the person whose income is comparatively low. This will not affect the middle class people since they are paying as per their ability.

          We have tried our best to provide you with the maximum information regarding Taxation but if you still want to know more about them, do take our experts guidance who will also update you regarding the acts related to the different types of Taxation and what are the consequences if the rules are violated by the individuals.

3What are the most crucial aspects of learning Taxation which the students find difficulty in solving?

Students must understand the various principles and also apply it while writing the assignments if they have taken up Taxation as their main branch of study. The various principles include horizontal equity, economic efficiency principle, benefit principle and pay principles. Assignments related to Taxation are challenging because the students get confused with the articles and acts related to each law and what should be the most appropriate one to input while writing their assignments. So whenever you get stuck with your Taxation law assignment or having trouble in understanding the subject, approach us without any hesitation or delay. We would help you to get the best solution for all your assignments besides helping you to clear your doubts about the subject. No one can stop you to become the class topper with our solutions.

4 Why is it important to complete a taxation law assignment?

Students have to undertake many assignments while they are studying Taxation because through assignments teachers assess their grasping power and whether they have understood what they are studying. Exercises always test the students knowledge about their subjects and they receive the grades accordingly. So it is important to complete the assignments and also submit them before the last submission date so that you can get the maximum marks for your academic papers. Taxation law assignments help you to understand the various laws and principles attached to it and what actions must be taken incase of violation of such laws.

5 How does it help to improve the economy of a country?

Taxes are collected for the smooth and efficient running of the various government organizations. During the period of recession, lower tax rates help to stimulate the economy. It is also believed that the economic growth is higher when the tax rates are lower. The theory behind this conclusion is that the upper income taxpayers must spend more and invest in small scale business ideas that would lead to employment opportunities. Moreover high tax rates imposed on the rich community can help to reduce the deficit. This is a topic of constant debate as to whether tax cuts or high taxes should be levied to raise the economy. The change in tax rates often alters the behavior of a person who would undertake every possible way to minimize their tax burden.

6 How are monetary policy and fiscal policy interrelated?

Fiscal policy refers to the changes made by the government regarding the Taxation law to enrich a nation's economy. When a government changes the tax policies, it must have a clear idea on where to spend the money and what to tax. Government fiscal policy can affect specific industries, commodities, investments either in favor of or discourage production. Monetary policies and fiscal policies have direct impact on personal as well as household finances. Monetary policies are set by the central bank that boost a person's spending by reducing the interest rates that help in borrowing commodities. Fiscal policy, on the other hand, will have amendments related to individual tax bills and can input employment opportunities in government projects.